Feb 152012

Lookit me way up here!
I don’t need to be King of the Ladder!
I am King of the Tree!!

I’m much closer to the ceiling up here
than on that stupid ladder.
I can hunt for ceiling spiders up here!!

I’m not seeing any spiders up here.
I wonder where they are.

It’s a long way down there.

I’m done being Tree King.
At least for now!!

  43 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Yup, going down is so much harder to do than the going up. Hope you made it Wally but we have confidence in you. That is really high up there. Have a super Wed.

  2. Hope you got down safely Wally.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Nothing wrong with being high and mighty Wally, except for that getting doen part!

  4. You can do it buddy cuz you are smart and can figure out a way.

  5. Wow – that is a long way up. Be careful…..

  6. Wow! That is some tall cat tree, Wally. I sure hope there are more ledges underneath to help you get down. Jumping from that height could be somewhat PURRecarious.

  7. OMC Wally if you had a duster on your tail you could assist Mom with all the out of reach house work.
    Hugs Madi

  8. No ceiling spiders? You could check under the beds for dust bunnies… but it sounds like your peeps keep the house way too clean.

  9. imagine how far down it must look for the spiders…

  10. But it’s good to know you CAN do all that from up there!

  11. Oh…oh… careful there on the way down. Going up it easy… down is a little harder.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  12. Be careful sweet Wally!

  13. We stare at cobwebs, Teri misses them from time to time…

  14. That is an amazing tree! I want one!

  15. You sure ARE close to the ceiling on that cat tree, Wally. Sorry no spiders today.

  16. We’re impressed by your spider hunting skills. Obviously the spiders are afraid of you and have moved on.

    The Florida Furkids

  17. Tree King is higher than Ladder King!

  18. There goes your tough image, Wally! 😀 you need to have your folks move your tree closer to a corner, that’s where the spiders like to hang out. You can come over to our house if you want- our mom never cleans up the cobwebs 😉

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  19. wally it is hard work being king!

  20. You need your Mom to buy you a box o’spiders, Wally!

  21. We can neber unnerstand why getting down is harder, either. xx

  22. That is a brilliant tree. I would love to get up close to the ceiling for the spiders.. Hugs GJ xx

  23. You make a great Tree King. Maybe you and King Spitty should get together and compare ruling techniques.

  24. Up is easy, down, not so much. Good job keeping the house free of spiders!

  25. Wally, have you not been able to rest since being kicked off your ladder? It’s hard finding something else to be King of since you enjoyed being King of the Ladder so much. Hope Ernie comes down soon!

  26. Wally did you see the cobwebs??? hehehe >^,.^<

  27. He’s spotted something! 🙂

  28. That is a long way up. You must get a good view from up there.

  29. Wally, I need to be up there with you! We have 16 foot ceiling and I need to be high to touch them. We only have short furniture but I vow that someday I’ll touch the ceiling. Happy Belated V-Day. xoxo

  30. What a great help you are to your mom, Wally, with those ceiling spiders!

  31. You are King of your entire CASTLE Wally and that means everything and every BODY in it. Don’t let the underlings forget !! (especially that Ernie… :p)

    the critters in The Cottage xo 🙂

  32. You are the king of the world!

    Your pal, Pip

  33. Oh Walley! Me loves how yous show off your manly man cat form! Yous is one cutie pie!

  34. Wally, I think tree king is the best! I am queen of the tree here.

  35. You look great Walley~!!!
    I like standing at the top, too!

  36. Dude–looks you had some mighty fine ceiling spider huntin’ up there! I think you Mom shoulda helped you down from there–so you wouldn’t over do it—ceiling spider hunting is hard work! 🙂


  37. Oh, you two are bad! Wally with his tree & Ernie with his ladder, your poor mom!

    (We kitties didn’t write this comment obviously! The mom hijacked the computer. We would have said “Dude! How cool! We’re on our way over!”)

  38. You are so brave Wally! I am too scared of the top part of our tree!

  39. Hi Wally. Do you boys ever let Zoey climb up high on your ladder and tree? Cause really, i think you should. It’s only gentlemanly.

  40. Well you gave it a good try anyhow, Wally! I guess it’s back to Ladder Wars…

  41. You’ll always be King no matter what! Especially King of the Humans in your domain!

  42. Mon Dieu, this cat tree is so height! I bet you have a fabulous and special view from there, you can see your beans and all your toys! Cool!

  43. Happy Gotcha Day Zoey!

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