Easy E Sunday

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Apr 292012

This is the mom’s bag.
She takes it with her when she goes to work everyday.

I thought about climbing in it and going with her,
but there’s too much stuff in it
like lots of papers and a laptop
and there’s not enough room for me.

So instead I’ll just rub it real good
and she can take my smells with her.
That’s almost as good.

Hey, there’s still time to enter our FURminator giveaway!  Just let us know in the comments if you want to be entered in the random drawing.  Remember, one entry per family or household, and everybuddy’s eligible!  You have until 9pm (island time) today.  We’ll announce the winner tomorrow!!

  44 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. I think your mom should take you to work instead of all that other stuff!

  2. OMC! Count as in for the FURminator draw please.
    Yoo need to tell your mom to get a BIGGER bag! MOL!

  3. Hmmmmmm, wonder if you would like it once you got there Ernie?!?!

  4. We think you’re more important than silly papers and laptops. Your Mom should empty it out and take YOU!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Love that look in the second picture Ernie, looking all disgusted at all the stuff in the bag. We agree with Brian, she needs to take you to the office and not all that stuff. Hope all of you have a great day.

  6. Hiya Ernie!
    We think your mom should carry a white bag. So your furs will show up more. Maybe white velvet. Yeah. ; )

    Hey, we’d LOVE to enter your FURminator drawing! We still don’t have one and the girl is dying to make some celebrity sculptures out of my celebrity furs.

    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  7. I fink I did say I would be grateful more than you know if I happen to make the random drawing. I needs it bad. Mommy sez, anyway.


  8. Notice the color she chose for her work bag. She could always buy another bag to carry you in.

  9. Purrhap you could do some paper shredding at your Mom’s workplace Ernie – you may even get paid inn treats.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. What’s all that *work* stuff, and why is it more important than you? We think your mom should empty out the bag so you can go to work with her, Ernie! 🙂

  11. Ernie I’m purrty sure you’d be bored stiff at Mom’s work but it is nice of you to leave her some Ernie smell mail.

    Thank you, I don’t need a furminator, but I wish all who enter lots of luck.
    I have a special brush I like.
    Hugs Madi

  12. You know… I’ve heard of take your daughter to work day and take your son to work day… WHY ISN’T THERE A TAKE YOUR CAT TO WORK DAY? We’re being deprived!

  13. That bag is FULL! Your Mom’s shoulders must ache.

  14. The bag is the same color as you so obviously you are yourmom’s favorite.

  15. You would probably get bored at your mum’s work, so much better to just send your smell. We already have a furminator so please don’t enter us in the drawing. Thanks.

  16. Our Mom takes our smells (and our furs) everywhere. Sometimes she can’t make furriends with her friends cats because she has too much of us with her!
    Happy Sunday,
    ~ Malachi and The Bunch

  17. We love your style, Ernie, of leaving reminders everywhere for your mom! Purss!

  18. We always give everything of our human’s the cheeky rub! We wants other kitties to know that she is ours!

  19. I am not sure I’d want to go out and about with the woman… I think it’s nicer just making her stay home.

  20. You probably would not have fun with her at work! So sending your smells are best!

  21. You could take out all the junk ta make room fer yerself. And we would LOVE ta try out a furminator!

  22. Me too think you can take all that junk out and make some room for yourself 😀

  23. Ernie, maybe you could market your scent: Eau de Ernie! We bet it would be a hit.

  24. fur it up real good, Ernie! we bet your mom would proly rather pull you out of her bag when she gets to work instead of her computer and papers 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  25. Ernie, I think if you climbed in, she wouldn’t even notice!! lol

  26. Hey pal – if you tip that bag over, it will fall on the floor and everything inside it will fall outside, then you crawl inside. Problems solved. Meanwhile, furring it up so you’ll be with your ooman is a good second.

  27. My human goes everywhere covered with fur and smelling like us cats! She sort of has “cat human” written all over her.

  28. I bet your mom would like her job a whole lot better if you got to go along with her every day. I think it might be boring except I found out that there are things called cubicles and each one contains a human….and they have food!!!! Oh it could be good…

  29. Ernie
    we bet your Mom would love to take you along with her too.

  30. Ernie, what a handsome fellow you are! Maybe you are trying to hint to Mom that you would like your own bag and laptop. You’re ready to go off to work. I’ll bet you are very ambitious and dream of your own office with a special chair. 🙂

  31. Maybe your mom needs another bag just for you so you can go everywhere with her! Or better yet, she should just stay home with you! 🙂

  32. Isn’t amazing how much “stuff” the humans think they need? Now if it was me, I would only need to carry: nip, a few extra cans of stinky goodness, a toy mousie or two, my brush, my spare collar, Silvervine and my tablet.

  33. Mom’s ALWAYS need the smells of their kitties on them when they go to work. It makes the day go that much faster! A little fur helps too 🙂

  34. We thinkz it’z probably better you stay home and jus scent your mom’z bag instead ^..^,,,,, much safer to be home ^..^ except when it comez to pawtying !!! ;;)
    Fankz you guyz fur comin to mine ^..^ Headbonkz ~

  35. Hi Ernie. TW used a tote bag instead of a purse so there’s plenty of room to crawl in but who wants to leave the house?

  36. My Human has so much sick she can’t remember if she already leeved a komment or not, but if not, consider this our entry! *I* would like a FURMINATOR, yes I would!!! Thanks!

  37. Good idea to mark her bag with your scent! I do that with my maid’s shoes at times. That way, she takes a little bit of me wherever she goes!

  38. just paw some of that stuff out till you cans fit =^_^=

  39. I don’t get the whole work stuff the humans do! I think it’s great you lift all your scents so she remembers you during the day!!


    PS. I like your lasers!!

  40. me is really lucky that my Mommy works at home. When mommy gets up to go to work, she heads to the other room!
    Please put us in for the furminator!

  41. Put a good clump of shedded fur in there. She’ll appreciate that. Especially if there are other peeps around when she unloads all that stuff.

  42. Is my Lady goes? No nieeeeeeeee!!

  43. Just take some of the stuff out and then there will be room for you! 🙂

  44. Hi There! It’s best just to knock that bag over, then you can get it real easy, and you may find all kinds of cat toys in there, too. Greetings from Pisi and Squeak!

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