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Mar 042012

Hi everybuddy!  Here I am…hanging out on the ol’ cat tree.  Today, I wanna share with you a few pictures…or “artwork”…that our mom has bought and  has hanging in our house that were inspired by yours truly!

This first one is a photo called “Cat’s View” and was taken in Provence, France…oh, not by our mom, but by some photographer guy.  I think France is a place a long ways from our house!  I wish I was that black kitty sitting on that step.  That’s quite the view he has!!

This next one’s called “Le Chat Van Gogh” which I think means “The Cat Van Gogh.”  Hehehe…I’ve crawled up a few chairs like that kitty!  This one shoulda been called “Le Chat Ernie!”

This last one is self-explanatory…and around this home, that saying is true!

Y’know…I haven’t seen any orange stripey or torbie cat pictures hanging around the house!  That’s because I must be mom’s favorite…wouldn’t you agree??  😉  I hope you enjoyed going with me to our black cat art gallery today!!

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  1. We really like all those pictures, Ernie. I think they make a great set. Now maybe Mom CAn find some stripey ones, or torbie ones, but I bet that is hard.

  2. You’re pictures are great! Mom has an orange stripey cat picture that looks just like an orange stripey cat who lives here.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Oh Ernie, we love those pictures since we are gigantic black cat fan. Those are just wonderful. We of course love the chair one. But they are all really great. What fun to have those pictures to look at all the time. We just have pony pictures everywhere. Take care.

  4. Thank´s for the guided black cat art gallery tour !
    Great black cat paintings and photo !

  5. I love the pictures but my favorite is the first one

  6. Those are awfully pretty pictures. I think my favourite is the first but it’s hard to choose. They’re all nice.

  7. Love the art work!!! Your mom has furry good taste!

  8. I love all the pictures in your black cat art gallery. You are an inspiration Ernie… artistically and otherwise… HEE HEE.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  9. I love all the pictures Ernie!!! Now that I have a black cat too, I can attest to the saying in the last picture 🙂

  10. Ernie, those are cool, beatiful, and fun pieces of art! Le Chat Ernie made us smile! Our mom says she has a hard time finding tabby-cat art to match us 🙁 so our house is full of black Lab stuff! (we’re sure it’s not because he is the fav’rite :D)

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  11. I like those pictures very much.

  12. You are the most handsome black cat in those pictures Ernie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Ernie, I think you are right…mom must love you best. We won’t tell Zoey or Wally…it’ll be our little secret! We have 2 cat posters/artwork in our house. One is of a cat that looks just like me, only not as cute. The other is of a meezer.

  14. Ernie, you sure inspire lovely artwork! Our mommy has black cat art here too since the cat before us was black. Thanks for showing us the art in your house!

  15. Diego-San is jealous of the artwork in your house.

  16. Those are great house panther pictures. And you are the greatest.

  17. Those sure are great pictures and you are always and inspiration Ernie!

  18. Ernie you are indeed an inspiration!! Years ago there was a black house panther in our family named Ursala. She owned my human Uncle for 18 years.
    Hugs Madi

  19. We love all the pictures and you! Purrs!

  20. We think those are great pictures that your Mom picked out! Perhaps you are her favorite! But we will keep that a secret!

    Luf, Us

  21. What wonderful pictures. Me would prefer paintings of lilac point siamese.

  22. Ernie
    Those are great pictures and Mom totally agrees with you about a house is not a home without black(and white)cats!


  23. You must be the favorite for sure!

  24. I think your person has great taste in artwork. I wish mine did…

  25. Oh yes! Just love those pictures, especially the first two 🙂

  26. Your mom has excellent taste in art. We really like all three pictures.

  27. Well of COURSE you are your Mom’s favorite.
    heh heh…

  28. I love the gallery!

  29. Hi Ernie! I’m so glad I am came by today! I just love your black cat art gallery. I just love all these pictures but I think the top one of you is my favorite. 🙂

  30. Glad you are an inspiration.

  31. We like all of the pictures, but we like the cat climbing up the chair the best.

  32. Wow those pictures are awesome! Hope you enjoyed the cat tree :o)

  33. We loved seeing your Ernie Art! Thanks for sharing it with us. The Van Gogh one is the best!

  34. These are awesome, Ernie! …but what do Wally and Zoey think about this?

  35. Love the black cat gallery, Ernie! Wonderful finds 😀

  36. Love that Van Gogh kitty!

  37. We really like those pictures, Ernie! Thanks for the tour. We love black kitties. The cat before me was black; we have a wall hanging of a black cat and an arched-back black cat against a full moon statue by Jim Shore.

  38. Great art! All great art should have cats in it…

  39. Your Mom sure knows how to keep it discreet that you’re her favourite, Ernie. Heehee.
    We agree that the picture should be called Le Chat Ernie. 🙂

  40. Bonjour dear Ernie,
    Thanks for sharing these fantastic artworks, very impressive!Van Gogh inspired us as well!
    purrs and a nice week

  41. We love your black cat art Ernis! You are obvioulsy the fav but we won’t tell 😛
    Also..thank Cod we have little , tiny wee Malou now to make our house a true home!!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  42. Ernie!! LP has butter fingers when she types… 🙂

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