May 212012

I have to go to the v-e-t today to have my teefs cleaned.  I don’t wanna go, but my mom says I need to have it done so my teefs don’t get any worse and then I’ll have BIG problems.  I sure hope I don’t have to have any teefs pulled like  Marg’s Orange Boy did.  He had 22 teefs pulled!  Yikes!!  But he’s doing good now.

But y’know what makes this ordeal even worse??  I’ve had nothing to eat since my dinner yesterday.  Zilch!  Zip!  Nada!  I’M STARVING!!  Oh yeah…I can have water…like that’s gonna fill me up.  I’m so hungry…I don’t think I have the strength to sing in the PTU on my way to the v-e-t!

Hey, if you can spare some good thoughts and purrs for me today, I’d really appreciate it.  Mom says she’ll update everybuddy later to let you know how it goes.


Island Cats’ Mom here. Wally’s home now. He’s still a little groggy from the anesthesia…walking like a drunken sailor…but that didn’t stop him from eating a little bit.   The teeth cleaning went well.  He didn’t need any extractions!  I’m sure he’ll have more to say about his ordeal tomorrow.  Thanks for all the purrs and good thoughts!! 

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  1. Oh no I’m sorry, Wally, that you have to go to v-e-t for teeth cleaning!! And you have to be starved like that..I hope it’ll be over soon so you can eat!

  2. Sweet boy ~ we are sending you tons of purrs. xx

  3. Wally bless your little orange heart. Of course we’ll be purring for you and just so you know I’ll sing the PTU song for you.
    Hugs and purrs
    from your BFF

  4. Oh……Wally…… I’m sending you all my purrrs today. I’ll be waiting to hear that you are okay, pal. Hang in there.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Oh Wally we are sending you tons and tons of purrs especially from Orange boy. He really does wish you well. Orange boy has his paws crossed really hard for you Wally and we will be back to see the update. But we know you will be just fine. Take care all of you.

  6. We’re purring loud and hard for a quick and easy teef cleaning. We’ll check back later for an update.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  7. We are sending our best purrs to you Wally and hope you just have a clean and polish on your teeth and are not attacked by the cat tooth thief like Orange Boy and Hannah were.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. We agree with you, Wally! The starvation part really sucks. We’re crossing all our paws for you (and your teeth!).

    The Chans

  9. Awww buddy, you have my sympathy. That’s the one good point about not having any toothies anymore. They never have to be cleaned and now I only go to the vet once a year.

  10. hope all goes well for you. when i was a kid i wondered why god didn’t design us to have one big tooth across the top and one big tooth across the bottom. seems like they’d be much more easy to take care of that way. then it was explained to me that if something happened to either tooth you’d be out of luck…

  11. Oh sweet cat – greet :))

  12. Good luck today, Wally! You will be in our thoughts and prayers all goes well and you don’t have to have any toofies pulled.

  13. We’re sending purrs and definitely keeping you in our thoughts. We hope you don’t need to have any toofs removed too.

  14. Oh dear Wally, we are all sending our best purrs your way pal. Update us when you feel up to it please.

  15. Oh Sweetest Wally, I will purr for you and for Squashies all day. Please update us later. xoxoxoxox

  16. Sending you our purrs! There’s some talk here about us going to the vet soon, too.

  17. we will be sending healing purrs……

  18. Oh poor baby!!!! But going to the vet is necessary!

  19. Purrrr……purrrr……purrrr…..purrrr…..purrrr…..purrrr…..purrr……purrrrr….

  20. Yikes! Lots of purrs from us, Wally, that all goes well today, just a cleaning!

  21. I’ll send you some purrs, buddy. I know how you feel. It’s awful how they starve you to death in order to make you better. What is this world coming to? purrs

  22. We would purr but we heard you were already doing great. I’ll start purring that you get home soon!

  23. Of course I am purring for you, Wally! I am sure you’ll be fine and you will have a fresh, clean mouth when you come home!

  24. We are sending you tons of purrs and purrayers and hope that all of your teeth are AOK.

    Luf, Us

  25. Oh, I’m purring & purring! My AAB”s cat had her teefs cleaned a few weeks ago and she did really good. You’ll have nice breath when it’s all done, I bet!

  26. We’re sending lots of purrs that you come back with all your teefs and recover quickly!

  27. Oh my friend I hope all goes well.. YOu have my very loudest purrs and mum sends lots of hugs.. Looking forward to a good update.. Hugs GJ xx

  28. We hope everything goes well! We are purring for a quick and easy procedure.

  29. Wally we are so glad to know that your “ordeal” is over and that you are home now and recuperating. We sure hope you get extra noms for this.

  30. Glad everything went A OK Wally! Great that you didn’t need any extractions either! Hopefully your slaves/people will give you extra, extra treats and serve you willingly and without complaining after your difficult, near traumatising ordeal! 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  31. That’s good news, Wally! I can’t believe they told your mom to starve you before getting your teeth cleaned. I would think you’d want to eat like crazy…just in case your teeth were sore afterwards. I hope you got a nice shot of adrenalin when you arrived at the Vet though…give them something to remember you by.
    heh heh
    ; ) Katie

  32. We’re so glad Wally is doing well and that no teeth had to be extracted.

    Truffle and Brulee

  33. So glad Wally is home and has all his teeth!!
    Your TX furiends,

  34. So glad you’re okay Wally!!

  35. so glad that Wally’s teeth cleaning went well and that he didn’t have to have any teeth removed. That is GREAT news!

  36. Poor Wally. You should’ve teleported over here. I wouldn’t let the vet get you. At least he didn’t steal any teeth.

  37. Ooooh, poor little Wally-Wally boy! Little kitty was SO BRAVE! What a sweetie! (Okay, you know that was the Human, right?)

    Good going, Man. I hope you hurted someHuman at that vet’s. Heh heh.

  38. Glad to hear your home and didn’t have to have any teeth pulled!

    Your pal, Pip

  39. Thank COD you got to keep all your teefs, Wally! Sorry to hear about the furs on your leg … we hope they grow back soon.

  40. Wally, we are glad it went well. Have a second dinner!

  41. We’re glad everything went well, Wally! Mica Moo needs something done with HER mouth. Dear carp, it will knock anyone over!

  42. I hope your teeth exam went well – prayers for you here!

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog archives for some informative posts and archived stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.
    Debby in Arizona

    Talk to Your Angels

  43. Wally we are so happy you are home and safe and you got to keep ALL your toothies!!!!!!! Woo hoo! Now chow down my furriend!

  44. We are so glad Wally still has all his toofies! Dem vets will take a few if they get a chance!

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