Easy E Sunday

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Jan 152012

Oh hi!
I’m gonna spend the day here under the bed.
Not only is it a good place to nap…

I can sneak attack anybuddy who walks by!

 Have an easy Sunday…but…
You better watch your toesies!!

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  1. MOL, love your expressive eyes in that first shot!You are so handsome dear Ernie!
    I think you are right…it’s a cool place, enjoy!
    Here I’m happy because after several days without sun, today I’m taking a good sunbath here! yesssssssssss
    purrs and a nice week ahead,
    Love to you all,

  2. Our mom is squeeing up a storm looking at those cute pictures of you, Ernie, with all those extra toesies! Under the bed looks very inviting! Stay warm!

  3. That looks like the best place to spend the day… and for sneak attacks. Good job. Have fun on Easy LIke Sunday.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles.

  4. Hi there Ernie. Just look at those cute extra toesies. We just love those and also the fact that you are just handsome black cat and we love black cats. Hope lots of feets pass you by while you are under the bed so you can whap them all. Take care and have a super Sunday. Glad you are getting one of those terrific pillows.

  5. Hey Ernie, we all voted and the eyes have it! Have a fun, toe-whappin day!

  6. We can see that you are ready and willing to attack anything that moves past you!

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. Ack! Youze gotz ours toesies!

    Luf, Us

  8. You are up to some fun, Ernie!

  9. You have the best hidey spot.. I love your toes,s Hugs GJ xx

  10. Good job Ernie. I love your tactic – surprise attack.

  11. Haha, you are looking full of mischief!

  12. Ernie, that is a GREAT spot, and a pawesome plan. You can take some naps, wake up, and then sneak attack … brilliant! 🙂

  13. What a plan! Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

  14. I don’t know Ernie… By the look on your face it kinda looks like the bed is attacking you.

  15. Ernie, we love your wide-eyed expression, you’re definitely full of beans. And it was quite fair of you to warn everyone about their toesies. LOL.

  16. Yay, we get to see cute Ernietoes!

  17. What a pawsome idea! And may we say, that is purrfect paw placement!

  18. Hey, Ernie, you have the poly paws like I do! it’s only with other poly-pawed cats that I can truly shake hands, hehe!

    I love your pose, too. You must mean business, pal!


  19. With those thumbs I bet you get a good grip on those ankles too!

  20. Good show, Ernie. You fffrighten me! lol

  21. Oh, sweet Ernie we can see you found the perfect place to grab toesies. Have a great day and enjoy all those toesies that come your way. Hugs and nose kisses

  22. If we are under the bed, we don’t do sneak attacks. I get the feeling we are missing out.

  23. Hahahahahahaha!!!! That sounds like a purrfect way to spend the day Ernie 🙂
    It’s more fun with extra toes to attack with,heehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  24. Ernie, we’d fall asleep waiting! Or maybe that’s the whole point, eh?

  25. Ernie that is an excellent multi-purpose spot…for napping and nabbing!!
    Great pics of your handsomeness too.
    Sighing Madi

  26. That sounds like a plan to me!

  27. Mom wants to reach out and grab you and give you smoochies on your paws. Yeah…she’s weird………
    The Florida Furkids

  28. Ha..Ha…Ha..Ernie, you just look so funny ! I hope your victim is coming soon ; )

  29. Yous has a wild look in your eye! Is that cuz yous is trapped in the house because of the weather! Just like Kozmo! Hes squirrley because its so cold outside!

  30. Oh Ernie! You are just so cute! We’d let you catch us!

  31. Ernie, we never realized you had extra toes! One who came before, Toby, had lots of extra toes too. He had the biggest feet! What a sweetie he was too – like you!

  32. Right! And it’s warmer under the bed too.

  33. Ernie,
    tsk tsk tsk…ouch! don’t sneak attack me! purrr….meow!

  34. You look ready for action, Ernie! And with your sweet big mitts, we bet you get plenty of toesies. Happy Sunday!

  35. You got a pretty awesome grip goin’ on there buddy! Hope some traffic comes your way!

  36. Yup. under the bed is the best place to hide for sneak attacks.

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