Jun 112012

Hey!  Look at me!
I’m King of Up High!

You sure get a different perspective of things
when you’re way up high.

Wow!  And it’s a long way down!

RATS!  Here comes Ernie!
He just has to be wherever I’m at.

Oh, Ceiling Cat!
Why does Ernie always have to ruin my fun?

There goes my kingdom…I’m outta here!

Jeez…Wally took off in a hurry.
Good!  I get to be King of Up High now!

Wally left some of his smells here.

*sniff sniff*


Uh oh!  I think I’ve been spotted up here.

Ernie!  Get down from there!

RATS!  There goes my kingdom, too!

  54 Responses to “Mancats – Kings of Up High!”

  1. It looks quite high! You both are mighty king of up high!!
    I love the last picture…it’s a big jump, Ernie!

  2. Wow, Ernie, there is a high jump for the Olympics. That sure is a long jump anyway. Seems like you two boys really shouldn’t be up there. Hope all of you have a super week.

  3. Wow Ernie what an action shot – can you do it again in slow motion so we can study your technique?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. We wondered about that – we know if we were to get up on something like that mom would yell at us to get down….. Nice try though boys!

  5. We love places that are high. Unfortunately, Ellie hasn’t learned how to get down and always has to be rescued!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  6. The higher the better! I’m lucky I’m the only one who goes up high here. Love that last shot, Ernie!


  7. Whoa, that dismount ought to be entered in a Cat-O-Lympics competition, Ernie!

  8. Wow Ernie!!!! You are an amazing brave jumper!!!!

  9. Hee, great series of photos!

  10. You two both look great up high, and thar was a great leap Ernie!

  11. Ernie what an impressive leap!!! I think that would be a worthy entry for the Cat-o-lympics 🙂

  12. OH MY CATS Wally too bad Ernie saw sitting up high in your Kingdom. BUT Ernie that was one excellent dismount. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW I’m 100% impressed and I hope and purr you will consider submitting this picture for the Blogville Olympics starting 7/27. I’m hosting the Gymnastics event and your dismount is excellent.
    Give the lady with the yellow hair a raise.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  13. PS the Gymnastic competition is Tuesday July 31, 2012
    you may go to
    today for details.
    Hosts of events will have more on their blogs very soon.
    Hugs Madi

  14. That is high up! ANd Ernie was the one that got in trouble!

  15. MOL! You two boys are so funny! Ernie, we love your sleek panther like body in that last photo!

  16. Up high is nice, but I hate getting yelled at when you go up there!

  17. Ernie and Wally, you two are the King of Up There and there is NO doubt whatsoever about it! No girl cats allowed either!

  18. That’s very high! I love jumping on top of the living room door when it’s open. It’s great fun balancing up there!

  19. he he – dang oomans – always spoiling our fun.

  20. Hahaha! Sounds like Mommy is the King of Up There, eh? You two funny boys!

  21. Ernie, you OBEYED her? Heh. We would never do that. We would stay up there, laughing.

  22. You boys are very brave! We don’t climb much around here – much easier on the floor.

  23. Holy CATS!!! What a LEAP!!!! Ernie, we have RESPECT.

    Wally, we think you were smart in ceding the way up spot.

  24. Hahaahahah! Have cats = have happinnes!!

  25. Ops, happiness!!!

  26. Wow, you guys really are way up there! Too bad your mom does not appreciate it when you are being King of Up High…

  27. HaHaMeow! Our Mom is always spoilin our good time, too! It was good while it lasted, kittehz. xoxo

  28. Hee hee, it’s always the second guy, the follow the leader guy, who gets caught and yelled at, isnt it?

  29. How the mighty fall (or jump) Ernie!! Great picture 🙂

  30. I love that leap Ernie!!

  31. WOW!!! What a pawsome dismount!!!
    Bet you only got yelled at because you were getting too interested in that plant:/
    Moms do not like teeth marks in plant leaves 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  32. Ernie
    I didn’t know cats flew but you sure did a fantastic job.
    Why is it our brothers never get caught???


  33. What an action shot! Our mom could never do that! You two sound like Oui Oui & Mica Moo. MMM wants to do whatever Oui Oui is doing, and Oui doesn’t always care for that.

  34. I see some good pictures for the Cat-O-Lympics right here.

  35. Leapin Ernie! 😀 What a pawsome high up place! how do you get up there? we’d need a ladder 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  36. Wow what a jump! We think you’re a sure Gold for the Cat-O-lympics.

  37. Wally, we think basement cat is helping Ernie! One mighty leap for cat-kind! Good one, Ernie! Somecats are definitely Cat-O-Lympics contestants!

  38. Ernie! You is a brave kitteh to jump off the High Place! I myself do not like to do that. I pace and pace and think about it for a long time. The Human says I’m a “wuss-puss” whatever that means and I don’t think it’s anything good.

    But boys–what’s this “King” stuff???

  39. Wow! What form! Me thinks yous is going to has to enter the high jump at the Cat-O-Lympics

  40. How on earth did you two get up there??? 😉

  41. LOL!! You guys are great!

  42. OMC! Did you see the ceiling cat? I’ve never seen him at home here. I’m not that great with heights though. Xanthe loves them!

    Meows to the Kings of way up High!

    Nishiko xxx

  43. Oh MY!! How HIGH is that? Something that only SuperCat can get to in a single bound? How bout two kings for the kingdom?


  44. Hey Ernie… I think Wally set you up….

  45. Mandy and Benji are pampered and spoiled enough. They don’t need their own kingdom! They have a good family, nice warm bed, good food and water, a good home and Mandy gets to go on walks and sometimes car rides. They are not “cat” lovers. This is better than LOLcats. Seriously. Because your cats know how to speak proper English.

  46. You both are very high up. Ernie that is a Cat-O-Lympics worthy jump.

  47. My cats are jealous lol.

  48. Oh Waly both of you were very good when playing King of Up High and not touching the jungle plant on the cabinet.

  49. It fun bein able ta touch the ceiling, isnt it? Marley an I can do that on the top of the bookcase here. ~ Ayla

  50. Ernie, Are you practicing for the Olympics? I fink so!

  51. Wow, the two of you really got up high. There is nothing that high in this house. That was a mighty leap down, Ernie.


  52. wow… now that is a leap!
    I love your red walls!

  53. BWAAA-HA-HAAAAA! Ernie took the blame!

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