Nov 212008

Earlier this week,
this was the view from my window…

Yep, that’s snow!!

And just think…
I used to live out there in that stuff!!!

 Oh, I’m so happy I live here now…
Safe and warm…inside…


On my brand new Ham-Mick!!!

(thanks for getting it here so fast, Forty Paws!)

  26 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Safe and Warm”

  1. Lucky Zoey. Warm Zoey. Cozy Hammick Zoey. We are sending you another Zoey picture…
    This Zoey thought it was going to snow here, it was cold enough… but of course, it did not.

  2. ..and we are very happy you live inside too! That snow! BRRRRR!

    Have a great weekend!

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. What a nice hammick. And what a lovely view, contemplating it from the INSIDE! You did very well moving in with your humans, Zoey.
    Purrs, Siena

  4. Oh wow! That is some smart ham-mick. I’m so glad you’re warm and cosy and not in da snow anymore.

  5. That snow looks very cold! We are so glad that you enjoy your new Ham-Mick, and that you also showed Maggy and Zoey at Zoolatry how to use their new Ham-Micks also!

    Luf, Us

  6. Yup we agrees wif yoo, we dun ever wanna live outside ever ever ever again!!

  7. You are one very lucky girl Zoey! Oh, yeah, us too! That first picture is so pretty it would make a cool Christmas card.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Awww, you look so comfycozy on yur hamm-ick! And that’s a lotta snow — we gotted snow last night, too!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  9. That is a great ham-mick Zoey! We are glad you have a great loving home now and don’t have to live out there in the cold any longer! Also thanks to all of you for the purrs for Caddy Caddy!

  10. We have snow here too. 🙁

    Your ham-mick looks super duper cosy!!!!!

  11. Yup, inside is better. I know that for a fact! GROOVY hammick!

  12. Zoey I’m so HAPPURRY for you, all comfortable and cozy.

    Living outdoors is no fun and I am glad you are indoors.

    It’s always nice to see another Maine Coon. You’re a beauty!

    Paws ‘n Claws,

  13. Please promise to stay inside where it is snuggly warm and safe.

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

  14. Ohhh Zoey, we are so glad you inside where it is warm and toasty instead of outside in the snow! And that is an awesome ham-mick you have … it looks like it matches your eyes!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon (and a kissy from Simon)

  15. We don’t like snow! We’re glad your inside now! We’re jealous of your ham-mick and want Mom to get us one too!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. I’m sure glad you don’t live outside in that stuff anymore! Great ham-mick! 🙂

  17. Oooooooo! It looks furry cold outside yur house. I’d rather be warm too.

  18. Great nap spot! Looks exceptionally comfy, especially with that stuff on the ground.

  19. I love that new hammick. But I want to know….if you are island cats, couldn’t you go be somewhere on a warm island? That snow looks much too cold!

  20. Zoey, that looks really raw out there! Outside is wonderful sometimes, but as cold as it is here today (40 miserable degrees cold) we can not imagine snow! Brrr. You looks teeny in your Hammick! Let’s just say Gandalf does a more complete job of filling our Hammick out!

  21. We have some of that snow too! You look very warm and cozy on that hammick from Forty Paws, Zoey.

  22. Zoey,I am very happy that you live inside where it is warm, and there is lots of food and Ham-micks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did not go out,Mom does not let me. That’s OK though 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  23. Brrr that looks cold. We are glad you are inside, safe and warm.

  24. Did you say ham-mick? Is it made of ham????? I’ll be right over!

  25. What’s wrong with it? We admit, we have not been out to check it out ourselves. It makes me excited! I want to GET it? What is it?

    Abby & Stygia

  26. Looks like you had the perfect spot to watch the snowy day outside.

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