Feb 132012

Look at Ernie up there…
all smug and thinking he’s King of the Ladder.
I gotta figure out a way to get him to come down
so I can get up there and be King.

Hey, Ernie!
Look at all the white stuff we got this past weekend!
You really gotta come down here and take a closer look!! 

I can see that white stuff just fine from up here, Wally.
Like I’m gonna fall for something as lame as that
and give up my spot on top of the ladder.

Jeez…I thought for sure he’d fall for that one.
He’s not as dumb as I thought.

Talk about who’s dumb!
You gotta come up with something better than that
if you wanna fool me, Wally!!

I’m still the Ladder King!!

  45 Responses to “Mancats – The Ladder King”

  1. You are indeed the ladder king… That’s a cool place to sit. I would guard it too.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Ernie you most certainly are king of all you survey. Good thing you have such a high perch that is a lot of snow outside. Wally is jealous because you thought of it first.
    Hugs Madi

  3. Wally, we hope you got a turn to sit up high like Ernie! It looks like a great place to sit and watch the world!! 🙂

  4. Ernie, you’re pretty smart! Wally is going to have to come up with another way to get that spot!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. It’s good to be King!

  6. You’re a very wise mancat Ernie!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. you got to wake up pretty early in the morning to fool ernie.

  8. Don’t give up that top spot!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Busby is trying to think of ways to help Wally, but I am proud of my fellow house panther Ernie for being the ladder king! XO, Ray

  10. That ladder is pretty amazing…hold on to your spot Ernie!!

  11. That sure is an awesome spot. I’d probably never move, just to protect my claim.
    I have the exact same ham-mick as you boys! 🙂

  12. That is one ahigh Ladder Throne ya got Ernie!!!

  13. Ernie, good for you! You can see efurrything from up there. Oh, and it is fun to annoy Wally, especially when he wants to be the ladder king.


  14. Ernie, you better watch out, Wally may come up there and whap you off!

  15. That’s gotta be the very best kind of ladder I ever did see!

  16. Wally, remember that Ernie will have to leave the ladder at some time. Be ever watchful!

  17. Wally…SNOW…really?!! That’s the best you could come up with me.Dude…you gotta to talk mousies, and treats and fresh chick -hen…
    We’ll be right over and help you dethrone him in no time at all…
    Heeheeheeheee… 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  18. What a great idea for a ladder! Enjoy the view from the top. Purrs from four mancats

  19. Wally, it’s a good plan! I’m sorry it did not work for Ernie.
    Ernie, you are the king! Enjoy the view from the top!

  20. I think he is one very smart cat up there. I’m not a big fan of up high though so I leave that to Gemini

  21. Brulee would just climb up on top and sit beside Truffle. That’s what she does all the time on the cat tree.

  22. Ernieeeee….Wally deserves a chance too. be nice. xoxoxox

  23. My guys go green with envy whenever they see your fantastic ladder!!!!

  24. Wally, I am afraid that Ernie is right – you need to come up with something WAY better than Snow TV to get him down from there.

  25. Pssst – Wally – tonight sneak up there when the house is all dark and Ernie is sleeping in the oomans bed. Then get up there quick and stay there.

  26. You weren’t born yesterday were you Ernie. Wally will have to get his thinking cap on.

  27. King of the Ladder of Awesomeness! That’s so cool!

  28. Ernie
    YOU are THE ladder king!!!


  29. Oh, Wally! if it’s any consolation, Ernie has to eat and use the litterbox sometime 😀 Run into the kitchen and pretend you hear someone with treats!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  30. Nice try Wallie! MOL

  31. Oh codness, I was so busy laffin that I wrote your name wrong wallY! Sorry pal.

  32. Wally, maybe Ernie would share the top spot with you if you ask nicely. 🙂

  33. That’s so cool!! We want a ladder to be king/queen of! 😀

  34. YAY to the ladder king!!!!! heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger, Treasure and JJ

  35. Wowwie! Yous is the king!
    And Smart too! Me loves that in a man cat!
    PS Happy Valentines Day

  36. Ladder King, the mom was worried you’d tip it over and get hurt, but she worries about EVERYTHING! We think you look very regal up there! Now, will you move over?

  37. Wally, ya gotta look sideways out the window where he cant see and laff about the funny skwerl!

  38. What a fun way to set up a special cat spy tower! We love it. And also the sneaky ploys…

  39. Yeah, another smart black cat KING is in the house! We think you guys are interesting; not efurry girlcat wants a Lothario (like that other king Spi__y). Are you going to Sparkles’ V-day pawty? I am . . . see you there.

  40. Uh, guys? You really gotta be more careful about throwing around the K-word. Just sayin’.

    You do look very masterful up on your ladder, though, Ernie. And Wally? Pretty lame effort there.

  41. I would love to try climber there, looks funny!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

  42. Well, Wally, you tried!

  43. We Love Your Ladder! It looks like it has perches for just about everyone!

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