Nov 012011

Well, I’m glad that Halloween is finally over, Zoey.  Aren’t you?

Yeah, Ernie…there were so many trick or treaters and some of them were really scary!

What’re you talking about, Zoey??  You didn’t even see any of them!  You hid in your room all night!!

I saw them from the window, Ernie!  And you should talk!  You hid under the bed most of the time!

Okay, Zoey…let’s just call a truce and admit we’re both a couple of scaredy cats.  But it’s over now and we can start thinking about better things…like TURKEY!!

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  1. Yes the next thing you know it will be turkey time. How the time flies.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. Boys!!!! Turkey, eh? Whole roasted in oven? Oh no…the keyboard is covered with drool now. purrr….meow!

  3. We did lots of hiding, too. Our visitors were quite spaced out, so we’d just be getting brave and start wandering out of our hiding places when the doorbell would go again. We’re glad that’s done with for another year!

  4. Ooooh…turkey….

  5. I am with Zoey – happy the madness is over. I too can be somewhat skittish, although I choose to think of it as cautious. Your friend, Fisher

  6. We think turkey time is better than trick or treat time.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Turkey time is a MUCH better holiday! Bee-yootiful view you kittehz haf from that window. Enjoy your Tuesday! xoxo

  8. We didn’t have any scary little beans so we didn’t have to hide.But we are looking forward to that Turk. Yummy. Also we really like this picture of Zoey and Ernie sitting together. The mums are beautiful. Have a terrific day .

  9. i was shocked all three of my boyz hung around the living room, looking out windows. of course they ran every time someone knocked on the door but at least they didn’t go into hiding all night…

  10. ::chatter::



    xoxo Cory

  11. Hiding on Halloween is the best you can do.
    Some of the scary monsters outside kicked Luzie yesterday. She had to hide under a bush and run at home later

  12. turkey???? We didn’t have any of them trick-r-treators but we could get interested in a conversation about turkey….. (and we don’t blame you for hiding!!)

  13. Here in Sweden we don´t celebrate Hallowwen so much and we don´t celebrate Thank´s giving either 🙁
    But I guess you can eat Turkey all year around ??
    Atleast that is what I´m gonna tell my mom 😉

  14. Now you are really on to something, turkey! Now I’m hungry!

  15. Don’t worry, we hid, too!

  16. MOL…I’d have been hiding too except it started raining yesterday at 3PM and continued until about 8PM and it was coooool. No trick or treaters for us….in my book when the door bell doesn’t ring it is a good Meow-o-ween,
    PS Mom says she loves you window seat…(as if she hasn’t said that before) and your mums
    Hugs Madi

  17. Turkey…??? We heard turkey… We glad to be resting up today too 🙂 Now, someone mentioned…turkey?

  18. Ummm, did you say TURKEY? Mmmmmmm…..Turkeyyyyyyyy…..

    (I hide too)

  19. Yep! There’s always turkey nomnomnom ……

  20. We’re looking forward to turkey too!

  21. I’m glad it’s over too – and we didn’t even have any trick or treaters!

  22. Lucky for me there were no trick or treaters at our apartment! But my friend Dax did stop by the door to say hello which was nice 🙂

  23. Turkey turkey turkey! Makes up for the scary trick or treaters on Halloween!

  24. TURKEY ?…Sound good to me !

  25. hee hee! Time to move on to the impawtant holidays 😉 Zoey, Ernie, we hide too when anyone comes to the door. Thankfully our mom is a Halloween scrooge so we pretend we’re not home and have a movie fest!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  26. We think you were both smart to stay out of the way of all of those trick o treaters!

  27. Amen to that! The mom said last night you wouldn’t even know there was a cat in the house!

  28. Turkey, chick-hen, toona! Let’s have a party!! No trick or treaters aloud 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  29. Ms. C says no one is allowed to talk about Christmas until after her birthday, which is the last day of this month. But talk about turkey all you like!

    We think you both look like great guard cats in that window.

  30. Sorry you guys were scared. Remember that they are only silly humans and not worth getting upset over. MMMMMMM Turkey!

  31. Awww we are so sorry you got scared last night but you know what? I think “talkin’ turkey” is a great idea!

  32. You guys should come over here next year–we didn’t have a SINGLE trick-or-treater–but the Human bought a little bag of Snickers bars, you know, “just in case.”

    Uh-huh. You know where THOSE are now!

  33. Wes had lots and lots of scary peoples come to our door last night! Then, after the people quit coming and yelling and making the hairy slobbery sisters bark, the fireworks started! Lots of big bangs and it was even more scary than than the kids!
    Me is glad it only happens one time a year
    We sympathyizes…

  34. Ooooh turkey!!! Can we come? Pleeeeeease?

  35. Smoochies for posting my sidebar!

  36. Did sumcat mention TURKEY? Yummy!

  37. Did someone mention turkey? We would love some turkey – only we are both on strict veterinarian diets right now. But since Pixie is feeling a little better today, we thought we’d come over for a little visit, to say thank you for your kind words of comfort and encouragement.

    Possum and Pixie

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