Apr 202012

The lady with the yellow hair was laughing at my ear.  She ran and got the flashy box saying she just had to have a picture of this.  Hey!  So what if my ear is inside out??  I don’t think that justified her laughing at me!  So I showed her!  I let her have it with my lasers…full power!!

Pew pew pew!!

  55 Responses to “Fomerly Feral – No Laughing!”

  1. There is only respect here, my dear.


  2. Zoey, yoo is lovely as ever – can I lick yer ear so it straightens? Mustachio lets me and says Im furry gentle moving ears back .

    Sir Trooder Lioncourt

  3. Beautiful Zoey, I’m certain she was laughing WITH you not AT you!!!

  4. That silly lady with the yellow hair, laughing at you Zoe. She shouldn’t do that. Glad you gave her those laser eyes. We think that ear is very cute like that. Hope all of you have a super day.

  5. Sweet Zoey, are you having a bad ear day?

  6. You are proudly displaying your ear floof, and tail floof, and toe hawks, and floof in general!!!

  7. You look very…um…..Unique! Yeah….that’s it!!! We don’t think it was nice of the lady with the yellow hair to laugh. In fact, we don’t think it was nice of our Mom to laugh either!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. We’d never laugh at you. Really.


  9. We are SHOCKED that the lady with yellow hair laughed at you. ::snicker:: Really, she’s your mother and ::snicker:: should have more respect for your unique style ::snicker::

    Oh we can’t help it….MOL!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

    xoxo Cory and family

  10. My ears do that sometimes, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. We think your ear is adorable.

    Truffle and Brulee

  12. You go, girl!! No one should make fun of a girl’s ears.

  13. That’s showing her girl. You go – really bear down with those lazer eyes.

  14. We thought that was the new style for wearing your ears. Very chic.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. are they easier to wash when they are inside out?

  16. *SNORK* But my dear, who’s laughing? ( Heeeeee!)

  17. Our people laugh when our ears get like that too. We don’t understand why.

  18. Ears to getting even pretty Zoey!

  19. Your inside-out ear shows off your lovely ear fluffs, Zoey. Me finks you looks wonderfur! What does beans know anyway?

  20. I also use to have my ear inside out, and mom think I’m looks funny:-)
    Hugs from



  21. Personally, I would have whapped her with a paw too! Queen Penelope is still not 100% so I am visiting today. Thanks for sending purrs, they really help. She has been using the litter box and even though the lumps are smaller than normal, at least they are lumps.
    Have a great day!

  22. This ear thing has happened to me, too, many a time… and I totally agree with you… it’s NOT FUNNY AT ALL!

  23. That happens to us sometimes too, but Zoey, you are always gorgeous!…Love those lasers, good job, silly girl!!…Happy weekend, sweet, precious friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  24. I’m sorry, Zoey, your inside-out ear made me laugh, too!

  25. Sometimes the Male does that on purpose just to laugh at us. Like yeah. HA HA.

  26. MOL Zoey Mom and I were wondering what in the world is up with Zoey’s ear. We are so glad that is what the pic was all about. Now girlfriend I feel you pain though they moms pick the worst times to use the flashy monster.
    Hugs Madi

  27. awwww – how rude of the lady…..we think you are lovely no matter what!

  28. Our Mommy wants to nuzzle your inside-out ear! She’s a weirdo.

  29. MOL!
    Those humans…I think you oughta go grab HER flashy box the next time she wakes up after going to bed with wet hair. That’ll teach her.
    ; ) Katie

  30. Zoey! I love that ear <3 You are too cute!

  31. Zoey, your inside out ear is slighty amusing but certainly not worth laughing at although our mommy giggled too. Humans are just weird.

  32. Zoey, I think your Mommie should not have laughed – your ear is very talented!

  33. Your human really deserved those lasers today, Zoey!

  34. but you looks like an American Curl kitty now!! Have a good day dear Zoey!
    Katie Kat

    BTW Momz Texas art card am on ebay!! Only 8 more hourz! current bid is 1.00

    Goes to ebay and search for
    ACEO Eagle Texas!

    Katie Kat

  35. What are the like the mums and their flashy boxes. I know what you mean but you got her good with those superb lasers… Hugs GJ xx

  36. MOL @ Laila and Minchie. Mums are just too rude sometimes.

  37. But the inside of kitty ears are soo cute. Actually, every part of kitties is sooo cute!

  38. R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me…right Zoey?! We HEAR you. Now burn that flashy box to the ground with your laser eyes!! 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  39. HAH! That ear IS funny! HAH! xoxo

  40. The inside-out ear is funny but the lady with the yellow hair shouldn’t laugh. Good you hit her with the lasers.

  41. Oh, fine. First they don’t YOU play with the fun new Kong toys, and now your furry own Mommy is publishing embarrassing photos. Would you like to come live here with me?

  42. Well, WE are thinking some brushin might be a good idea.

  43. Of course as soon as we read ‘don’t laugh’ we all started laffing like crazy. We don’t get over excited about the inside out ear but we was luffing those ornjie toes! All that floof! Those velvety front paws! Zoe you are the Plush!


  44. oh Zoey, you have purrrfect eyes!
    The paparazzi don’t have notion…we want some privacy!
    purrs and happy weekend,
    love you

  45. The yellow hair lady is just jealous because she can’t do that with ears.

  46. No respect..we cats don’t get any! Yoko’s ears do the same thing – very talented!

  47. Oh Zoey!! I did not laugh, but the picture of you sure did bring me a smile!!

  48. Wow! What paw-erful lasers you’ve got! You certainly showed her!
    Some people have no respect for a Feline’s dignity!

  49. You tell her Zoey!

  50. We think your ear looks quite jaunty like that, Zoey! How dare the lady laugh at you … she definitely deserved those lasers you shot her way! 🙂


  51. Hoomans just don’t understand if we sometimes want to try a different style with our furs or ears. They always laugh and run for that flashy beast. We kitties don’t get no respect. We thinks you is very lovely Zoey.

  52. My ears go like that sometimes – usually when there’s a human involved. And sometimes the human gives them a clean too. At least they haven’t taken my photo like it – yet.

  53. Awwww that is too cute! Don’t worry, it doesn’t embarrass you one bit because it’s just really cute <3

  54. What is it with our ladies and those flashie things anyway? My mom drives me crazy…. She acts like she never saw me before…. so annoying…


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