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Oct 232011

We’ve got a new Halloween black cat living with us now.
Our mom got him as a gift from her mother-in-law
(guess that would be our grandma, wouldn’t it??).

He’s pretty cool and all…

But I much prefer the gift bag he came in!

Wouldn’t you ???

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  1. Meowza! Bags are always the first choice. Although that cat is pretty cool.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. A bag AND tissue paper!?! That is one cool present!

  3. Of course we would!!! That cat is cute though!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. That’s a cute halloween cat, but he he – I’d like the bag better too. Leave the black halloween cat for the oomans.

  5. We love your halloween cat nearly as much as the bag – but we love a good bag to zoom in and out of or even for a nap.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I’m with you, that bag is incredible!!! But the cat is cute too, of course, it’s a cat!

  7. The bags are the bestest!


  8. Yep, the gift bag is pawsome. That red bag looks purrfect with your black fur and it makes a nice cave.

  9. Cute halloween cat but we love the lone in the last best! 🙂

  10. He’s a cutie but not nearly as cute as you, Ernie! Great bag!

  11. OMC I want the kitty lamp and the bag it came in…too cute.
    Hugs Madi

  12. The bags/boxes/wrappingpapper/packaging is always the best part of any gift!

  13. You and the bag match the Halloween cat’s colors.

  14. Ernie, the cat’s out of the bag but you’re the real deal!

  15. Oh that is such a cute Halloween black cat. But Ernie you take the cake for cute pictures. What a great Halloween cat you are for sure. Love that picture of you peeking out of the bag. Now you have another black cat in the house with you Ernie. Take care and have a great day.

  16. That black cat decoration sure is cute, but not nearly as cute as YOU peeking out of the gift bag!!

  17. Wow, that Halloween cat is VERY cool! The mom would love that! But we think the bag and paper are the best, of course!

  18. Oh yes! We luf your black cat!

    Luf, Us

  19. Ernie,
    I’m with you, about the bag. Pawesome. purrr…meow!

  20. Oh this is a very cute Halloween Cat! But of course the bag always wins 🙂 Enjoy your bag!

  21. Your Mom’s MIL has fun taste! That is a cute halloween kittycat.

  22. Oh I love the cat lantern… but that picture at the end is AWESOME!! =^..^=

  23. Love that pic of you in the bag Ernie!!! Priceless 🙂

  24. oh YES!!

    That bag looks like a blast to play in…and on!
    We see your red blankie is out, Mommy put ours on the dryer for The Baby to sleep on.

  25. the kitty is pretty handsome….and the bag looks awesome too!!

  26. Ernie !!!! Mom said you are the treats !
    Now she mark her calendar, she want da treat from your house.. Been prepared !
    she is going to knock your door : )

  27. I’m with you, Ernie – I think the bag is much more fun! Maybe your human’s mother-in-law realized that when she gave it (and the cat thing inside it) to your human.

  28. Oh, that is so neat! You have a new bag to play in. What fun.

  29. There are 2 cute kitties in the photos! We love both of them!

  30. Ernie you look so cute int he bag…much cuter than the store bought cat!

    Do stop by our Halloween spooktacular this week. Monday is the first post.

  31. Oh the Human just LOVES you new kitteh–so cute and seasonal!

    But I do not understand why your Humans need a fake black cat when they have the REAL THING, Ernie!

  32. We like that kitty! But we thinks that new bag is a lot more fun! You looks so very cute peeking out there!!

  33. Our mommy likes the kitty but we think that red bag is the bestest! It’s purrfect for you Ernie!

  34. We give 2 paws up for the bag too! Mummy says she likes the Halloween Cat very much. 🙂

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  35. Well, that woman loves the new Halloween kitteh. I am more discerning and prefer you, dear Ernie. What a wonderful bag to play in. Lucky Ernie!

  36. We like the black cat in the gift bag too! He’s got mesmerizing eyes! xoxo

  37. We agree – that looks like a great bag!

  38. Our mom loves that black cat decoration!! We’re with Ernie..the bag is better!

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