Jan 092012

Get away from me, Ernie!

 C’mon, Wally…I wanna wrassle!!

Oh, you do, do you??

 Yeah!!  C’mom, we haven’t wrassled in a long time!!

Well, c’mon then…let’s wrassle!

That wimpy paw don’t scare me, Wally!!

How ’bout my famous death grip??  That scare you, Ernie??

 Aw, that’s nothing, Wally!!

A kick to the face should finish you off!!

 Hey, watch those claws, Wally!!

Okay…I think I’ve had enough wrasslin’, Wally!

 Yeah…guess I showed you, Ernie!!

Hey, Wally!  That was fun!  Let’s do it again, okay??

 Sure…what’re you doing after dinner??

  39 Responses to “Wrasslin’ Mancats”

  1. Great match you two! We love a good wrasslin’ match too!

  2. You two always crack us up. You so lucky to have each other.

  3. That was a great wrassling match – we think the result is a draw.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. You two are better than the pros!! (and a lot cuter too!)

    The Florida Furkids

  5. as i tell theo and thompson when they wrassle, ‘not too rough boyz…’

  6. Excellent entertainment for everyone! We loved the show!

  7. You know we love a good tussle. Great match, we’ll look forward to the next round!

  8. Super pics mum, you caught all the excitement of the bout!!!

  9. You two have the moves!

  10. You’re so lucky! We’re not allowed to ‘wrestle’ at our house. Well, we are, but not after someone squeals. And somebody ALWAYS squeals! Sigh… you’re so lucky.

  11. Looks like you boys know how to do it well and have a good time.

  12. MOL – love those manly wrassling sessions!!!

  13. wrasslin’ fun, as long as it does not include serious claws and teeth!

  14. I’d love a wrasslin’ match, but Sissy is a diva and doesn’t partake.

  15. Me loves watching a good wrassling match!

  16. Goodness guys, that wore me out just watching!!!

  17. Wrassling is fun sometimes. Can I send Ichiro over to help you with it?

  18. MOL it started off as a friendly mancat stroll, by Mom’s favority window seat, turned into a twosome of tusseling bros, but as the say all is well that ends well. Rest up for the re-match.
    Hugs madi

  19. That was fun to watch! When’s round 2? 🙂

  20. That sure was a great match to watch 🙂

  21. Oooh yeah nothing like a good wrassle on Mancat Monday!!
    Paws up!!


  22. Fun fightin’ is the best! And you guys look like you’re havin’ fun!

  23. We liked the HEEEE-YAAAAA move the BEST! You guys are experts rasslers, for sure.

  24. Good match guys! Sure looks like you have lots of fun wrasslin with each other.

  25. I love mancat wrassling!

  26. You boys are funny! Why are we not surprised that Wally wrassles on his back?

  27. I usually try to start a wrassling match with Sassy, but then she gets mad and starts hissing.

  28. Oh that was terrific.We loved watching you two have a good wrassle. We love to do the same thing or at least some of us do. Maggie and Mahoney do it all the time. Hope all of you have a super Monday.

  29. Great pictures! This is just like Austin and Tigger, but I can never get the shots! Well done 🙂

  30. That was a great rassle. We enjoyed our front row seats.

  31. Lol Nice tussle guys! Did you enjoy a good nap before another tussle after dinner. Hugs and nose kisses

  32. Woo Hoo! Great job & great photos! Kitty rassling is sooo much better than people rassling!

  33. You know, I think this should be called “Wally Wrassles While Ernie Watches” — see? It’s even nice and alliterative!

  34. Oh isn’t that just the best way to wrassle? You are still pals and will get dinner before round 2! Make sure you wait an hour after eating otherwise you might urp up your dinner. Not that I have any purrsonal experience with that sort of thing.

  35. You guys sure know how to have fun!

  36. Ernie might have a bit of an unfair advantage with those big mitts of his!

  37. Purrfect activity for a Mancat Monday!

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