Mar 022012

Today is Dr. Seuss Day!

I’m taking the challenge…along with the Zoolatry girls
and other kitties and woofies…
to celebrate the wit and fun of Dr. Seuss!
(He woulda been 108 years old today!!)

Included with the silvervine P-Lows we got from Bina
was some silvervine powder!

The lady with the yellow hair rubbed some of
this magic powder all over one of my nip pillows!

What wonderful stuff this silvervine is!!

In honor of Dr. Seuss Day, I wrote a funny poem about silvervine.
And I wanna share it with all of you…

This silvervine
It smells so fine
But it makes me feel light headed!

I’m seeing strange things
like mousies dancing on strings
And I want to make them all deaded.

This silvervine
Is mine…all MINE!
I won’t let those boycats get it!!

If they try to take it from me
I’ll fight ferociously
And some boycats just might get bitted.

Tee hee!!

(thanks for the hat, Zoolatry!)

Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!

  50 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Dr. Seuss Day!”

  1. Happy Dr Seuss Day dear friends!
    Hey Zoey, you are gorgeous wearing the beautiful hat!A purrrfect model!
    Love your pictures!
    purrs and a nice weekend to you all

  2. Haha, Zoey, well done! Angel Annie would approve of some mancats being bited! Ha!

    Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

  3. Happy Dr Seuss Day Zoey – we think you look great in your red and white hat.
    We love the pictures of you having fun when the silvervine powder on your nip pillow.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. dr. seuss clearly has an heir.

  5. Very well done. Good job. You look so cute in your red and white hat. That Silvervine is magical stuff isn’t it,

  6. Great one Zoey…..and we agree – keep the good stuff for yourself!

  7. Very nice! Is it wrong that I (a doggie) want to try this silvervine, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. So, inspiring … now sing to the tune of Silver Bells

    Silvervine, silvervine,
    it’s a magical time on the Island.
    Silvervine, you’re truly mine,
    everything’s fine on MY island.

  9. Excellent tribute and poem!!

  10. Great poem and I think good for Dr. Seuss day since sometimes his work seemed to be written under the influence!

  11. Happy Dr. Seuss Day, friends!

    In germany we don´t know much about Dr. Seuss. So we don´t play along but we have a German declaration on our blog for all those Germans which don´t know about Dr. Seuss

  12. That was ao Silvervine fine sweet Zoey!

  13. I think that silvervine might just be your muse… muouse? meowews?

  14. You did a great job Zoey!

  15. Good job Zoey – we want some silvervine now!!!

  16. is a furry wonderfur poem Zoey! Gives that pillow a wop fur me!

  17. You know Silver vine and Seuss poem seem to go well together…

  18. That is such a good poem. And Zoe, you look mighty fine in that hat. Great Dr. Seuss post. We loved it. Take care.

  19. Happy Dr Seuss Day! I love your poem, it’s a great one! Enjoy your silvervine, maybe you can write some more poems about it 🙂

  20. LOVE your silvervine rhime !
    Happy Dr Seuss day 🙂

  21. That is a fine silvervine poem, Zoey! Now, time to deaded all those mischevious mousies on strings!

  22. Good poem, Zoey. Thanks for the chuckle. 🙂

  23. MOL Zoey
    The boys will try with all their might
    To steal the silvervine in the night
    When they hear your roar
    The will want no more.
    MOL Hugs Madi

  24. Now that is a cool poem.

  25. That was pawsome! Such a clever kitty you are. I must get some of that silvervine stuffs.

  26. Bravo, Zoey! Bravo!!!

    We sure loved your Seuss-ian silvervine poem (and your hat, too)!


  27. Excellent silverline Seuss poem!!

    The Florida Furkids

  28. Yay for silvervine!

  29. Thats fabulous.. I got some of that in the mail this week too and dits good stuff for sure.. Hugs GJ xx

  30. Zoey! You are a poet! And we know it!!
    Srsly though. You made us laugh out loud with your silvervine poem. You are a funny , funny girl 🙂 Easy on the silvervine though ok?!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  31. HaHaMeow! Great poem! We luffed this.

  32. Allie: *squeeeee!* oooh I LOOOVE your poem! Motherrrrrr! I neeed some silvervine pleeeeease! *bats eyelashes*

    FaRADaY: Allie, that sooo totally is NOT gonna work on Mommy. just meowin’.

    Maxwell: uhh…*clears throat* uhhh, hi, Zoey, *blushes*waves paw* Just wanted to thank you for all the pawesome comments on our bloggie this past week an’ to say we so sorry we not been by sooner.

  33. Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!

  34. Happy Dr. Seuss Day!
    We love your poem Zoey, that silvervine sounds like very fine stuff. We are going to have our mom check it out.


  35. That is a great poem Zoey! We can tell you love that silvervine! Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

  36. “I want to make them all deaded” too funny!

  37. We love your poem. We trying to get Mom Paula to get us some of that silvervine stuff.

    Truffle and Brulee

  38. Zoey, my beautiful girl! I am so happeez you got some Silvervine to try all on your own where those Boycats could not start any smacky paw trouble with you. You look real…..happy.

  39. Zoey that is a most excellent Dr. Seuss poem! Hey that silvervine must be the bomb!

  40. Love the hat!! Pawsome pictures and poem! 🙂

  41. Looks like all the cats in the blogosphere are away with the fairies with this silvervine :))). The poem was triffic x

  42. Hey, great lines! Silvervine sure is bringing out the poet in you all!!


  43. That was a very enjoyable poem!!! We really need to get our kitties some silvervine so we can write poems too!

  44. Zoey! That was outstanding! But then, if you did it it HAS to be outstanding. xoxoxoxo

  45. Great poem, Zoey! That silvervine sounds aweome.

  46. We THINK we are actally gonna get a Silver Vine plant of our own!

  47. Loved your post,
    You met the challenge just fine.
    But tell me,
    dear friend, what is silvervine?

    This was such a fun challenge!

  48. Never heard of silvervine before, we are off to look it up! Like your poem anyway.

  49. OMC!!!
    This is just tooooo wonderful!!!
    Can I put it up on my blog-shop … plsssss…….

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