Dec 302011

This is my new nip mousie that Santa Paws brought me.

As you can see…I’ve been giving him a proper welcoming…
by putting the bitey on him!!

Oh yeah…we’re still totalling up the comments from yesterday’s commentathon, and we’ll have the results tomorrow.  Thanks everybuddy, for all the nice things you said about us and our blog.  That’s one of the reasons we keep blogging…because of all the great furiends we’ve made!  You guys are the bestest!!

  38 Responses to “Formerly Feral – My New Mousie”

  1. Zoey, that sure looks like the most wonderful nip mouse. Bet you are going to have fun with it. We love our nip toys. Have a great day and a very Happy New year

  2. Happy New Year’s Eve Eve…. Have a great day and stop by the party if you get a chance….

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Enjoy your mousie Zoey 🙂

    Happy New Year friends!!!

  4. Yep – them mice need to be put in their place – have fun with it!

  5. That mousie looks very nice! We would put the bitey on him too!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. ooo catnip mousies – they are the best.

  7. That is a most excellent mousie!

  8. You put the bitey on your mousey Zoey – if you don’t he could be naughty!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Thank you for always visiting my blog and saying the nicest things!
    I got a mouse, too. I named him “Nelson” after the lady who gave him to me. I mostly sleep, but it’s good to know Nelson is there if I feel like playing!
    Have a wonderful 2012!

  10. Zoey, that’s a great mousie. I’m glad to see you’re giving him the proper bitey. I see a couple mousies behind you too but they look like they may have already suffered at someone’s paws.

  11. Such a great mousie you got Zoey!!!

  12. Love bites!

  13. You are so nice to show that mouse hoe much you love him!

  14. Austin says putting the bitey on mousies is jolly good fun :))

  15. Zoey, is that mousie a wooly one? He looks VERREH nommable!

  16. Everything tastes better with a little ‘nip!

  17. Happy, happy Blogoversary to you! Every celebration goes better with a nip mousey. =^..^=

  18. That is a very interesting little mousie…we’re sure he secretly enjoys all those bites!

  19. Nothin’ better than biting a fresh mousie!

  20. I love fresh mousies! And congrats on all the comments yesterday!

  21. Paws up for new mousies! I can’t wait to hear the commenthon report!

  22. Girlfriend…if you need some help putting the bitey face on that mouse just give me a holler. I’ll be there in two shakes of a cat’s tail

  23. You are the bestest too and we remember that you are one of our first friends.. Hugs GJ xx

  24. That looks like a very tasty mousie Zoey!!!!

  25. cute mousie. 🙂 i hope you had a nice Christmas, Zoey. Happy New Year!

  26. NICE mousie! Hi guys!! Hope you had a great Xmousie & have a Happy New Year!


  27. Zoey
    That must be a really good mousie!!!

  28. Lucky you, lots such a yummy mousie too!

    Wishing you all a happy, safe, harmonious and loving 2012 ♥

  29. Uh Zoey–would you like to share that mousie……?


  30. that is a fantastic mousey!! Enjoy! Bite him HARD!

  31. Happy Blogoversary to all of you. You are giving that mousie a good bitey.

  32. happy belated blogoversary! We hope you all have a happy new year. put the bitey on it good!!

  33. Happy 4th year bloganniversary. That is awesome! Nice present! My kitties love little mouses!

  34. Those mousies like bunny kicks too! Especially after a couple of bites.

  35. Zoey, you look a little worried in that first picture. Do you think those bad boys might try to steal it from you???

  36. Un bien joli chat, une souris, heureusement ce n’est pas une vraie, un blog agréable que je découvre ce soir ! Je continue ma visite… Bonne année 2012 ! Tinou

    A very pretty cat, mouse, fortunately this is not true, a nice blog I discovered this evening ! I continue my visit ! Happy new year 2012 ! Tinou

  37. Nice mouse you have there Zoey!

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