Dec 022011

I love having my furs combed!

And when the combing’s done and my furs are beautiful…

I like to take that comb…

And give it…

A little bitey!!

How ’bout you?  Do you like having your furs combed??

  47 Responses to “Formerly Feral – My Comb”

  1. Zoey we’re glad you like having your furs combed. We both like having ours done too but Hannah needs it most cos she’s floofy like you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Bugsy and Knuckles like brushing better than combing. But, yes, with a little convincing at the very beginning, they like to have their furs brushed.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Mama has only tried brushing me. Don’t know how Lizzie would react! ~Connor

  4. you and diego-san seem to have the same combing routine. if i don’t clean the fur out of the comb, theo will come and eat all of diego’s fur from the comb but he doesn’t like to be be combed himself.

  5. Everyone here HATES it!!! sigh……

  6. All four of us love getting brushed every day.

  7. Yes, you must keep that comb in it’s place, Zoey! It must know that you are in charge, but you will allow it to to caress your beautiful furs as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

    I wish Dante liked to be combed. Actually, though he runs from me if he sees me coming with a brush, he will allow his Daddy to groom him at will. Go figure.

  8. My sisfur, Sassy (who actually looks a lot like you Zoey) loves to be combed, but she does not give the bite.

  9. Your furs are beautiful! Does giving the comb the bitey make it work better?

  10. Looking good Zoey! I love, love, love the brushing!

  11. Zoe, you look great after a brush. We are not crazy about being brushed, in fact, we don’t allow it. There are a few of us that might let that happen. Good girl Zoey for giving that comb the bitey. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  12. YES I do Zoey!! In fact, my brush is kept in a drawer by the love seat and when I want to be brushed I stand by the table and meow politely.
    Hugs Madi

  13. Oh yes I love having my furs combed!!! But I never do the bitey cos it makes her stop too quick and I like my belleh floofed!! >^..^<

  14. If it’s going to pull your furs, you should pull it’s teeth!

  15. Mommy doesn’t comb us. She furminates us! Boomer loves it, the rest of us tolerate it but Coco HATES it.
    You’re look all pretty after all that combing, Zoey!

  16. Dear Zoey,
    My furs ae so short they don’t comb so well. Same with Kozmo, but our hairy slobbery sister Bob loves it!

  17. You look beautiful all freshly brushed Zoey!!! Casper LOVES to be brushed, the rest are varying degrees of indifference – LOL!!!

  18. You have gorgeous furs too. Good you like to keep them combed.

  19. I LOVE getting brushed! And I never attack the brush, either – I just rub my face on it!

  20. Good for you, Zoey! Mom says one of the cats that came before us used to do that. It does look like a fun way to end a combing.

  21. Only some of us like being groomed, but we ALL like to bite the comb!

  22. Boo, Ping and Jinx all love being brushed. I am not fond of it and Gracie just wants to bite the comb. ::::hehehe::::


  23. My kitties are not crazy about having their furs combed, I’m still trying to find a brush that Leo will tollerate because he has such LONG furs! Star steals my brush to rub her face on, but the comb.. ah the comb.. she loves to put the bitey on my comb every chance she gets!

  24. We both love the zoom groom and then we put the bitey on it.

  25. Hahaha!! Mine do the same thing. They bunny kick it too, for good measure I guess.

  26. Zoey, your furs are so pretty! My sisfur Isabella loves being combed even with the FURminator! I put the bitey on the comb before it even starts combing me because it’s evil!

  27. Oops, forgot to say that was me – Angel!

  28. Sissy lufs to be brushed. I get over excited and can’t stand still for brushing. Our human threatens to get a Furminator for me. I proudly yak hairballs for her. I eats my fur when grooming.

  29. Oh, yeah! We all get in line to get a good combin’ or brushin’. Snookums love to put a bitey on the brush too. You are always beautiful sweet Zoey combed or not. Hugs and nose kisses

  30. Well, the Human has nebber really combed me, but she does give me the brushies almost efurry day and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And you know, sometimes I gives my brushie a little love bite also.

  31. I love my brushies and I love being combed too. I get combed efurry day. Momma just finished combing me at 10 at night. I purred bunches.

  32. Zoey, you truly are beautiful. xoxox

  33. Like you, Zoey, I love having my furs combed! In fact I make quite the pest of myself bugging mom all the time to comb me!


  34. Oh Zoey, you are such a cutie pie!!!!
    We all love to be brushed!! It feels good 🙂
    Say Hi to the boys for us 🙂
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure & JJ

  35. We have short coats so combing isn’t really an issue. But we insist on petting, and Target steals hairbrushes and bites them!

  36. Jeez, Zoey, when I first came to your site, I thought you were playing on a drum or something. (I think I need my eyes checked). I’m with you, I like getting my furs “done,” too ’cause it makes me feel spoiled.

    Have a good weekend!


  37. Oh yes indeed. It is like getting a massage and of course one does look extra stunning afterwards.


  38. I HATE being brushed but I can get behind biting the comb!

  39. no way, no how! not even for a good bitey at the end. certainly your furs look nice enough to make it worthwhile! very pretty

  40. It is hard work being a gorgeous cat:)

  41. Bonjour friends!
    I don’t have one comb, but I’m very interesting because looks fun to play!
    Have a great Sunday,
    Love to you all dear Island Cats
    your friend,Luna

  42. No I hate it but I have short furs so it’s not too important.

  43. I wished Kim would be like you ! she runs away when she sees a brush or a comb !

  44. I enjoy having my furs brushed, too. It just turns Harley into a maniac though.

  45. Fae and Iggy like to have their furs brushed and then they like to clean the brush for me! i’ve always found that last part weird…

  46. Glad you enjoy your combing Zoey! So do Neytiri and I!

  47. I loooooooooooooooooooove it!

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