Nov 252011

What’s the best thing about Thanksgiving??
We got turkey!!

Check this out, Ernie!  We get the leavings!!

Oh yeah, Wally!!  Turkey right off the bone!!

I feel like one of the big cats in the wild!
*Nom Nom Nom*

Hmmpfff!  Those uncouth mancats!
I’m more civilized and prefer mine from my bowl!

Okay, okay…we’ll use a plate…
Well, Ernie will use the floor!

That was paw-licking good!!

  42 Responses to “We Got Turkey!”

  1. You’ve made me hungry! I wish we had thanksgiving in our country, still, I’ve got goose to look forward to at Christmas.

  2. Wow, You three kitties sure did hit the turkey jackpot. Zoey, that is so lady like of you to eat off the plate. We got some turkey scraps too. Our Mom splurged and bought the smallest turkey breast she could find. But it was so good. We sure hope all of you have one fun Friday with even more turkey. Take care.

  3. OH! MY! COD! What a feast!!! We didn’t get any turkey leftovers yet, but Mom is going to another turkey dinner tomorrow and will bring turkey to us from that one.

  4. Y’all really had the yum going and that was sure a wonderful feast!

  5. You were very lady like Zoey – we hope your brothers sdidn’t eat their turkey too quickly and burp!!
    Lov Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. You boys were just like big wildcats there – we bet it was super nommy.

  7. WOW! YOu got the whole thing! You are lucky kitties!

  8. Where’s the stuffing?

  9. Turkey for everyone! Wallie, Ernie and Zoey it looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Sending warm wishes to you and your Mom!

  10. That looks excellent!

    The Chans

  11. Hi Guys!
    That looks very very nommy! Did yous guys gets the turkey trots?

  12. Oh Yummy YUMMY YUMMYYYY!!! You lucky kitties!

  13. Lucky turkey eating kittehs for sure! Zoey, you are a true lady.We bet those boys not only burped their satisfaction…they probably let out a few nasty poots too!

    Happy belated Turkey Day 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  14. Mmmm, you kitties lucked out with that feast!

  15. Aren’t you the lucky kittehs! We are never allowed to partake 🙁

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  16. Oh no I’m way jealous! And hungry.

  17. Oh yeah! Nothing better than turkey!

    Luf, Us

  18. Yum! It almost makes me like turkey!

  19. Ok Ernie and Wally it is official I’m sending in my adoption papers and will be on the red eye to live with you. I got turkey but just a measley few pieces. Heck I had no idea there were kitties who got the entire tukey pan.
    Good grief…I’m in awe
    Hugs madi

  20. Holy cow you are lucky kitties!!!

  21. that is a veritable turkey feast!!!

    Glad to see you all had a great Thanksgiving!

  22. You got lots more turkey than we got! Can we come have Thanksgiving with you next year?

  23. The best plate for a special treat – especially a messy one – is the floor.

  24. You got turkey!!! Mom Paula hasn’t shared any with us yet.

    Truffle and Brulee

  25. Ernie, you got it right – food always tastes better eaten straight from the floor! I am still waiting for my turkey – my human has not yet reheated what she brought home last night.

  26. Lucky kittehz! The Mommy would nefur let us haf it off the bone. She worries bout efurry little thing. We had ham, yesterday. Come to think of it…there’s sum in the fridge! Gotta go!

  27. SPECTACULAR noms, guys! Were there leftovers today???

  28. OMC you Mancats got the CARCASS!?! Lucky lucky lucky!!! Zoey, us girls understand about the bowl thing…

  29. OH wow! You got WAY more turkey than we did! I think I’m teleporting over to your place next year.

    Mom brought us home a baggie full of turkey and we devoured it in about a nanosecond. I adore turkey.

  30. Awww eating like royalty they are xo

  31. Woo Hoo! What wild mancats you are! We scored HAM! But not off the bone 🙁

  32. Oh wow, you all are so lucky!!!!

  33. Mommy and my brothers all went out to a relatives home for Fangsgibbings!@ I didn’t get any turkey at ALL!!!


  34. Wow you got the whole carcass! We are so envious.

  35. Turkey ~ any which way is OK wiv us! Happy Thanksgiving to yoo all. xx

  36. We are so jealous! Our human doesn’t let us eat human food…no turkey for us.

  37. Oh my goodness!! Watching you guys eat your Turkey makes me wanna go and get into the leftovers.

  38. Oh Wow! You all had a good looking turkey dinner!
    Mom brought home some dressing, but didn’t share it.
    Happy Saturday!
    ~ Noah

  39. Oh, how cool is that! Is there any left?

  40. Hey, kids! It was super fun reading about you in Mews Nooz today! Specially poor Zoey–I hope she gotted an extra portion of that turkey!

  41. Holy Cat! You’ve hit the jackpot, you guys! Just look at all that turkey! 🙂

    Hope you’re all having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, friends.


  42. We gots turkey too! It’s our favorite.

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