Jan 112012

See this plant here?  This is one of the few plants that our mom brings into the house from outside when the weather gets cold.  I really wanna climb up there and give those tender green leaves a little nibble, but mom keeps telling me “NO!”  Guess I’ll just wait until she’s not looking.  She can’t watch me forever, y’know…heheheh….

  47 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. No munching the fern, Wally!

  2. If you know you shouldn’t does it make it all the more desirable Wally.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. i think i see the fern trembling.

  4. Plant worship! lol

  5. OOOHHHH that does look tasty!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Oh go ahead Wally, give it a nibble. It’s good for plants to get a little pruning.

  7. Don’t give up Wally. Mom is bound to do something else besides watch you really soon. That plant does look really chewable. Yummy. Try not to knock it over when you jump up there Wally. Take care.

  8. That plant does look yummy — just don’t break it.

  9. Our human puts Bitter Apple on her plants. She sez some plants would give us a tummy ache. That stuff is nasty. We still give ’em a lick to see if it’s on the plant.

  10. She wouldn’t notice a little bite missing…go ahead, try it!

  11. Just don’t pull it over and get caught!

  12. You mean she doesn’t bring it in so you can trim it up?

  13. Ichiro is a great plant nibbler. I think one plant even died cause of him…

  14. If I want to climb a plant, I’ll wait until the peeps aren’t looking, too. And if there’s any damage done? Well, I live with eleven other cats. If none of us ‘fess up, none of us can be blamed. We all point the paw at another.

  15. Those look like floofy cat tails! We’ll want to climb up and whap them.

  16. We won’t tell if yoo nibble! xx

  17. I think you should stick to Bird-TV!

  18. Wow, that plant just looks so chewable! How can you resist, Wally?

  19. Even though you haven’t done it yet, you’re still a norty boy, Wally! Maybe if you didn’t stare at it so much, it wouldn’t tempt you so. I’m sure there are much more tasty things in your food bowl.

    By the way, your Zoe is on the LOLSpot.

  20. Wally I strongly suggest you considert the Physics involved when your most handsome mancat body launching itself up on to the plant. Mom might not see you but she will definitely hear you.
    hugs Madi

  21. As long as you don’t chew it all the time, how will she know? Hee hee!

  22. We don’t have any plants, not just for that very reason, MOL. Nibble nibble nibble!

  23. That plant look really jummy !
    I can tell you that I had been taken a nibble or two even if my mom have been shouting NOOO 😉

  24. Greens are good for you. I think the best time is after everyone goes to bed.

    pawhugs, Max

  25. mmm nom nom nom… humans should know that anything left out around the house is fair game for nomming, playing, chewing, scratching, sleeping on, etc.

  26. Go ahead Wally..we will let you know when t he coast is clear!

  27. That’s correct Wally.Bid your time.Hoomans don’t have any tenacity whatsoever.Your mama will lose interest eventually and that will be when you POUNCE and get all the tender green leaves you so desire!! 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage

  28. Doesn’t your mom know plants need to be cut back a little once in a while?

  29. Hmmm, me would be watching too. Fresh greens!

  30. Wally, we wouldn’t do that, if we were you. You might haf less than desirable side effects. It is a lovely plant, though.

  31. We will help keep watch and tell you when Mommie coming.

  32. Honestly, Wally, you need to learn a little subtlety! You might as well be walking around with a thought bubble over your head saying “WANT”!

  33. We have no plants in our house. Someone will eat whatever the mom brings home. One of the mom’s first kitties would only eat ferns. He could have been a botanist.

  34. 🙂 no one’s looking now, Wally. We won’t say anything 😉
    We like to dig in plants like that (or at least some of us do)!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  35. we do some “fun” things too when mama is not looking.

  36. You are so sneaky, Wally. Be very careful not to knock it over.


  37. Tee..heh… I do agree !
    Don’t forget to take a photo and show me : )

    Miss You my friend

  38. That is so true, like we got al the time in the world! They have to go to work or do other stuff. be patient your time will come that you can nibble on the plant! Purrrs Lars and Odin

    NOOOO! dont nibble on the plant! Don’t listen to them….PLEASEEEE??! Love Momzz of Odin and Lars

  39. hummm, I think the “green”is delicious!Indeed I would love to try it, as I also love lettuce!

  40. Er, we wouldn’t advise that. Humans get very upset when we like their plants more than they do.

  41. MOL, Wally you are soooo evil! Don’t chew up the fern darling. Go chew a toy!

  42. Oh Wally, that is very wise and exactly what I do. I wait. I wait until she goes to bed, and then I do everything she told me not to do during the day. Especially, *especially* looking for her water glass and sticking my paw in it. She never lets me do it anymore. So I wait.

  43. Oh Wally you like you are enraptured with that plant!!!


  44. Take a VERY small taste at first! Some plants are NOT good ta eat.

  45. Well, sweet Wally it looks to us like that fern is beginning to lean lower so maybe if you just keep watching it soon it will be low enough you won’t have to climb it to nibble. Hugs and nose kisses

  46. Ahhhh thanks for your sweet comment on our blog! We fink you all are great!! Purrrss Lars and Odin

  47. Mmmmm yum! Hehehe. Love the name, I call my cat Wally too, even though he is Oliver or Ollie :o)

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