Dec 312011

Hi everybuddy!  It’s New Year’s Eve!  Time to ring in the new year!  Me and Wally are gonna be ringing it in by snoozing here on the bed…and hoping the humans don’t get too loud and keep us awake!!  Hey, Wally…why don’t you tell everybuddy the results of our commentathon from the other day?

Okay, Ernie.  There were a total of 91 comments (we counted the late ones, too)!  Whoohoo!  So, at 50 cents a comment, that’s a total of $45.50!  But mom says she’ll kick in a few extra green papers to make it a whopping $50!!  Now, you all mentioned a lot of great rescue groups, animal shelters and others who could use a little help.  And we wish we could help them all.  But most comments were for both Marg, from Marg’s Pets, and Chrystal, from Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats With Your Coffee).  So, here’s what we’re gonna do.  We’re gonna split the $50 equally between Marg and Chrystal and give them each a gift of $25 for their animals!!  We’re happy to be able to help them out a little bit!!

Once again, thanks, everybuddy, for coming by and all the nice things you said about us and our blog.  We wish you all a very Happy New Year!!  And remember…if you’re nipping tonight…please nip responsibly!  We wanna see you all in 2012!!

  50 Responses to “Ring In the New Year!”

  1. That’s a great idea, guys, to split the donation. Absolutely wonderful, a terrific way to end 2011.

    We wish you all a very happy new year. May 2012 bring joy, Light, laughter, love and good health!

  2. That’s an awesome thing to do to split the donation….purrrrrr.

    Happy New Years Wally, Ernie, Zoey and mom and dad. We have no intention of nipping responsibly tonight…we may even scatter the stuff everywhere! But we promise to not try and teleport while under the influence.

  3. Awesome about the donation, and Happy New Year to you all and your humans.

  4. That is a great donation to two very deserving people.
    Happy New Year to you and your family too.

  5. Great job on the commentathon! Now we can pawty! Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!!

  6. We’re so happy that two great people will receive green papers from the commentathon!

    We’re going to nip out tonight, but we promise not to nip and drive!!
    Happy New Year!!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. What a great donation and to two very deserving blogs.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Happy new year friends! We don’t have to worry about noise at midnight, our Moms will be asleep by 10pm! XO

  9. Great job pals. How very nice of you to split it up between the two winners. Both will be very deserving of the extra funds and will make good use of it.

  10. That was a great commentathon! Happy Hew Year, dear friends! Have a fun and safe night and we’ll see you in the new year.

  11. Have a safe and happy Mew Year my friends and we are so glad to be welcoming in another year with y’all!
    That is terrific news about the commentathon! That’s a lot of comments!

  12. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with great health, much love and tremendous joy…love and hugs, precious friends…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Thanks to everyone who voted for us. We are thrilled. We are really glad that you split it between Chrystal and us. She needs it a lot too. Like Brian said, it is a great way to end the year. And thanks Wally, Ernie and Zoey for having this commentathon. WE sure do wish all of your kitties and Mom and Dad too a very Happy and Healthy New year. Have a good week end too.

  14. Happy new year to all of you…

  15. Wohoo that was a lot of comments you got there and lot of Green papers for your mom to put into the choicen shelters 🙂
    Me and my 2-legged wish you a HAPPY NEW 2012 !

  16. Yous guys ROCKS!!!!
    2 winners!

    | New |
    * \__/
    __||__ Nellie & Kozmo

  17. That’s a great idea to split it between Marg and Crystal. We’re sure they appreciate it a lot. Thanks again for doing this.
    Happy New Year, everyone!

  18. Great choice! Happy New Year to all of you. May 2012 bring much peace, love and purrs of happiness!

  19. I’m here to offer a GREAT BIG THANK YOU. I rarely comment at blogsites because ever since our computer virus, it takes me a L-O-N-G time to get a comment to work. But today, at this blog, I was certainly willing to keep at it until I got this comment to submit. We couldn’t be happier to be part of your wonderful event, and to share it with Marg!! THANK YOU to Island Cats, and to everyone who mentioned us.
    Happy New Year!!

  20. What a great idea! And have a very happy New Year!

  21. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde start racing around the house in glee because Chrystal gets money to help more kitties like Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher neé Sparkles!! Now we’ll all take a nap in Marg & Chrystal’s honor and in gratitude for the Island Cats because they is sooooooo wonderful!!!

    PS Chrystal! Anytime you need to comment on something & has trouble let Star know & he’ll comment for you.

  22. Happy New Years to the Island Cats gang!! We have enjoyed meeting you all this year and think it’s pawsome that you raised all the money for kitties!!

  23. That’s a wonderful that you are splitting the green papers between those two special ladies! We hope all of you on the Island have a Happy New Years Eve!

  24. That is a great way to split the money!

  25. That is brilliant and I am so glad that both the worthy causes get to benefit.. Wishing you a healthy happy and love filled new year.. Hugs GJ xx

  26. Hi Cutie Pies,
    Our humans are pretty boring. We’ll all be having a quiet New Year’s but they’ll first have an early dinner with Mama’s parents. I hope you all have a really nice New Year’s. Thank you so much for contributing to such great causes! You guys really are the best!

  27. Splitting the money is a great idea and what a whopping number of comments!! Yay! We all had something to say and it paid off!

    Happy New Year to you, dear friends and may 2012 see all your dreams come true.

    Hugs & nosetaps,
    Tom & Mittens

  28. Well done Island Cats and Mom…..I think the peeps all around the world could learn a thing or two from the folks in Blogville!! Blogville is the best.
    Hugs and Happy New year,
    Madi and Mom

  29. Wishing you the very best for 2012; good food, treats, toys, soft beds, warmth, and attention!

    Ayla, Iza, and Marley

  30. Yay! Can’t think of two more deserving rescuers!
    Happy New Year to all of you!

  31. happy new year to you! hope it brings you happiness, snuggles and yummy treats!

  32. Pawsome idea to split the donation! We hope all of the Island Kitties (and beans :)) have a safe New Year’s eve and we wish you all the best for 2012!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  33. Happy new year! And paws up for an awesome commenthon!

  34. What’s better than one winner? Two! Marg and Chrystal both get a donation to help animals. Whoopee!

    Happy New Year to Ernie, Wally, Zoey, their Mom and Dad!

  35. Purr-fect idea about the donation! Now, you two seem to be looking just a bit too innocent…I bet you’re gonna put on your party hats and have a great ol’ time a bit later! We wish you a 2012 filled with many blessings. Thank you for your blog friendship in 2011. Happy New Year!

  36. That’s a nice solution and a generous gift.

    Happy New Year!

  37. We are gonna ring in the new year in our bed too…snoozin’ We wish you all a very Happy New Year. May nothing but wonderful things come your way in 2012. Hugs and nose kisses

  38. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
    Gee!!! You kitties and your Mom rock!!!!!!
    Congrats on a super donation 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  39. Woohoo! What a great idea to split the gift. 🙂

    We love both those blogs!

    Happy New Year, dear friends! We love you, and wish you a 2012 filled with love, happiness and abundant blessings. 🙂

  40. Happy New Years to all of you! We hope your New Year is safe!

    We think you are super to remember those in need!

  41. Mom’s been working all weekend and missed this! Glad you are splitting this with Marg and Chrystal – two great folks! Happy New Year.

  42. It’s wonderful of you to split the money for Marg and Chrystal, every dollar helps. Happy New Year to all!


  43. That is great! Happy New Year!

  44. Oh My Cat! We missed out on the commentathon! Belated comment here, now! We’s sooo happy for Marg and Chrystal’s organizations – the animals will surely appreciate it, and it’s such a wonderful thing to do for them!

  45. Well done you guys!!! Happy new year, I really hope it’s a very happy and healthy one for you all.

  46. Your generosity is heart warming. Well done to the two recipients 🙂

  47. Thank you for that you guys. We love those ladies and all that they do.

    Mom Carole

  48. Marg’s Pets and the Daily Dose certainly deserve their donations. They work hard for their animals. It was a very generous thing to help them out. Well done, Island Cats.

  49. Wow, that is wonderful that you donated to those organizations! Two paws up from our house!

  50. Pawsome commint-a-thon! You guys are the bestest!

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