Dec 162011

My furs can be unruly at times…

And it takes a lot of spitting and licking…

To get them looking good.

There…how’s that??

  46 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Unruly Furs”

  1. You look gorgeous as always, Zoey! We hope you all have a great weekend.

  2. You look beautiful Zoey – get those mancats to form an orderly queue when they come wanting a smooch.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. You’re doing a great job, Zoey. I have trouble keeping my furs under control, so I stick my head in Fui’s face and make him do it for me.

  4. Looking perfect, Zoey…. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles

  5. LOVELY!!!

    BTW – we got your card and mom cracked up!!

  6. Don’t call them unruly – just say that they have “alot of body today”. That is what humans say about their hair.

  7. What a lovely floofy tummy! Yous sure has lots to get ruly!

  8. You covered it nicely pretty Zoey!

  9. Well at least you don’t have to use a straightening iron! That’s Mitalle’s lot in life and boy do her furs look like a mess some mornings.Srsly.Even all her spittin and lickin’ can’t get them there unruly furs flattened out!
    We think you did a great job Zoey. A little soggy looking… but nevertheless great! πŸ™‚

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  10. Admirals Mom here: You look like a million all in a sunpuddle and shining!

  11. Lookin’ BOOTIFUL my dear!!!

  12. Oh Zoey, your furs look just purrfect. Good job Now you are all nice and pretty for the week end. We know what a big job that is. Take care.

  13. Purrfect, Zoey. Just purrrrrrfect.

  14. You just look purrfect Zoey !!!

  15. Beautiful! don’t worry about getting every last hair into place, we think ruffled up kitties are adorable too!

  16. Zoey, you have a lot of fur, but you do a great job of grooming!

  17. Purrfect job taming those unruly furs!

  18. Looks like a job well done to us! Around here, we get terrible static cling, you can imagine the spit it takes to eliminate it!

  19. You did a good job Zoey. You look lovely.

  20. Beautiful job Zoey!!

  21. Woo Hoo !!!! Hubba Hubba !!! Miss Zoe !!! I swoon here BIG time : )

    PS : Thanks so much to purrs for me

  22. It’s really hard keeping our furs in order with all the static in the air, but, Zoey, you did a great job!

  23. Zoey, you look absolutely beautiful! Our mommy wishes she could pet your pretty furs!

  24. Zoey, you do a wunnerful job keepin your furs in order! Did you hear that? Our mom just squeed…she loves your floofy pawsies πŸ˜€

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  25. Gorgeous, Zoey! You do a great job at keeping yourself clean and beautiful!

  26. Looking pretty spiffy there Zoey! Now it would be a good time for a nice massaging brush out.

  27. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  28. Nothin say “clean” like cat spit!

  29. Zoey, you look marvelous!!!

  30. you might have missed a spot!! Down by your leg!

  31. Purrrrrfect!


  32. Oh Girlfriend I feel your pain..when one has as much hair as we do a bad hair day can take hours and hours to correct.
    Hugs Madi

  33. Just tickyteeboo Zoey … thought there is a fur just to the right and down a bit that could use an extra bit of spit πŸ˜‰

  34. You’ve got them jussssst purrfect, Zoey.

    Don’t move.

  35. Good job, Zoey! Did you remember the back toesies?

  36. Wow, Zoey! That’s a full-time job. You’ve sure done a beautiful job, too.

  37. I must say your furs are looking gorgeous! My furs just get everywhere even in places I’ve never been! Love Smokey.

  38. I don’t think your furs look unruly at all — I think they are meowvalous! But I guess it is nice to be clean, even if it is spit clean. MOL.

    Tell your Mom I posted her quote yesterday in my article on the funny things pet owners do! =^..^=

  39. You are very good at cleaning. You look gorgeous! Now the cleaning is done, I hope you get a good nap in the sunshine πŸ™‚

  40. Perfection! I envy your sunbeams too

  41. You haves so much lovely fur! You remind us of our Spooky Doo! Lovely, Lovely!

  42. Good stuff. I wasn’t even expecting to run into this site. Was actually looking for furniture for my flat and somehow ended here! Anyway, liked the post. Later

  43. You look very stylish, Zoey. Maybe you could teach Teddy about looking after his unruly furs.

  44. You are looking pretty, Zoey!

    (psssst! “Laura” and “Barrett” (above me) are really just some rotten spam)

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