May 222012

Hey everybuddy!  I survived the teef cleaning ordeal…barely!  Oh, what I went through.  The pain!  The agony!  I tell ya, kitties, it was horrible!  Mom, I can’t believe you put me through this!

Now wait a minute, Wally.  You were asleep during the whole procedure.  You didn’t feel a thing!

Yeah!  Well, look at me!!  They stole my furs off my legs!!  My legs are nekked!!

Wally, your furs will grow back.  And you didn’t have to have any teeth removed.  That’s good!

Yeah!  Well, I’m sure I’ll have something more to complain about!

Yes, Wally…I’m sure you will.  😉 

Thanks for all the purrs and good thoughts, everybuddy!  You guys are the best!

  50 Responses to “Teef Update Tuesday”

  1. Wally, you’re allowed to complain, that IS an ordeal, after all! But we’re very glad you’re fine now and didn’t need any teeth-pulling. Yay!

  2. So glad to hear that you came through okay. Now I think you deserve a treat for being such a good boy.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Wally, we’re with you. If you have to go to the v-et, there’s *always* something to complain about! 😉

    We’re real happy you’re okay, and that you got to keep all your teefs!


  4. Oh Wally the humiliation you suffered and all just to get some pearly whites.
    BUT let me tell you one thing I like your matching battle scars wear them proudly
    Hugs Madi

  5. Wally we were hoping for a gleaming white toothy grin but we were unlucky. We think you should get compensation for the loss of furs though – we hope your legs don’t get too cold.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Wally this is outrageous that your Mom is in denial about the torments and agonies you endured. Poor Wally. We think suitable compensation for these assaults and insults would be your very own, freshly roasted, still warm and juicy CHICKEN.

    Ever hopefully
    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

  7. It is your right as a cat to grump about any time you like. Take it out on that scratcher!!

  8. Wally, you really went through it and back again. You poor boy! What a terrible time you slept through. xoxoxoxo Kisses and huggles.

  9. Well we fink yoo should have a speshull medal for bravery Wally! xx

  10. Wally, you can complain all you want. We are just glad you came home with all your tooofs even if you are missing a little hair on the legs. Orange boy is thrilled that you got through that teeth cleaning in good shape. We were thinking about you. Take care.

  11. I am very happy you are doing better now Wally. Hey, that fur trim might start a new fashion craze!

  12. We’re happy to hear you made it through with all of you teefs in tact!! We think a lot of stinky goodness would do nicely to make up for all of your agony!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  13. What is life with out a few kitty complaints!

  14. Sweet Wally, what an ordeal!!!! We are glad you made it out with all your teeth!!!

  15. Thank heavens they didn’t steal any of your teefs! We are a little worried WE might have to suffer the same ordeal because Mommy keeps smelling our mouths! Oh NOES!

  16. Thank goodness the teeth cleaning went well. And you still have all your teeth! Yoo-hoo! As for the fur on your legs, it will grow back. But in the meantime, I’d show off those war scars for all they’re worth. Gotta be good for a few extra treats, I should think. purrs

  17. We are glad they didn’t steal any of your teefs!! As for the nekkid legs, think of it as air conditioning…. MOL

  18. We are glad you survived and are back home. Just think of the great battle stories you can tell now!

  19. Wally, those furless patches look very cool! We’re so happy you got through the teeth cleaning well!

  20. I’m sure you will be happy again, and I think you look beautiful as you are:-)
    from Pernille

  21. Wally, hang in there buddy. It will be a dim memory very soon, and you won’t have to think about it at all! And you still have all of your teeth!

    Luf, Us

  22. Glad you survived the evil toofie cleaning, Wally! Your handsome orange furs will grow back in no time!

  23. We are cheering that you came through it all scathed only a little on your legs. As Mom says, your necked legs will grow back quite fast.

  24. What! Your fur got stolen on both legs? Usually it’s one leg only. You should have made a huge fuss! Purrs from all of us. 🙂

  25. I’d be whining my tail floof off. I think you are being very restrained, and should receive many treats for showing that restraint 😉

    I’m only 2, and the vet is already threatening me with a teeth cleaning. I refuse to chew food, I’ll either swallow it whole or refuse to eat it. No fair!

  26. Good Cod, Wally…what did they do? DUCK TAPE you to the teeth cleaning table??? You’re lucky to still have SKIN.
    ; ) Katie

  27. I hope your nekkid legs don’t get too cold…

  28. they cleaned your teeth by shaving your legs? i’d ask for my money back.

  29. Omg! Sweetie, receive my kisses!

  30. Hey Wally,
    Am guessing you have pearly white Hollywood teeth know…. purrr…meow!

  31. I knew you would do fine, Wally! Paws up – now hopefully this won’t have to be done again for a good, long while.

  32. We’re glad you came through that awful procedure okay Wally even though they stole your furs! We think you should be rewarded with lots of treats to keep those teefs tarter free!

  33. Yeahhhh… you tell em Wally!!

  34. Hey Wally! We’re glad effurrything went OK. Um . . .Did your mom say anthing about tooth brushing? Just sayin’.

  35. Boy Wally, I hope that gruff look on your face softens soon….I’m glad you made it through!

  36. Poor Wally! At least your teeth are intact! I agree with you that being put to sleep and having someone defile you by stealing your arm fur is very humiliating!

    I suppose, in the long run, it’s a good thing you had your teeth cleaned, though. It will help them stay in your mouth where they belong.

  37. Hey Wally glad it all went ok, but the fuss wuss puss performance beforehand was oscar material :))

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  39. What a very brave boy you are, Wally! Or as “painting ideas” says, “excellent publish!”

  40. Glad you made it through the toothy thing OK. Thankfully my VET man said my tooths are good, for now.

  41. OMC Wally! You practically have a poodle cut!

  42. OMC! Wally, seeing your poor legs made our stomachs turn over! We’ll call Protective Services for you. Come here if you need a place to stay. And she calls herself your mom!

  43. Oh Walley!
    Me is so far behind, me just readed that yous was going to go get your teeths cleaned and me was going to tells yous me was purraying for yous and then me realized it was a post me should has read before but Mommy has been a slacker! So me clicked the button and readded that yous was OK! Me is just so happy! First me was worried and then so happy all in like 1/2 minute! Me is sorry they stole the fur on your legs.

  44. Wally, Honey, what did they DO to you?? I am speechless with outrage on your behalf! You can tell how gobsmacked I am by the fact that I called you Honey!

  45. Wally, that teefs cleaning does suck…I know all about it. But I’z really happy that you gots to keep all of them teefs of yours! I think you should demand some extra Num-Nums from the Mom for that ordeal…

  46. Wally, just because you didn’t have any teeth pulled doesn’t mean you can’t rightfully complain about your missing furs. Did you check on eBay to see if your v-e-t is trying to sell it? I hear celebrity fur goes for a lot! You are a REAL Housecat afterall….

  47. Wally, handsome friend…I’m sending you love and good energies!
    Glad that you are fine!

  48. Glad you’re okay buddy.

  49. Milk it! Milk it! Milk it Wally! Those legs look really sore and painful. You couldn’t possibly use them for weeks!! You’ll have to be carried hither and thither for months! You’ll be carried to sun puddles and to your food dish and to bed. You will need to be sung to in a soothing, loving voice as you are carried everywhere. And only the freshest , tastiest, most tempting food is to be placed in your food dish…five times a day. If you need any other suggestions as to how to milk this to the fullest Wally…you know where to find us 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

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