Jan 232012

Hey there!  We were contacted by a nice human named Brent who offered us a free coupon to shop at Mr. Chewy, an online pet food  store.  All we had to do in return is let everybuddy know what we thought about shopping at Mr. Chewy.  Tell them, Ernie.

Okay, Wally.  Now we know there’s a lot of online pet food stores out there, and we’ve ordered from some of them.   So, we visited Mr. Chewy and we liked what we saw!   The site’s very easy to navigate.  Mr. Chewy offers a great selection of cat food and treats including lots of grain free options (which is what we eat).  He didn’t have one flavor of food that I normally eat, so we contacted him and asked if he would consider carrying that food.  We got a quick response saying Mr. Chewy would add it to his list!  How’s that for service??  Mr. Chewy also sells dog food and treats, and cat litter and other pet supplies.

That’s right, Ernie.  We even did a little comparison shopping with some other online pet food sites, and Mr. Chewy’s prices were as good as or even better than the others!!  Tell everybuddy about the shipping, Ernie.

I was just getting to that when you interrupted, Wally.  Sheesh!  One of the best things about Mr. Chewy is that orders of $49 and over ship for free!  And you know how quickly you can spend $49 when you’re buying foods and stuff.  And most orders will be received in just a couple of days!

We placed an order and we got it in 2 days!!  Now that’s fast!!

Another cool thing about Mr. Chewy is that he gives back to the animals.  He supports and donates to several animal groups like the North Shore Animal League, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Bideawee.

So we hope the next time you’re shopping for some foods, you’ll check out Mr. Chewy and maybe place an order.  We know we will!!

Hey, Ernie…all this talk about food sure has made me hungry!

 Yeah, me too, Wally…let’s go eat!!

Disclosure:  We got some free food when we agreed to do this review, but that’s all we got, and our opinion is our own.

  39 Responses to “Mancats – Mr. Chewy Review”

  1. Oh Yummy, Look at all that food. We got some things from Mr. Chewy too and were very very pleased. They do have excellent service and are as nice as they can be. It is a great place. Have yourselves a great week.

  2. mr. chewy isn’t a wookie is he?

  3. We think you two boys make great personal shoppers – do you do home deliveries?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That is pretty great for your humans not to have to carry all that catfood home from the store. Door to door delivery is wonderful!

  5. I had also checked out Mr. Chewy and thought it looked like a good place to shop. Have fun shopping guys.

  6. It is nice to know about a reputable place to order cat supplies online. I like that Mr Chewy gives back to the animals. We will check it out!

  7. You guys gave a great report on Mr. Chewy! We like that fast shipping.
    Happy Mancat Monday,
    ~ Malachi

  8. Great review, guys! We agree that Mr. Chewy is a great site, and how cool is it that they added your foodies to their list?

  9. We will have to check it out. We doubt they will have our yucky diet food!

    You two are so manly on the bed having a good long talk!

  10. Mr. Chewy is lucky to have such handsome and well versed spokesmancats.
    Hugs madi

  11. Great review – I love Mr. Chewy!

  12. We just signed up for automatic delivery yesterday!

  13. Thanks for this review as latelt there have been some viruses and bad people tryin to harm the computer through e-mails so it is good to find a reliable place for food orders.

  14. Nom Nom Nom all that food sure lokes jummy !

  15. You LUCKY LUCKY boys! Everything you want, at just a click of a button. Now, time to learn how to work the mouse….

  16. I think Mr. Chewy is gonna take a bite outta other businesses cause they seem darn good!

  17. Yeah you two boyz are really good personal shopperz…. ^..^ soundz like good deal fur efuryone 🙂 Headbonkz ~

  18. I’m seeing a lot of good reviews for Mr Chewy… it’s unfortunate that we’re in the UK – jealous!! 🙂

  19. Actually, I’m still thinking about the chicken thigh my human brought back from Whole Foods!

  20. Mr. Chewy is pawsome! We get our fuds there, too! 🙂

  21. That is good to know. Our Mum just ordered our food from a different place a week ago and it’s still in transit. Good thing she didn’t wait until the last minute… btw, you 2 are so cute together! We like your synchronized loaf poses.

  22. That looks like a lot of good foods! We’re going to have to check out that Mr. Chewy!

  23. We love Mr Chewy we think that they give great customer service too.

  24. You boys did a splendid job reviewing Mr.Chewy! It’s great that they also give back to animal charities! We live in Canada so that would be a long way for Mr.Chewty to deliver to our door :p Anyway, LP likes to carry all our foods and litter and stuff on her back.She’s always saying she feels like a mule….

    the critters in The Cottage xo 🙂

  25. Mr Chewy contacted us too & we’re waiting for our stuff to come. We are so excited, they had some really good stuff!

  26. We will have to check on this place. Since Mommie hurted her back last year, she has trouble lifting our litter and stuff at the store, so delivery would be good.

  27. Gee guys, that sounds really neat!!
    Glad you like Mr Chewy.
    Sadly, he does not ship to Canada.
    We also think you two look so very handsome 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  28. Oh wow! That sounds great. I’ll keep him in mind. We get my food from the VET cause of my special diet. I wonder if he carries the food that my woofie cousin eats.

    Great review you guys. You look very trustworthy in that photo. You could get commercial gigs with looks like that!

  29. Excelent review of Mr. Chewy! We’re actually doing a review tomorrow. We thought they were great!

    The Florida Furkids

  30. Mmmm, fudz. Good. Want.

  31. Thanks for the comment and this review!

    Think I may need to check that site out!

  32. Austin is moving to the US!

  33. Awesome review! We were a little distracted by the double mancat meatloaves, though!

  34. We’re hoping that once dad fixes our back fence, Cecilia and everyone else will get to see each other in the garden. Last summer Cecilia, Jonesie, Figaro, Ginger spent almost all daylight hours outside. Madison does not like to be outside for very long but Cecilia will get her chance to see him.

  35. Thats a great review! We just got an offer ta review too. We have had problems with delivered cans being dented, so we will be innerested in finding out how well Mr Chewy packs boxes…

  36. Mr Chewy sounds like a great place to shop! It’s very impressive that he added one flavor you contacted about to his list. And the order arrived in 2 days – wow! I love the great service and quick shipping. I will go check his website!

  37. You two do a great review. They do carry the couple of foods that Taffy eats, but we are going to try z/d to see if that helps her.

    Thanks a lot for your purrs. The V-E-T rxd a salve for her infected eye on Monday. I hope that will do the trick.

  38. You *ARE* going to share that with Zoey, right Boys?

  39. Hey, these food can last us months!

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