Apr 222012

Today’s Earth Day!
Since I’m an indoor cat and don’t get to go out,
I’m watching all the birdies and squirrels enjoying the Earth!

Like Mr. Blue Jay!
Hey, Mr. Blue Jay, are you enjoying the Earth today?

Why yes I am.
But I would enjoy it better if I had some peanuts to eat!

Okay, there you go, Mr. Blue Jay!
No need to thank me…I can see your mouth is full!

I see the evil squirrels are enjoying the Earth today…
along with a few peanuts, too!

Hey, you!  Cat!!
What’re you staring at??

See…I told you they were evil.

And then there’s my favorite birdies…the Tufted Titmousies.
Can you see them there?
They sorta blend in with the ground.
Personally, I don’t think they look much like mousies.

Hey, I think this one is staring at me!!

I hope you get out there and enjoy the Earth today, too!
Happy Earth Day, everybuddy!!

  34 Responses to “Easy E Earth Day Sunday”

  1. That blue jay told you Ernie. So did the squirrel. Too funny. This sure was a great Earth Day post. Those tufted birdies are one of our favorites too. We have them here. Hope you have a great day and try to be nice to the earth. Take care.

  2. Happy Earth Day! Those birdies and the evil squirrel look like they are enjoying the earth (and the peanuts)!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Happy Earth Day! You have such beautiful birdies where you live, Ernie!

  4. We’ve never seen those birdies – we think they are pretty and look very tasty too!
    Tasty as in pretty – we hope you wouldn’t think we wanted to nom them!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Happy Earth Day.,

  6. Great post Ernie!!! I can’t believe I forgot Earth Day, and I’m such a big fan!

  7. Happy Earth Day :))

  8. Your squirrels and blue jays are awfully cute. We have blue jays here… I hear them a lot… but not a lot of squirrels. Probably ’cause there are twelve of us cats, huh?

  9. We are just bein lazy today! We hafn’t even looked for birdies this Earth Day.

  10. The only thing that could make it a better Earth Day is is you saw a monkey outside your window. Now that would be cool.

  11. HAPPY EARTH DAY to you too !
    Loved the pictures on the birdies and squirrel <3

  12. You have lots of fun things to watch on your piece of earth Ernie! Enjoy your day!

  13. You have lots of great visitors in your yard. Mum is funny because she loves seeing squirrels. Happy Earth day.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. Great pics! The titmousies are adorable! Happy Earth Day, furriends. xoxo

  15. Happy Earth Day, Ernie! like you, we must enjoy the earth from the insides 🙂 who knew mousies could have wings? Have a great day!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  16. Beware of the evil squirrels…they are not to be trusted. ; )
    Happy Earth Day!
    Katie & Glogirly

  17. Hi Ernie,
    I can’t wait to get outside and hunt mouse after I finish visiting for Nellie today. She is feeling better, but she says her paws are too stiff to type and she whaps me if I make any mistakes!
    Have a great Earth Day you guys!

  18. Happy Earth Day, Ernie! I see your Bird and Squirrel TV is plentiful!

  19. Watch out for those birdies, they give a mean stink eye!

  20. I love those Tufted Titmousies too. Mommy is waiting on the Hummingbirds. They are lte!

  21. Ernie
    You had lots of good critters to share this beautiful day with.
    Happy Earth Day to all of them and everyone at your house.

  22. I think you are right – that squirrel has a serial killer look in his eyes!

  23. Happy Earth Day! WE love your bird TV!

  24. HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!! You are so lucky to have a sunny day…we have rain, wind and it’s cold!!! YUCK!!! We haven’t seen a squirrel yet but Mom said she saw a black one up the street on the park property. =^Y^=

  25. Well, since they don’t get any brushies or soft beddies or stinky goodness, I think I’ll keep my inside “earth,” ha ha ha! Peanuts do nuffing for me!

  26. Hi there Island Cats!!! We are your newest friends!! We have added you to our blogroll…found you through our friends at Beaded Tail.

    How cool that you live on an Island…we would like to do that too!! Happy Earth Day!! We love your pretty birds…not so much the evil squirrels!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  27. It rained all day here so there was no Bird tv so I lived vicariously through this post. Yum yum. Breakfast, lunch and dindin.

  28. The earth is a beautiful place, so why do folks abuse it so? They should live with it like we kitties do.

  29. You have a fantastic piece of Earth to watch, Ernie! We had sun and bird radio today! Take care of the Earth efurryone. Happy Earth Day!

  30. ooo yummy, I mean, pretty birdies! Sassy squirrel…. Happy Earth Day!

  31. You just GOTTA bop that mouthy squirrel! Find a way to lure it over…

  32. Great way to celebrate Earth Day! The lawn and red maple tree look so pretty too.

  33. MOWZERS! You has evil squirlz too? So do we! What are the odds???

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