May 052012

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo de la Isla de Gatos!

(Happy Cinco de Mayo from the Island Cats!)

We’re grabbing our sombreros and heading over to
KC’s Annual Cinco de Mayo Cellybrashun!


See ya there, amigos!!

  35 Responses to “Feliz Cinco de Mayo”

  1. HAPPY Cinco de Mayo to you too !

  2. Happy sweet Cinco de Mayo :))

  3. See you there fur-friends!! Happy Cinco de Meow-o!!!

  4. Happy Cinco de Mayo! See you at KC’s!

  5. Happy Cinco de Mayo.
    Luv hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Look at the three of you with your sombreros on. That is terrific. A very Happy Cinco de Mayo day to all of you. Have a great day.

  7. We are on our way over to kC’s – see you there!

  8. I can’t decide if u all look sombrerotastic, or cinco de myriffec.

  9. Feliz Cinco de Mayo, gatitos! Adoramos los sombreros! Esperamos que se divierta en la fiesta. No beba demasiados niptinis 😉 Saludos-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  10. Happy Cinco de Mayo from the Horde at The Katnip Lounge! We’re amazed you posed so nicely with your hats.

  11. You look so cute!!!

  12. I like your hats. purrs

  13. Hola amigos! Those are some nice sombreros! We saw you over at KC’s pawty (we’re headed back over now) … what a cellybration!!!

  14. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you, too. We’ll see you at KC’s house.

    Truffle and Brulee

  15. What you really meant was ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo de los Gatos de Isla! “Isla de Gatos” actually means Cat Island (as in the Japanese island everybody was so concerned about after last year’s earthquake.

    (Sorry, my human is an editor and stickler for proper grammar… in any language. Plus she knows just enough Spanish to be dangerous.)

  16. Happy Cinco de Mayo !!!!!
    Gee!!! You all look great 😉
    See ya at the party!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  17. WOOT! PAWTY! Count us in!

  18. ha aha love you all in your sombreros! Thanks for visiting us, we love it when you stop by. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  19. You are all set to Fiesta!

  20. Happy Cinco de Meowo! Guess I should stop in at the pawty.

  21. Happy Cinco de Mayo Sinko everyone!

  22. You three look very festive! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  23. Boys and Zoey, do you ever lunge to lay a bitey on your mom when she cuts your nails? Does she have help while doing it? Any hints to keep me from getting a bitey?

  24. You guys look great in sombreros. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  25. I gotted 86’d from that pawty for eating a vole. Couldn’t help myself, really.

  26. You all look so festive! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  27. Happy Cinco de Mayo! You guys look pawsome in your sombreros. Great party at KC’s. I am totally partied out.

    Thankyou for your purrs and kind thought during my recent illness, SS and I really appreciate them.

  28. Hola amigos!
    Happy Cinco de Mayo! We will see you at the party.

  29. Ola queridos amigos!
    Fun party, I love your portraits, you are cute wearing sombreros!

  30. Woo hoo! You guys look all ready to PARTY!!!
    Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

  31. Hey, KC hosted a great party, didn’t she? Thank you all for stopping over for my gotcha day too!

  32. Those sombreros really suit you all. Hope you enjoyed the party.

  33. Wasn’t KC’s party a blast?

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  34. Here is me! Visting a day late! Me went to a pawty and the next thing me knew it was today!

  35. Silly me! Me forgots to tells yous guys how handsome yous looks in your Mexican Hats!

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