Easy E Sunday

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Jun 102012

Hey, squirrel!
You’re lucky this door’s between you and me!
Otherwise you’d be running
instead of stuffing your face with peanuts!

(Hover over the picture to see what else I’m thinking!)

  37 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Well darn, the hoover isn’t working. But we bet we know what you are thinking Ernie. That squirrel is just flaunting those peanuts. Hope all of you have a great Sunday.

  2. Oh yes, that is very frustrating!!!

  3. I just threw myself against the door trying to get to MY squirrel. BANG!

  4. We feed ours too! Our Snowballl is better but not taking his meds! We will have to get another kind in liquid. Thanks for purring for him

  5. Evil things, aren’t they?

  6. Hahahahahah! Lucky squirrel!

  7. I can’t believe your squirrels eat peanuts! My parents spoiled the squirrels in their yard…the little fluffy tails wanted tree nuts!

  8. We are lucky cause Mom does not feed the tree rats!

  9. We want our mom to feed our squirrels…that way they get fat and slow! Maybe then we can catch one!

  10. Is your Mommy chuckling while taking that photo….mmmmmmm, looks like a setup to us Ernie! =^Y^=

  11. Yeah, why are your humans feeding those guys when they aren’t even being fattened up for YOUR benefit, Ernie?

  12. Ooh, we’ve had some young Evil Skwerl up on OUR deck. An TBT wont open the door ta let us out at it…

  13. Dang doors!!!!
    We thought our moms fed them to fatten them up for us! heehee
    Mom just wants to take pictures of them 😮

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  14. By golly! Of all the places he could pick, the squirrel had to choose to sit right in front of the door. He sure is cheeky!

  15. Oh too bad you can’t get out to get him! That would be WAY fun!

  16. he was daring but he knew that door was there.. Hugs GJ xx

  17. MOL we wonder if he’s related to the Vishus Squirrel in our video on Thursday!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  18. MOL MOL MOL Ernie we hovered and it cracked mom up. I guess maybe they feed the critter just so he will come by to entertain you all.
    Hugs Madi

  19. We have pigeons that are *just* as irritating! And as tasty, we imagine.

  20. Hey—that squirrel IS lucky that screen seperates you two…and my human feeds them two!! A baby one was just out munching the food set out of the neighbor cats. Yep–lucky that door is there they are! 🙂


    Love the silhouette!!!

  21. You said it. Darn squirrel!


  22. That cheeky squirrel is taunting you.

  23. Someone should tell that squirrel that it is rude to eat in front of others without sharing!

  24. Dood, I bet you can run right through that screen… that’s why we have a security door, to make sure Buddah doesn’t rip through and get out…

  25. Squirrels can be so inyaface! Break the door down Ernie!

  26. Ernie time to storm the door and GET that stupid squirrel.


  27. I know why they feed them! It gives you something to watch! our squirrels walk right in front of the door like they KNOW the cats cant get them even though they are less than a foot away! Bunnies too!

  28. We bet that fluffy tail would run like the dickens if you jumped against that door!

  29. Well, now that is one gutsy evil squirrel to taunt you like that! And just who the heck is putting peanuts out there for him? Huh?

  30. We’d love to get our paws on those rotten little rodents too!

  31. Yous did NOT shred the screen to gets to that squirrel?
    Me would (and has)

  32. Well, Ernie, it does make for fabulous squirrel TV! We hope you are chattering at him, to tell him just what you could do to him (if it weren’t for the darn screen).

  33. Oh my darling! Great minds think alike!!! My post tomorrow is ALL ABOUT the ebil skwerls, hahameow. Well, sort of anyway. I’m sorry you got all agitated by my post title today! No, we does not have the Introodur, although the Human is making noises about going down there (Los Angeles) to intrude on the Introoder. I do not spprove of her leaving me, but she assures me the neighbor ladies will take care of me. I should *hope* so!

  34. You tell him, Ernie!

  35. VERY lucky Squirrel indeed !!

  36. You are all king of the world up in your high places!
    I am going to enter your snoozing contest for the Olympic. Please let me know when the rules are up so I can enter. This is such a fun event and am looking forward to all the fun events!!!!

  37. That is so what Benji and Mandy would say along with “GET OFF OF MY TERRITORY! GET OFF OF MY TERRITORY! IT’S MINE, NOT YOURS!”

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