Jan 042012

Yay!  My ladder’s back!!
Don’t get me wrong…I liked having that tree in the house
with all the pretty toys ornaments to play with.

But I think it’s unfair that my ladder got put away
to make room for the tree.

Hey!  I got an idea!!
Maybe next year we should just hang
the ornaments on my ladder!!

  54 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We’re first!!! We think hanging the Christmas ornaments on your ladder would be a great idea Wally – they’d be at paw for whapping!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. yay! the ladder’s back!!!

  3. That is such a good idea Wally, the ladder would be a purrfect tree. You could also put some tree branches on the ladder and it would be green too. Hope all of you have a fantastic day.

  4. That’s a great idea, and would save the beans lots of work. Plus you’d still have that awesome perch in front of the window, for bird and squirrel TV!

  5. Great idea, Wally! Why didn’t your silly human think of it? 😉

  6. we like that idea – hang the ornaments on the ladder!!

  7. That’s brilliant! Why don’t you ask your mom to decorate your ladder for other holidays…nip hearts for Valentines Day…sparkly egges for Easter…oh could be so much fun!

  8. you started a trend… now i’m thinking about putting out a holiday ladder next year too.

  9. That really is a great idea and Santa would like that too!

  10. Or maybe put your ladder beside the tree so you can reach the high ornaments – LOL!!! On second thought…nah 🙂

  11. We think hanging ornaments on your ladder is a great idea! We love that you are so into your ladder!

  12. We are glad your ladder is back! We think you should have BOTH out at the same time.

  13. We like Cory’s idea – a year around tree. I just see it with little ‘nip turkeys on it.

  14. We like your ladder a lot!
    Happy Wednesday,
    ~ Napoleon

  15. Your ladder is so pawsome, me just don’t understand that they puts it away at all.

  16. brilliant! You so smart..

  17. It is fun to get toys back. You have a great idea for next year!

  18. I always prefer my regular toys to the new stuff…

  19. We think that’s a brilliant idea! Glad you got your ladder back, Wally!

  20. That’s a great idea Wally but then how can Ernie climb up inside the tree if there isn’t one?

  21. Nice idea, Wally! That would save your humans LOTS of work, don’t you think? 🙂

    Happy New Year, dear friends!

  22. Great idea to hang the ornaments on your stair for next Christmas 🙂

  23. OH thank GOODNESS toy got it back. Where is your brother? He should be pushing you off for HIS turn up there in that spot.


    Mom C

  24. Wally I 100% agree with you. We cats do not like change especially when it means our fav perches are moved.
    Hugs Madi

  25. Ladders are much better!

  26. hmm maybe the tree and the ladder, that way you can climb the ladder to play with the top of the tree ornaments? ;]

  27. At lease you don’t get in troublez fur climbing da ladder….. not fair beanz puttin treez up an exspect you not climb it…… we thinkz it’z a set up ^..^ We go wif ornamentz on da ladder ^..^

  28. I think you are onto something, Wally – your ladder with tons of cat toys, I mean ornaments, hanging from it! Sounds like a great holiday plan!

  29. Sweet Wally we are so happy for you that you got your ladder back. We like your idea of hanging the lights on your ladder that should work out just fine. Hugs and nose kisses

  30. Wally you are BRILLIANT! You always have the best ideas. If only your hoomans would listen to you more….:p

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  31. Great ideal pal. Ornaments on the ladder would be great.

  32. Sounds like the perfect solution to us Wally.

  33. Great idea! As long as they dont swipe your toys and use them as the ornaments!

  34. Ask your humans to let you keep the ladder up and have a small tree on a table. With some extra ornaments hanging for the tree.

  35. Our Mom put lights on our cat tree one year. Not the smartest thing she’s ever done.

    The Florida Furkids

  36. sounds like a plan to me!

  37. Why do our humans move our stuff around in a way that makes no sense sometimes?

  38. Wally, you look like you are taking a very firm line about all this. I think they could easily put away a piece of THEIR OWN furniture to make room for the tree. That’s what *I* think.

  39. That is a FANTASTIC idea!

  40. that’s a pawsome Idea, Wally! you can hang lights on it too! A decoration you’d be allowed to climb 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  41. You are one smart kitty! We love the kitty perch, but you’re right, it does need a couple toys on it.

  42. That would be a great idea to hang ornaments on the ladders! 😉

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  43. We were lucky this year: the cats were lenient with the Christmas tree and its decorations. They may have thought like Wally if I’d had to move their cat-furniture for space. But tomorrow the tree comes down and things go back to normal for another year. Sigh.

  44. Wally, that is one great idea for sure!

  45. Happy New Year! Pawhugs.

  46. That’s a great idea!

  47. Hey Wally that ladder is so cool!I’m glad that you are enjoying this puuuurrrrfect place, as you are a fabulous climber!I’m envious here, I don’t have much place to climb inside home.
    purrs and love

  48. Wally, I think that is a great idea! Your ladder would look fabulous with ornaments and garlands!

  49. We like that idea too, Wally! Maybe instead of an angel on top, you and Ernie could sit up there.

  50. Your ladder is the coolest! All that wonderful wood! And I think it would be the perfect place to put ornaments! And you could sit surrounded by them!

  51. Great idea, Wally! Glad your ladder is back!

  52. OR ya could put the tree ON the ladder!

  53. Glad everything is back to normal. I hate it when things are moved around here – Hear that? HATE IT!!!!

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