Jan 132012

Let’s see…
I got my feather toy, my nip nanner and the guy’s jeans to lay on.
Yep…I’m ready for the weekend!

How ’bout you?  Are you ready for the weekend??

  50 Responses to “Formerly Feral – I’m Ready!”

  1. My hooman Brother’s jeans are my favorite place. Zoey, I love the pink fevver.
    xoxo Kassey

  2. Yezzzz we are so ready for the weekend! Your linkie on Blogosphere has a , instead of a . by .com, zo the linkie doesnt work!Just wanted to let you know!Purrrs Lars and Odin

  3. We’re always ready for the weekend – usually by Monday afternoon!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. not only ready, but we get a three day weekend!

  5. You are sure ready pretty Zoey!

  6. Dear Zoey
    Your pink toy is absolutely adorable!
    For sure you are very prepared for the weekend, a cute girl, enjoy!

  7. Happy Weekend! Looks like you are headed that way!
    ~ The Bunch

  8. Hi there Zoey, you sure look well organize there. You have all the important items all around you and under you too. You don’t have to move much to have a great time. We are spending the week end trying to stay warm. It is very cold here for being in the south. Take care and have the most wonderful week end.

  9. Zoey, glad to see you like furring up jeans at your house too! Great fev-ver toy! Stay warm and have a great weekend! Did you get any snow?

  10. That is one VERY loved nip nanner! We are going to send our pawrents to the nursery to get some nice plants for the Chinese New Year. And grass for our little garden patch (which is currently in a sorry state after being completely eaten by our tortoise sisters). Have a great weekend!

  11. We wish you, your brofurs and your peeps a really grand weekend, beautiful Zoey. xxxxxx

  12. Sweet Zoey looks like you are all set to have a great day and weekend. We hope you all have a great one. You are just so boootiful Zoey. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Zoey, you have all your priorities in order! We admire you for that 🙂
    We are baking a cat for LP’s birthday.That’s our plan for the weekend !

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  14. What a sweetie! That is one beautiful kitty.

  15. Zoey
    I think you are ready!
    Just a few snacks and I think you’re completely set.


  16. You look ready for anything and you look gorgeous.. Happy weekend… Hugs GJ xx

  17. Our mancats send purrs to gorgeous Zoey!

  18. Excellent a lady cat can never have too many layers under her lovely body.
    Hugs Madi

  19. You sure look ready for the weekend! We hope you have a good one!

  20. Hehe, looks like you have a great weekend ahead of you Zoey!

  21. Yessss, we are ready!!! But then we are always ready for a weekend. Nobody is getting your nanner away from you, are they Zoey?

  22. Me is always so ready, Mommy calls me EverReady!
    and a happy weekend to yous

  23. Hey, Zoey, I just realized you look a lot like a smaller version of my sisfur Sassy!

  24. You have got everything you could need there Zoey.

  25. I am kind of dreading the weekend – my human has been a little lax on the photo taking all week, which means she will probably try to catch up on Saturday and Sunday!

  26. you are gonna need a blankie too as cold as it is in Michigan right now!
    Stay warm!

  27. That pink fevver toy looks really COOL!

  28. We’re ready!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  29. You are all set! so are we!

  30. Why Zoey, you look stunning! Can I drop by and help you play wif dat Nanner?

  31. You look better prepared than I am, Zoey. I need to get my nip nanner too. You look so content there with all your necessities.

  32. We are sooo ready! Princeton just got that toy today!

  33. Have a great weekend!

  34. Yep, we’re well into our weekend here. Austin is by my side and I just need to find some guy’s jeans ……..

  35. Ha! Mom says she’s been ready for the weekend since Wednesday!!!!

  36. Yup, we’re ready too!

  37. Sure I´m ready for the weekend too 🙂

  38. well we can’t beat that! Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  39. Outfitted like that, Zoey, you could be ready for anything! So glad to meet you. Your new friends –Nadbugs and Bugs at Catself

  40. Oh yes Zoey!! We sure are ready! We’ve been napping all week to rest up for the napping we plan on doing over the weekend!!

  41. Maybe, you need some Num-Nums too…otherwise, you got it all covered Zoey. Have a great weekend kitties.

  42. I am all over this weekend. My mom promises she is staying in until Monday.

  43. I love a girl with a plan:)


  44. That feather toy is a pretty pink colour! I needs more feathers!

    Mom nevers gets enough of the weekend! Last weekend she was sick… so she felt cheated!

  45. Wow, you’re all set, Zoey! We are, too! 🙂

  46. You sure look ready… I am ready too… Let the good times roll!

  47. My new little girl said her weekend is happier now. She knows she’s coming home.
    OH…my new girl who will be home with me late tomorrow or early Tuesday will have her own blog with a link back to Admiral’s blog so Admiral can blog from the Rainbow Bridge occasionally. We hope you’ll come and visit her when she does start her own blog.


    Mom Carole

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