Nov 162011

What??  Did you need something??
Did you fill my food dish?  No??
You wanna play Da Bird with me?  No??
You got some treats for me?  No??
Then why are you bothering me??
Because you thought I was cute sleeping in here??

Sheesh!  I’m always cute!!

Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be getting back to
the nap you so rudely interrupted for no good reason!!

  43 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Beans can be such a pest! Enjoy yoor snooze Wally! xx

  2. We feel that way–the mom always is pestering us when we’re napping because she thinks we look so adorable. And all she wants to do is smooch us and get her human stink all over us. Then we have to exert ourselves bathing, which exhausts us…and so the vicious cycle continues. 😛

    If you figure out a way to get your mom to stop pestering you, let us all in on the secret!

  3. The pawpawrazzi has crossed the line, eh? purrr….meow!

  4. Yup, the darn beans, they just don’t get it do they. No treats, then no naps. You are so right Wally. You are really cute though Wally. Have yourself a great nap.

  5. The flashy box is never off – we keep praying mum will lose ours but alas it’s still flashing!! We hope you get a nap soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Yes Wally you ARE always cute 🙂 Enjoy your nap!

  7. My bean follows me around and I thwart her by getting in among the chair legs..behind the furniture, in dark places pr otherwise being a pill!

  8. i’m glad they interrupted you because your checklist was very entertaining.

  9. Ah, laundry baskets, one of our favorite pasttimes here!

  10. Dang oomans and their flashy box. They always ruin our naps.

  11. yeah – those flashy boxes just never go away….though mom says you are super adorable in the basket. 🙂

  12. Hmm, mes thoughts your people might be trying to get yous off the clean warm laundry. Thats what my Mom does when me is in the laundry basket.

  13. Nothing better than napping on hot out of the dryer laundry. And yes, Wally you are always cute 🙂

  14. Those darn flashy boxes! Just because we can do cute in our sleep!

  15. That’s it?! Wally! How mant times do we have to spell REVENGE for you?!! Sleep is SACRED and must never be interrupted no matter how often the hoomans ply you with compliments. We need to come over and micro-manage your revenge techniques….:)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  16. I know how frustrating it is…

  17. Wally, it’s a cat’s life! 🙂

  18. They just dont leave you alone but in this case your mum did get some good pics of you.. Hugs GJ xx

  19. Wally, I TOTALLY know the feeling!

  20. Wally you are my hero!! I cannot tell you how often I’ve thought the very same thing!! A mancat who is not afraid to speak his mind yippee!!!
    Hugs Madi

  21. Wally, you are such a basket case….you better watch out, better not pout ’cause before you know it Santa Paws will be there! =^Y^=

  22. You certainly have your priorities straight Wally! It better be good if it’s interrupting a nap!

  23. He is enjoying fresh hot laundry just dried. So nice and warm:)

  24. FaRADaY: SERIOUSLY, what *is* it with humans and their flashy-box picture-making thingy anyways? Except, of course, that we’re irresistibly cute. So I guess we can hardly blame them. I mean, they’re only human after all. And we’re, well…irresistible.

    Maxwell: But dude, to interrupt a clean-towels, laundry basket nap? That’s serious. *shakes head*

  25. No, no, no…..that is sooooo wrong!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  26. That is just typical of the Beans. They annoy us just because they think we are cute and have to take photos all the time.

  27. Wally
    OH goodness interruption of such a good nap!!

  28. Your paparazzi is so rude to disturb you like that without treat or toy or anything! But I agree with her, you are so cute in the basket 🙂 Of course you are always cute, I know I know.
    Enjoy your nap and have a happy Wednesday!!

  29. How rude when we are awakened from our deep naps! Not that we would ever do that to our beans, right? MOL!

  30. Hahaha!! What’s with the attitude? Oh, I forgot — kitties hate to have their naps disturbed for no good reason.

  31. That sure is frustrating for you to be so cute that you just can’t get a good nap in!

  32. Sorry, Wally! We just wanted to see your cute face! Enjoy your nap 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  33. Those beans! We think they just can’t help themselves. True pains they are.

  34. We are creeping back out so we will not disturb you~

  35. Wally, I can cover for you ! and no more flash box.
    Ready ?
    3…2….1…Pile On !!!! tee..heh..heh…Now I’m on top and the flash box can’t get you ; )

  36. I thinks that Mom of yours can’t resist that extreme cuteness of yours Wally! Good job!

  37. Humans! Always with the wakey-wakey for no good reason at all. I hope you’ll return the favor, oh, around 2 a.m. or so?

  38. Oh…that IS so cute. Enjoy your nap, hopefully with no more interruptions!

  39. Looks like a perfect spot for a nap.

  40. Yes, it is hard being a handsome (or for some of us beautiful) Blog Superstar.

  41. I feel your pain! My mom is always interrupting my naps with the flashy box.

  42. We hope that was a USED towel! They smell better.

  43. MOL, that is EXACTLY what Au says to me!

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