Nov 242008

Mom says me and Wally are like the Odd Couple…
She says Wally’s like Felix Unger…real neat and fastidious.
But I’m more like Oscar Madison…kinda a slob.
Wally’s always giving me a bath…
trying to make me as clean as him.

C’mere, Ernie…your ears need cleaning…

Now for your face…

Wow!  Wally’s tongue is getting a workout…

 I don’t mind Wally cleaning me…
‘cuz it saves me the trouble of doing it myself.
And I can get on to doing more important things…
like napping!

Right, Wally???

Yeah, Ernie…at least you’re clean now!!

  27 Responses to “ManCats – The Odd Couple”

  1. What a lovely pair you two are:) It is a great thing to have such a caring pair:)

  2. Milo said: Hmmmm …. you 2 get on well. Alfie and I only hiss at the moment.

    Milo’s Mom said: Oh how sweet. I hope Milo and Alfie wil be like that one day – but at the moment things are a bit hostile.

  3. And a clean Ernie is a happy Ernie, right Wally?

  4. You guys are just too cute for words!

  5. Hmmm perhaps dat is a great swap … we has to try it – maybe!

  6. You guys are a great odd couple!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  7. What a pawsome bath! Wally, can you come over and give Cloud Chaser a bath when you’re done with Ernie?

  8. I do so wish I had someone to groom me when I am tired. No one here cares. Sigh.

  9. Ivy and I give each other baths all the time! I think it saves time and effort.

  10. Wally you are one sweet guy!

  11. Isn’t it nice to have someone to look out for you, and get those hard-to-reach places? Our baths usually turn into wrestling matches, though.

  12. That’s so nice of you Wally!

  13. Aren’t you guys cute? Maw sez dat da cat books sez dat da poodin who licks udder poodins is da roost ruler. We’re like, “Whatever.”

    Luf, Us

  14. How sweet! I like your collars…
    Purrs, Siena

  15. aww man Ernie you is one spoilt kitteh!!! Wally you is a honey mancat! Mommas love the honey mancats cause they go so much love to give.
    Thank you guys for starting our day off with lotsa love! 🙂


  16. nice. maybe you can get groomed while you nap? that would be awesome!

  17. I agree with you Ernie. Flynn washes my ears for me too, and it’s much easier than doing it myself.

  18. Sister says Hans always trys to clean tesla’s ears. Tesla puts up with him for 2 minutes and then bites his neck.

  19. Wow! Wally is so nice to give you a bath Ernie! I wish the Giant Kitty would do that, but he never!


  20. You two are a purrfect match, that is for sure! I loved your pictures so much! :o)

  21. Wally wii be coffun up black hairballs soon. Uh Ernie isnt it yur turn ta groom Wally now.

  22. Oh boy a washing party…my momma and I love to wash. It’s so awesome to see a mancat that likes to wash his brother!

  23. Well, napping is very important. I can understand why you’d make that your priority.

  24. Well they say opposites attract! I love to lick ears!


  25. Ern–
    You are lucky. I clean my sister’s head every day, but she never does mine. I hope you are nicer than she is!

    Abby Normal

  26. Wally, that is so sweet that you wash Ernie 🙂

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