Mar 232012

Bird TV has been really exciting ever since
the lady with the yellow hair filled up the birdie feeders.
Even the squirrel and the bunnies have gotten involved!!

My favorite program to watch is
the evil squirrels fighting off the big ol’ blue jays!

Now that’s entertainment!!

  40 Responses to “Formerly Feral – That’s Entertainment!”

  1. Oh, you’re so lucky! We want a bird feeder too! Actually, we used to have one, but it came down when the fence addition went up back in June 2010 (to keep Nicki in) and there’s no spot to put one now.

    Enjoy your pawsome entertainment!

  2. no remote needed for that TV.

  3. That sure looks like the best station in the nation. 3 Purrfect channels. Lucky Zoey. Hope you have a super Fri.

  4. That sure is a fun way to spend any day pretty Zoey!

  5. That bird TV looks good – we don’t get many birds in our garden and those that come in seem to disappear when we go out to welcome them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Bird TV is pretty exciting!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. that does look like fun….we don’t have squirrels on the 2nd floor. and we gotta get mom to get the bird feed up this weekend!!

  8. Our feeders are busy too. Lots of fevvers to watch.

  9. That sounds like a very exciting show! We have Mockingbird TV here!

  10. MY favorite show is mommy trying to scare off the ever present Cowbirds. They eat food that she wishes went to any other birdie but them. They are mean and lay eggs in other birdies nests and throw the other birdies eggs out of their own nest.

  11. Our human used to feed da birdies. The landlord didn’t like it because it attracted pigeons so she quit. Then the maintenance crew trimmed back da bush where the birdies gathered. Our bird TV has been poor since. We are glad you can enjoy da birdies, sqwerls and bunnies–and such a great window!

  12. Enjoy your bird TV!

  13. You have bunnies too? We get a lot of Squirrel TV here. We do have Bird TV and of late, we’ve been getting Kitty TV too which is driving Boomer ballistic. Heh heh.

  14. Hi Zoey….big sigh…I wish I was sitting right there on you window seat with you. If I were we could both chirp and chatter at the birds.
    hugs Madi

  15. Oh, Zoey, when the skybirds and the land creatures battle, it does make for great entertainment, I have to agree!! We’re waiting for the jays to show up. We haven’t seen them yet.


  16. Difficult to do live pause with that TV ….. live paws works though!

  17. Aww. The Purs n Snorts kitties are jealous. We live on the second floor of an older building and the windows aren’t the best and there’s no place for a birdie feeder.

  18. Squirrels vs. blue jays – wow, sounds like an awesome program!

  19. Squirrels and bunnies and birds, oh my! Gotta love them!

  20. oh Zoey,
    LAdy girl…I love this picture, you look so serene watching bird TV there!
    It’s so cool, isn’t it?
    I wish you all a great weekend,

  21. Yeah, Bird TV is a lot better when the Seed button is turned ON!

  22. Oh you are so right – squirrels and Blue Jays. Best TV channel there is., Chipmunk channel is pretty good over here too.,

  23. We have feeders outside the window too, and some days mum says it is busier than Heathrow airport.

  24. Nothing as entertaining as a squirrel rumble!

  25. Well it’s obvious you like to watch the wrestling channel Zoey! Nothing like a good fight:p
    Have a great weekend Zoey and the boys too 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  26. Can you get that On Demand?
    ; )

  27. That sounds like a great show Zoey! We wish we could watch with you!

  28. Whoa! I wanna see! I wanna see! Wally don’t talk about our working together in the past. We’ll be working together again soon. I’ll post a link to the story when it runs.

  29. Don’t you love spring?
    Mom is still not good typing a lot of comments with her pinched nerve issues, but we wanted to go round to our friends’ blogs and say Hi anyway!!

  30. Bird TV never gets old – even with the reruns of the same grey doves everyday! But then, there was a new channel yesterday – a pretty bright red bird that the humans call a “cardinal.” I guess that must mean lunch…

  31. We love it how the Bluejays know EXACTLY when the good stuff, meaning peanuts, goes into the squirrel, I mean bird feeder. Daddy bought some suet for the birdies the other day because I think he felt sorry for them because we still had snow.

  32. Allie: oh me too! Mother was going to pick me up yesterday but I told her “not until commercial! It’s a really good episode out there!” *giggle*

  33. Zoey, darling! You look mah-vellous! So glad your annoying, uh, “generous,” brothers allowed you to post today! XOXOXO

  34. wow, you have the best seat in the house for both bird tv and squirrel tv. we only have bird tv here, no squirrels in the backyard.

  35. Wow… that’s a great window…. lots to see out that window.

    I’m on my way.

    pawhugs, Max

  36. Pawsome Zoey!
    We love birdie tv too. Wish Mom would fill the bird dish.

  37. Whoa that’s awesome…squirrels and bunnies too!

  38. Now if you could just get out there for some interactive TV! MOL. Kidding.

  39. Zoey–I know it’s not the 23rd anymore–so don’t be mad. I wanna say our new kitty on the block–her name is Mooch, may look like YOU when she gets all grown. Fluffy and pretty and all. I hope she’ll learn how to NICE as you too!


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