Apr 102012

Hey, Zoey…look!

Ernie…I’m just gonna ignore that you did that…
Mancats…sometimes they act like little kittens…sheesh!!

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  1. Reading that makes us so glad we don’t have brothers Zoey – feel free to teleport over for a mancat free day whenever you want.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Zoey and Ernie…I’m still waiting for my invitation to join you on that wonderful window seat!!
    Hugs Madi

  3. Maybe it was just a little foodie bit he was licking off, Zoey. But you cannot be sure!!

  4. You tell him Zoey. Got to keep those guy cats in line. Ernie, you do look cute in that picture. Take care all of you.

  5. fight nice guys! he he – you know you are lucky to have each otther.

  6. They can be silly boycats for sure!!!

  7. I would LOVE to join you there. I have to get on the file cabinet or on the back of the couch to have a view of Bird TV.

  8. Yeah, our mom says that the male of any species remains juvenile, mentally. Hahaha!

  9. rude – those mancats can just be rude….. 🙂

  10. Ohhhh, I know what you mean, Miss Zoey. I haf two brofurs and a cuzzin, and they are allways doing stoopid fings like that.

    What’s a ladycat to do?

  11. That Ernie!! Such a boycat, what you are going to do?

  12. Well of course we do things like that!!!

  13. Ernie you are so silly. You are lucky Zoey didn’t teach you a lesson about respecting a lady cat!

  14. It’s not just man ‘cats’ that behave that way… hehehe….

  15. Mancats. What. Ever.
    ; ) Katie

  16. Mancats act just like boys especially when they have sisters!

  17. Mancats are incapable of casting away the kitten in them !!!

  18. You said it, Zoey – mancats!

  19. Hey Zoey, it’s my experience that Mancats *always* act like kittens! MOL At least the two goons around here do!

    My sympathies girlfriend

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  20. Aww…try to get along there on that nice seat. It’s only dogs you need to fight off.

  21. Next time come prepared Zoey and wear a mask! Srsly.Boys. :p

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  22. Yeah, the boycats just HAVE to act up sometimes!

  23. Uh, Zoey…we mancats are not SO terrible…I mean…uh, we aren’t..I think you look cute sitting there on the bench. Picture pur-fect if you ask me…


    PS. Our new cat on the block, Mooch is maybe gonna look like when she gets big. Are you long haired tabby cute cat, a tortie wrapped up in a fabulous feline? 🙂

  24. Oh, Zoey, what us girl kitties have to put up with silly brothers!


  25. Hahahahahaha!!!!
    Typical siblings!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  26. Zoey
    You know how brothers are!

  27. Zoey, what do you think Ernie would do if you got up really fast in his direction? Yep, he’d run like the dickens! LOL!

  28. Oh Ernie! That was rude of you! ::snigger:: but it was funny.

  29. Yep Zoey, us guys are a little silly sometimes fur sure!

  30. 🙂 boys! they just never grow up, huh Zoey?

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  31. Oh Zoey, you know those mancats can be so kittenish sometimes. We have three brothers and when they get together they embarrass us so much sometimes.

  32. Aw, Zoey, you fell for the old made-you-look gag? Girlfriend, you gotta be less gullible. AND you need to plot some revenge. I could help you with that, just sayin’.

  33. Zoey I put out a challenge to all cats who want to take you on for the Cat-A-Lympics Cat Tree Gymnastics competition. I don’t know that you can be beat!

  34. Brothers are like that! At least he didn’t fart at you!

  35. Thanks for tellin’ me bout Zoey! You’re right about Zoey’s fur being longer than our new kitty in the block. And Mooch’s fur is longer than our. I kinda wondered if she would ‘grow’ into her furs…… 🙂

  36. Dems boyz alla times gots to be kept in lines! alla i gots am boyz boyz boyz! I tells dem off! cept for Sammy…. him a lover boy.

    Lady Miri Gentle Purr.

    Fanks for purrin fur da Mom… I keeps her in line too.

  37. My goodness, did he do what I think he did?
    My feline son did the same under the bed covers yesterday”’ I was surprised and of course aghast (a “gassed”). He’s always a gentlemen and just had a momentary indiscretion.

  38. Zoey…don’t just sit there and take it…WHAP him! You know he wants you to. Boys are so silly.

  39. Mancats, gotta love’em, they never grow up!

  40. Dude, you gotta be a gentleman around the bootiful ladycats!

  41. Yep ~ mom’s always saying that about us too! MOL!

  42. MOL. Brothers! They sure are silly sometimes.

    Love, Ling

  43. Allie: Oh Zoey! You are soooo right! Raspberries are SO juvenile! The things we girls put up with!!

  44. Aw come on, blowing raspberries is always funny!


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