Easy E Sunday

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May 272012

Now this is the way to spend the day…
Playing a few tunes on my nip guitar
While enjoying this sunpuddle!

Anybuddy wanna sing along?

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  1. Oh Ernie, that is a great looking guitar. We will be right over to sing along with you.Bet you have a deep voice. Hope you can stay cool today. We didn’t realize it was so hot up there in the northern parts. Take care.

  2. We can imagine the beautiful music coming out of that guitar when you get all them toesies going on those strings! Stay cool there on the island!

  3. Oh Ernie your handsome self and your 6 string have this lady cat sighing.
    Hugs Madi

  4. You can always count on me to sing Ernie! Can I bring along a sock for inspiration…or do you have one I could borrow???

  5. We are ready Mr. Music! Then we will all help you enjoy an Easy!

  6. Happy music happy day – greet 🙂

  7. What a great sun puddle. Enjoy buddy,.

  8. We would love to sing along as long as our Mom doesn’t join in!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  9. Can we be part of your girly backing group Ernie – we can get all the highest notes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. If you and Hannah and Lucy don’t mind, I would love to join the Back Up group…

  11. Don’t ask Arthur he has a horror voice !

  12. You bet–but I kinda chirp along! Sissy doesn’t sing at all.

  13. We love sing alongs!

  14. Do you know ‘freebird’?

  15. Ernie with this setup you could soon be the cool cat headlining in all of the jazz clubs. Until then I join my mewsuical stylings to your song.

  16. There is a lot of sunpuddle hogging today, Ernie. You enjoy, buddy 🙂

  17. Can Harley join you on the drums?

  18. We wish we could join you in the sunpuddle Ernie! It’s cold and cloudy here today. I didn’t even sing on the way to the vet the other day so I wouldn’t make a good duet partner.


  19. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

  20. Purrrfect place, what a wonderful sunspot you have there. Is it big enough and would consider sharing a little spot of it with me?

  21. With a Nip-tar all you can play is happy tunes!

  22. We are definitely ready to sing along. Just start the tune and we’ll join in.

    pawhugs, Max

  23. A nip guitar? What fun! purrs

  24. Have a great week!!!!

  25. Hmm. Are you auditioning for America’s Got Talent? Can you strum up a little rock n roll on that guitar?


    Ahh…and Sunday suits you!

  26. Me-me-me-meeeeeee!!! We’re ready to sing!

  27. Sure! Do you take requests? Do you know The Lion Sleeps Tonight?

  28. I never saw a nip guitar! Bet it sounds sweet!

  29. What we singing? Kum-ba-ya?

  30. WOW!!!! I’ve not seen (or heard!) a nip guitar either!!!
    Can you do Stairway To Heaven on that thing???
    ~Katie & Glogirly

  31. Meow, meow, meow, meow!!! We’ve never heard of a nip guitar before.

    Truffle and Brulee

  32. Oh Ernie!
    Yous is so beauteous me would love to bes your groupie!

  33. Come on, Ernie! Bring on the music. I wanna dance with you. purrr….meow!

  34. I love to sing – but am not sure what sort of tune you’d get out a nip guitar.

  35. A nip guitar? You guys have it all!

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