Dec 052011

 Hi everybuddy…Wally here.  I got something to show you today.

This is our mom’s collection of Jim Shore Christmas figurines.  She’s been collecting them for a few years now.  She’s got a bunch of them…but only the ones that involve cats…either Santa holding a cat, or a Snowcat or a Christmas cat…you get the idea.  Every Christmas she brings them all out and lines them up on the mantel.  I think she’s gonna run out of mantel soon!

She gets a new one every year.
Here’s this year’s addition…
a Snowman holding a cute orange kitty…like me!

I like the look the Snowman is giving the kitty, don’t you?
Our mom tells us to not mess with her collection
and we usually don’t because…

We’d rather mess with the boxes they come in!
Right, Ernie?

Right, Wally!

 I hope you enjoyed seeing our mom’s collection!

  53 Responses to “Mancats – Mom’s Collection”

  1. Your mom’s collection is beautiful, but not as beautiful as that shot of you guys!

  2. That’s such a beautiful collection! Our Mom would collect stuff like that as well and also ONLY if there’s an animal involved. We think your Mom is probably happy you enjoy the boxes so much that you don’t even notice her collection. 🙂

  3. Mommy went wild ofur your Mom’s collekshun! She has only four, but lufs them dearly. They are often in our blog pics! Thanks fur sharing this. xoxo

  4. You Mom had a wonderful collection and you must all be furry good not to go up and investigate them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. They are beautiful. Mom didn’t know Jim Shore did small decorative figurines of cats for Christmas. She’s love one ~ she’s gonna hafta to write to Santa.

  6. That’s a very purrty collection that your Mom has! If she runs out of mantle, then maybe she can use end tables.

    Luf, Us

  7. That sure is a great collection. We love that snow man and the orange cat and that has to be you Wally. Love the big long arm. Too cute. You boys had better leave them alone or Santa will just skip your house. Take care.

  8. We think your Mom’s collection is awesome! Of course she would only love the ones with cats…Cats are awesome!

  9. They bare wonderful. Thanks for showing them to us. I do love the snowman. Nice.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Very cute! That look the snowman is giving the kitty is sweet!

  11. the new figurine is a keeper.

  12. Wow that is a great collection your mom has, and they are so cute too. Do you leave them up past Christmas too? It’s such a nice collection and should be seen.

  13. That snowman and kitty are adorable. We’ve never heard of these figures, but they sure are nice. We hope she left a box out for you to play with too.

  14. that is a great collection – and how cool that it is all cat related!!

  15. I didn’t know that or mommy either about the small oraments by Jim Shore. If I find anything with a kitty I make mommy buy it,

  16. We’ve never heard of Jim Shore but our Mama is pretty dense most days abot most things (which is actually good for us since it permits chaos to reign…). Anyhoo , your Mama’c collection is Jim Shore must love kittehs! 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  17. Those are awesome Jim Shore figurines! Mom has one that sits by her monitor that is a black and white kitty!

  18. Amazing figurines! But the boxes are equally as amazing >^,,^<

  19. Those are gorgeous. And they come in great boxes.

  20. My mommie collects blue and white kitties and I try to break them.

  21. What a great collection! My Mommy woudl really like to has a collection like that, but she gived up because me knocks all the stuff down and it gets breaked!
    Kisses to yous guys!

  22. LOVE them to pieces. Mom thinks she might have rec’d a piece of Mr. Shore’s collection once. She didn’t have a clue…It is a cat and looks very similar to the style. Everybody she used to work with gave her cat stuff or bird stuff.
    She’ll check it out and advise.
    Hugs Madi

  23. What a fun collection!

  24. We think your Mom’s collection is COOL! Our Mommy has a Cat figurine, called “Vigilance”…it reminds her to keep an eye on us! heh heh.

  25. I agree, your human’s collection looks awesome, but I don’t think they would make great cat toys – the boxes, though look like loads of fun!

  26. That is one nice bunch of cool looking toys!

  27. We think your mom’s collection is beautiful and fun! And with all those boxes to explore, you guys have yet another reason to look forward to Christmas! 🙂

  28. I love this collection. My mom has some of these too.

  29. They look wonderful! What terrific holiday decorations. We’d probably prefer the boxes, too, though! 😉

  30. Our mom is very impressed with your mom’s collection! She loves Jim Shore also and has one just like yours 5th from the right. Soon you will need a bigger fireplace and mantel!

  31. Cats make for a purrfect Chrissymouse theme!

  32. Our Mom loves Jim Shore too.
    She collects the kitty figurines and also the ones with Santa. She especially loves Santa and kitties together. What a great grouping your Mom has!

  33. That woman has a few, too. A white kitty (for (angel) Venus), and a Halloween black kitty against a full moon (for (angel) Jet). There are lots of nice black cat ones for Halloween. She has them up on top of the audio/video cabinets out of my reach. There aren’t any that look like me – I’m lilac with white. But, hey, the boxes are way more fun anyhow!

  34. Boxes! So many boxes! You’re going to go into a box coma! At least my kitties would! Great collection. Of kitties and figurines!

  35. Your mom’s collection is beautiful! Our mommy hadn’t seen those before but of course now wants to find where to get them! We hope you boys enjoy the boxes!

  36. What a wonderful collection your mom has! this year’s addition is, indeed, cute! However, we love those pictures of you and Ernie tackling those boxes.

  37. Your mum’s collection is wonderful. Our mum collects cats and tries to get one at all the different places she visits. She has never seen those before and loves the snowman and kitty.

  38. Fabulous collection!! We love that it is all about cats!
    That new one is precious!!
    We also love those boxes!!!!!
    Now they are a super collection 😉 heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  39. Oh! Those is really nice!! Guess what? My Human has a Jim Shore nativity scene but it does not have any kittehs. That is a serious deficiency and now *I* think she needs to go find one to add to the people in the scene! What’s Krissymouse wifowt the kitty?

  40. Wonderful collection! We like the fact that she only collects those that have cats. We haven’t been around much lately and we have been missing all our furriends. Keep well!!

  41. Wally, thanks for showing us your Mom’s awesome collection! We like the kitty ones! Glad you and Ernie are having fun with the boxes!

  42. That is a totally cool collection! I wouldn’t dream of whapping anything that cool…really.

  43. Love them!

    You two look like you enjoyed yourselves immensely!

  44. What a great collection!

  45. Nice collection. Oh, what fun to play in the boxes…and look how many are there for you to enjoy. Fun, fun, fun! Hugs and nose kisses

  46. Great collection : ) But seriously Ernie, Your butt is the best…tee..heh..heh

  47. They’re great! And you get all the boxes? Win win!!

  48. Yeah, I think you guys are better off playing with the boxes. Your Mom would be really mad if you broke one of her nice statues.

  49. Ah, those are very adorable!

  50. Those figurines are so cool! Especially the snowman and kitty. Love Christmas stuff like this!

  51. I might play in boxes when I feel better. Thank you for purrs and prayers. I am feeling better. I go to the doctor tomorrow. It is all so embarrassing.

    Have fun.

    Bubbles Silverman
    A Pink Flamingo Kitty

  52. We love Jim Shore too!! What a fabulous collection!!

  53. And where is the facebook like button ?

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