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Nov 132011

Hey!  Check out the cool ESS scratcher our mom got us!  This one’s made out of cardboard instead of carpet like our other ESS.  And y’know what??  Out of all the different scratchers we got around here, this one’s my favorite!  Well, next to the tall scratching post, it’s my favorite.  I like it lots better than our carpet ESS…which we hardly ever use, by the way.  I’ve been giving this one a real good workout!  My claws have never been sharper!

Mmmmmm…I think there’s some nip on here!!  Now I know why I like this so much!!

Well, you’ll have to excuse me now…I’ve got some scratching…and some claw sharping…to do!!  I wonder how long it will take me to destroy this thing??

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  1. That looks like a great variation on the scratcher concept, Ernie. Yes, I bet the catnip makes it extra appealing!

  2. Interesting hobby you have there…


  3. Oh Ernie, we really like that picture of you. The expression on your face is terrific. You look a lot like our Black, surprise, surprise you are both black. We love our cardboard scratchers. In fact, thanks for reminding Mom that we are in need of another one very soon. Have yourselves one heck of a Sunday.

  4. Looks like you’re having a really fun Sunday with your new ‘nipped up scratcher. You look very handsome today!

  5. I LOVE sharpening up my claws. I’d love a go at your ess. I love my tall post too cause it has rope. I don’t like carpet. xoxox

  6. Now that really is cool Ernie, and purrfect for sharpening too!

  7. We have a carpet ESS too. Maybe we should have Mom get us a cardboard one too. We love cardboard and we especially love nip!

  8. We’ve never seen an Ess like yours Ernie – ours is the old fashioned sort (hint hint mum) but we think yours looks much more fun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Ernie, it will take you no time at all!! Have a nice day, buddy >^..^<

  10. Our human buys these for Sissy. Sissy also has a flat cardboard scratcher, but the ess one is her favorite. She demolishes it in no time and makes a mess, but our human says it is better than Sissy demolishing the carpeting!

  11. I think the design on the sides is super-cool! Although I *do* love my carpet/sisal Ess, I would like to have one of these as well! Human, come here!!

  12. You an Thompson must’ve decided today was scratcher Sunday.

  13. Nice essss…. Maybe HH should get the boys an esss scratcher. They have had two X scratchers… The most recent one bit the dust when both boys got on at once. It collapsed…. HEE HEE… They were surprised.

    pawhugs, Max

  14. Hi Ernie! I like scratching on cardboard better than carpet too! I’m opposite of the other kitties here. You should try chewing on your ess – that’s fun too 🙂


  15. Now that looks like a fun scratcher! Alas, the new hairy slobbery sister thinks cardboard scratchers are chew toys! Maybe when she gets older, can gets one here. Can me come over and play with yours – um – er – play with yous?

  16. That first pic is adorable! We luf your cardboard Ess. It would take Princeton about 3 days to destroy it. It would take Mommy 3 weeks to pick up the mess. MOL!

  17. Ernie, looks like a purrfect nip scratching Sunday to us.

  18. I give it about a day…

  19. WE know you will give it a good workout, Ernie!

  20. Lucky you, Ernie! That looks like a great scratcher to dig your clawrs into!

  21. Buddah loves scratching on cardboard more than carpet, too. He needs a new one, though. Good thing Santa comes next month!

  22. Our two love their cardboard scratcher too Ernie, although it isn’t as snazzy as yours!! 🙂

  23. Ooooo…we should take bets on how long it will take you to claw that to smithereeens!!!

  24. with your claws of doom, I think I give it a month !
    PS : It’s really cool scratcher !

  25. Now that’s an ESS to sink your claws into! Ernie, you should run a contest for predicting Destructo Day. We all love cardboard too…in fact Scouty likes to eat it!

  26. When we see your expression, we think you are about to have the crazies. And that we are very glad we are not the cardboard scratcher!! It looks like fun.

  27. Yep, Ernie… your eyes in that first photo gave the nip away…

    The Chans

  28. If we know you, Ernie, not long! My favorite is the sisal scratching post, which I use every day, even though my front claws were stolen before that woman adopted me. Have fun!

  29. Have fun with your Ess…..we know you’ll work hard at destroying it!! Hey, we’re cats…it’s what we do!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. That is a cool Ess Ernie! We hope you enjoy it for a long time!

  31. That is one cool Ess. Oui Oui would love that a lot – Cardboard Queen that she is! Have lots of fun with it and thanks for visiting when that slacker mom wasn’t around! 14 hour days? Phsst! You do you think was keeping up with all the work around here when she was out?

  32. I must be the ONLY cat in the Blog-O-Sphere without an “ESS” Love, Cody

  33. Dude, that looks awesome!

  34. @Carin–no, you aren’t the only one! We don’t have an ESS either!

    And that looks like a great scratcher. It has bonus rubbing corners!

  35. Mom bought us a couple of those two….we love them but mom says they shed cardboard like crazy….oh well too bad (except that means the dyson monster shows up a little more often)

  36. Hey Ernie,,,,,, you lookz all nipped owt….hehehehe dat essss lookz pretty cool ^..^
    We don’t haz one efer ???? maybe we get one fur Christmas ^..^
    Have fun wif yourz bud ~
    Headbuttz ~

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