Dec 262011

Hi everybuddy!  We hope you all had a really good Christmas!!
Even though our Secret Paws package came a few days ago,
we had to wait until Christmas to open it.

C’mon!!  Why do we have to wait??  Let’s open this!!

Finally!  Christmas morning…we got to open the box!
It was from the Ozark Mountain Cats and their biped!!

Wow, Ernie!  This box is packed full of stuff!

Yeah, Wally!  Let’s get these unwrapped!!

Look at all of this, Ernie!
There’s a Kong kickeroo mouse and a feather toy
and some great smelling nip!
Whoa…I’m catching a buzz already!!

And lots of treats, Wally!
Temptations, greenies and some bonito flakes!!

There’s even some presents for mom, Ernie…
a couple of Christmas pillowcases and some handmade soap!!

Did we miss anything??

Whoohoo!  I got a new nip nanner!!
*lickity lickity lickity*

I kinda like this box and all the wrapping paper!

Thanks, Ozark Mountain Cats,
for all the great Secret Paws presents!
We’re sure having a lot of fun!!
(and yeah…me and Ernie will share with Zoey!)

  48 Responses to “Secret Paws!”

  1. Sounds like you guys had fun.

  2. Pawsome package!! Those nip nanners are great!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. WOW – Look at all that fun stuff. What a loot. I’d say you had a very Merry Christmas.

  4. WOW, y’all got some really cool stuff and I’m glad you will share with sweet Zoey!

  5. Looks great, guys! Enjoy your fun and yummy stuff.

  6. We know all of you will have a blast playing with all your new toys!!!

  7. How fun! Waiting for Christmas Day is hard, but it kinda makes it more fun too!

  8. We had to wait until Christmas Day too. You got lots of great stuff, and it’s a good job you will share with Zoey cuz we heard Sandy Claws comes and checks.

  9. What a Christmas haul for you! We know you will all enjoy your presents! We luf our Nip Nanner, too!

  10. The boyz got a kong kickeroo mouse too… Theo has already claimed it as his own…

  11. We had to wait until Christmas Day too – these Mums are furry mean. BTW you got some great goodies.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. wow – that was a great secret paws box….what fun!!

  13. great presents! Wally, you’ll have your new nip nanner looking like your old one in no time! 😀 and good thinking to double check the box! Have fun!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  14. Happy Mancat Monday Ernie and Wall and a big howd to you Zoey…
    Mom and I just caught up with your last few days and oh what fun leading up to your wonderfuls Secret Paws gift.
    Hugs Madi

  15. Wow! Looks like y’all had the best Christmas ever!

  16. What a great pile of loot! Yous guys got a haul!

  17. Hurrah for the Ozark Mountain Cats! We bet you are all sleeping soundly today.

  18. Wow, you scored big when you got the Ozark cats as your Secret Santa Claws! We hope you all had a super Christmas and are all doing well! Thank you so much for sending us your Christmas card this year – it was beautiful! And we don’t think Wally was inappropriate in front of the tree at all! hehe Have a super 2012!!!

    Love, Fuzzy and Zoe

  19. You hit the toy jackpot there!!!

  20. That’s a lot of presents you have there! This secret paws thing is FUN!

  21. What a great box! We’ve got to get us one of those nip nanners! Happy Boxing Day, kittehz. xoxo

  22. Oh wow, you kitties got lots of terrific goodies. We love the nip nanner. Looks like you are going to be having a great time for a long time. What fun. Have a really fun day with all your toys and treats too.

  23. Those are great Secret Paws presents… but do I get the sneaking suspicion that you boys will be sharing with Zoey only under duress? That’s okay, we are the same way here.

  24. You got a lot of great loot! We’re glad you boys shared with Zoey!

  25. Wow, what fun! That’s a lot of gifts! I love my nip nanner. Wally, love that shot of you in the box. 🙂

  26. Oh that’s very excellent! Lucky you!

  27. You guys are very enthusiastic present openers! Love the pics x

  28. That was a fun package to open!

  29. Oh what a wonderful gifts you got! Glad you had fun time.
    I have a blog award that I want you to have…of course no obligation, but if you don’t mind, please come to my page and take it with you 🙂

  30. Pawsome! We love your nip face 🙂

  31. You guys really racked up on your Secret Santa! It was fun watching you guys open your present. You made me laugh.
    You guys have a Happy New Year!

  32. you sure got some great presents!! Enjoy!

  33. What pawsome pressies you two gets! You mussa been very gud, and the Ozark kitties musa knowed. They is very smart like that!
    Be easy on the nip guys, you doesn’t want to gets a addicshun!
    Happy Holidays sweeties!

  34. These photos are GREAT – what fun?!
    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  35. I was so relieved you boys said you’d share, because you know your Secret Paws people might come snatch it all back if you don’t, MOL! XOXOXO

  36. Wow what a great bunch of presents! You must have been very good kitties! Merry Christmas!

  37. Wow! That looks like a fantastic package! 🙂

  38. OMC, we’re going to have to do this next year! What treasure trove. The Yeowww nip is the best!

  39. Wow you gotted some really good stuff! You’ll all be having fun for a long time.

  40. Looks like you had fun opening your presents!
    Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Tigger, Mom and Georgie!

  41. WOW, what a haul…..looks like fun for a long time, Merry Christmas!!!=^Y^=

  42. AWESOME presents!! you guys are two lucky kitties. 🙂 Merry belated Christmas!!

  43. Wally we are so glad that you went into the box to double check you had gotten everything! Tee hee WOW you got some great things. Ya’ll will be having fun for a long time!!

  44. Oh you boys just make my heart glad. So do your sweet gift givers from the Ozarks. xoxoxox
    Mom Carole

  45. Hi guys! thanks for your comment on my bloggy! Merry Christams! I bet you are enjoying all your christmas gifts. 🙂

  46. My Nip Nanner was my favorite toy in my Secret Paws present!

  47. Awesome presents! Happy Christmas to all of you!

  48. We’re so glad you received your Secret Paws package and that you enjoyed it!

    Thanks for participating this year!

    Truffle and Brulee

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