Nov 022011


  40 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We sure do know who won that war!

  2. he he – looks like Wally is being pulled around in the box – like a sled.

  3. Who is tugging on the other end Wally – are you winning?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Hahaha! Wally, it looks like you and Harley have the same grip!

  5. Yeah Wally! We’ll make loud crowd noises in support of you!

  6. who’s winning? Who’s ahead!?

  7. the other side doesn’t stand a chance.

  8. We just know that you are going to win Wally. But for heavens sake, please don’t get up. Maybe that box does make a good sled. Have a really fun day.

  9. Pull, Wally, pull! We know you can win!

  10. We love Wally Wednesdays! Go, Wally, go go go~!

  11. Looks like fun, Wally, and we bet you win!

  12. You got this Wally! Just plant your paws in that box and hoooooolllllddddd on!!! :p

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  13. Tug of war game and a box to do it in. Now thats what I call fun.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. Hi Wally you are such a strong mancat. I bet you win at tug-of-war everytime you play. Hugs Madi

  15. You never lose Wally ’cause even if you let go…it always comes back=^Y^=

  16. We are cheering for you! Walley, pull a little harder and you’ll win!

  17. Pull harder! And you know what? Maybe the box will move too. That could also be fun…

  18. Pull, Wally, PULL!!!

  19. That looks like a ton-o-fun!

  20. Hang on tight Wally!

  21. Is Ernie trying to make you tow the line?

  22. Kill it, Wally!

  23. What a fun game! We’ll pull behind you.

  24. Wally, you’ve got a firm claw on that fuzzy thing! Have fun.


  25. I wouldn’t bet against that Wally!!

  26. Hols on tight! You can win!

  27. Whoa! Boxy war? Cool…. purrr…meow!

  28. If someHuman pulled up, would Wally come along?

  29. You are STRONG Wally! I likes to play Tug O War too….with Marmie’s PJ strings.

  30. Wally, I love how you manage to play with 2 things at once!

  31. OMC! That looks such FUN!

  32. Wally, you’ve already won.

  33. 2, 4, 6, 8! Who do we appreciate! Wally! Wally! Waaaallllllyyy!

  34. You win, Wally!

  35. Oh box sled – we love that! Can we come and play with you?

  36. ooo fun fun fun! Can I be on your team.

    Sounds like you guys had a similar Halloween to mine. I had to hear that bell ring all night from my safe room. “trick or treat” “trick or treat” it still haunts me

    I hope to see you at my party!

  37. Ooooh, can we play too? We LOVE this game!

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