Apr 062008

img_0193a.JPGHi there!  They call me Zoey…and sometimes Sweet Pea or the Little Princess. I don’t know exactly where I am now but all I know it’s lots better than where I was.

I used to be outside…it was cold, sometimes wet and sometimes snowy.  And it was loud sometimes…lots of machines moving and making noise.  And it was dirty and muddy.  And I was hungry and I never knew if or when I was going to eat.  It was scary.  Someday I’ll tell you my whole story.

But I’m not outside anymore.  Now I’m here in a nice warm place.  But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t scared when I first got here.  I was.  I mean, I didn’t know if I could trust these people that brought me here — the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair.  But I’ve been here for a few weeks now and I think I’m going to be okay.  It’s warm and dry here and I never have to worry about food…the lady with the yellow hair gives me food every day…three times a day, as a matter of fact.  I think I’m getting a little fat!  Imagine that!!  And the food she gives me is REALLY GOOD!  Beats eating garbage and mice and bugs.  (Wait a minute, a good bug once in awhile isn’t so bad!  🙂 )  And I get to watch this box that has pictures in it and the pictures talk and make noise (these people like watching something called “HGTV”).  And I have lots of toys to play with even though it’s not as fun playing with a fake mouse after you’ve chased the real thing.  And I think the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair are okay.  It’s still a little scary here, but I think I am happier than when I was outside.

Like I said, I’ve been here for a few weeks now.  But I think there’s more to “here” than what I see.  I mean, the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair come down the stairs and give me food and play with me and then they go back up the stairs and leave.  Where are they going?  What’s up those stairs?


I climb up to the top of those stairs and I hear all sorts of stuff on the other side of that door.  I hear the nice guy and the lady with the yellow hair talking and I hear other cats meowing and sometimes scratching on the door.  What’s going on up there????


Sounds like it might be kinda fun up there.  I wonder if those meowing cats like to play?  I wonder if they would play with me?  I hope so.  ‘Cuz I love to play!  I think I could play all day.



So when do I get to go up there, too?  I hope it’s soon.  I mean, it’s nice here but something tells me it’s even nicer up there!!!


  4 Responses to “What’s Going On Up There?”

  1. Hi little Zoey! You seem to have really landed on your paws. I don’t think it will be long before you get to see just exactly what is up there. Those two humans are great for taking you in and giving you a home 🙂

  2. Tigger and Trixie and Pyewacket think they want to be Island Cats too.

  3. Hi Zoey! How great that you have such a wonderful home all safe and indoors now! I hope you get to check out upstairs soon . . . I think you are right . . . it probably is a whole lot of fun up there!

  4. Hi Zoey, welcome to living in da IN! Isn’t it wunnerful! Hope yoo get to go upstairs soon.

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