Mar 262012

Hey, Ernie…I saw how you redecorated the half-bathroom…
I must say, it was a work of art!

 Thanks, Wally!
I thought I did a pretty good job myself.

I used every bit of that roll of toilet paper.

And incorporated the design into the rest of the house.

And when you went back and added the box of kleenex,
that was a stroke of design genius, Ernie!

Yeah, but I just don’t understand why mom didn’t like it.

Hey!  Is that the phone I hear??

Maybe HGTV is calling…
and they want to give me my own design show!!

  54 Responses to “Mancats – Redecorating”

  1. Oh, Ernie, you do need your own show on HGTV! Can you come and decorate our bathroom?

  2. I think I MAY try my paw at redecorating too. The flapping of the ends of the paper finally caught my eye! xox

  3. Oh oh ~ looks like there was some naughtiness over here. I love it! 🙂
    xo Catherine

  4. Wow, we’re impressed, simply stunned at your innate decorating flair! Surely it must be HGTV calling for you!

  5. Oh good job Ernie. We haven’t done that in ages. I think Mom should give us a TP roll. And the kleenix box too. Wow, that is double duty. Way to go. Have a great week.

  6. Ernie we bet you will get many requests for designer bathrooms after all the feedback from your decorating blog – have you thought of doing a demo set of pictures so we can learn a few tips from your talented paws.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. You’re a fabulous interior designer, Ernie! Who knows why humans don’t appreciate’s perfect!

  8. hahaha…. though we tried that here and mom started hiding the tp!! we think you did a great job Ernie!!

  9. He, he! That’s my kind of decorating!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Oh Ernie you are so clever!!!! We miss that kind of decorating around here, Casper used to do it when he was young but not any more.

  11. Nice job on the Kleenex especially!

  12. HAHAHAHA! You know, Ernie….you could be on to something! HGCAT Design Star…Trading Tunnels…

  13. LOL! Good job you guys! Hahahahahaha!!!
    If you guys had the type of toilet paper roll Mommy buys (it’s HUGE!), you could have decorated the WHOLE house!

  14. Well I think it was a total masterpiece!!!

  15. i can’t believe your mom doesn’t appreciate your decorating skills.

  16. Wonderful job Ernie, the way you have the tissue layered on the floor is stunning!

  17. Ernie. we like your design. Weill you start a decorating blog?

  18. Our human is so relieved she hasn’t had any cats who like to decorate with toilet paper…

  19. Handsome Ernie, we think you were born to be a star!!…Happy week ahead, sweet friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  20. Ernie…I love what you’ve done with the house…and the paper rolling job is my favorite. I’ve found our Mom’s don’t always have the best taste and can get rather testy when we try to improve.
    Hugs Madi

  21. Was it? I mean you did an awesome job on that bathroom!

  22. Great decorations! Looks like you’re having your own party!! Stop by ours and help Leo decorate please? All Leo knows how to do is spread feathers all around…

  23. Whoa. That is AWESOME! Ernie, you have impressed me greatly with your design flair!

  24. Wowser Ernie! Your creative touches are fabulous! Maybe you and Esme could team up and start your own show…” Cat Creations” or something like that. You should definitely have a name in mind when that phone rings for YOU!!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  25. You are a genious and I just cant understand why your mum didnt like it mol.. I think its just purfect.. Hugs GJ xx

  26. Hahahaha! Ernie it’s makeover time !!!!! What a great job 🙂

  27. I tried to do that a few times using paper towels, and can you believe I got the Dreaded Squirty Bottle? Ernie, our mad skillz just aren’t appreciated. *sigh*
    xx Salem

  28. Divine Feline Design, dood…you’ll get rich and famous!

  29. Good job Ernie! I may have to hire you…

  30. Ernie, are you related to Tillie?????

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  31. Mum is a spoil sport. She won’t put the paper on the rollers!

  32. So I’m thinking I was supposed to be focused on the bathroom art, but I am stuck wondering where your leggies are.


  33. Great job Ernie!! At least you don’t shred it to bits like Allie does.

    The Florida Furkids

  34. roflmao!!! The next “Design Kitty!!!!”

    You certainly ARE talented!

  35. Now that would be a show worth staying awake to watch. We snooze when mom watches HGTV…but if they had shows like yours, using REAL material to decorate, like TP and stuff…wow!

  36. Ernie, we’d actually stay awake for your show because we know we’d learn lots! You are a pawsome decorator!

  37. Oh dear, HAHAHA! I’m so gald my cats don’t trash the bathroom 😉

  38. Wowwie! What a great job! Thanks for reminding me about the paper…its been a while since me played with it.

  39. Were you a little bored or a little inspired?

  40. So boys….you enjoyed *my* post on Katnip Lounge today, heh heh??
    They are some fine figures of LadyCats aren’t they??

    Oh, and good job on the baffroom!

  41. We are subdued in awe, Ernie! TBT has some trick that stops us from doing that.

  42. We think your art is awesome! Those humans just don’t understand

  43. MOL Ernie!
    You are master about decoration!I think my mammy would be confused here with this decoration “idea”, but I like a lot!

  44. Your design is so avant-garde, Wally, that not efurryone can appreciate it! Artists are often misunderstood. I agree with Ernie that the Kleenex box was a touch of genius!

  45. Wow–you could give David Bromstadt a run for his money!

  46. You went back for the Kleenex?! Dude, that’s awesome!

  47. Heh heh what a great decoration! All the paper from bathroom tissue is beautifully placed and the box of kleenex gives a god accent 🙂
    One of my boys loves to decorate, too, but I put bathroom tissues in cabinet because I don’t want him to feel obligated to do all the decoration work.

  48. Bravissimo! You did an amazing job of redecorating!!!

    Thank you for stopping by to wish the mom a happy birthday!

    Unfortunately, we did not have a great amount of traffic at the senior cat Sunday event, but this was the first time PAWS tried it. They are going to keep on trying, and we know there are loving homes out there for these awesome older cats.

  49. hahahaha that is great design
    WE hope you get your own show.
    We think you should have your own network.

  50. WOW—if you have your OWN HGTV show, we’d be watching ALL the time. I must say you gave me dippity doo design tricks!!


  51. Ernie, that is a masterpiece! We absolutely agree that HGTV needs to give you your own design show.

  52. OMC! wonderful designs. and also, such outstanding catloafs !!!!!

  53. Hey Ernie, you are a master decorator, well done. We will be watching for your show on HGTV. Maybe you could travel around and do a different bathroom every week.

  54. Of course it must be HGTV calling !
    I just LOVE your decoration style !

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