Oct 172011

Two mancats…
Two totally different sleeping styles.

I like to curl up in a nice warm sunpuddle!!

And I like to let it all hang out!!

How ’bout you?
What’s your sleeping style??

  57 Responses to “Mancats – Sleeping Styles”

  1. Ooooh…I’m a girl. I can’t show strangers my nap style. So unbecoming of a princess. purrr….meow!

  2. we like to do both – the orinch meniss and Sammy like to let it all hang out, Me and Miles like to curl up – Nicky

  3. Lucy curls up but Hannah often flaunts her curly furry tummy looking for compliments.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I sleeps on my back in the beginning and then, I rolls over onto my beautiful Tortie side. xoxoxo

  5. My style is the hang out style 🙂

  6. how about a little of each style- letting it all hang out in a sun puddle.

  7. That looks comfy…for both!

  8. Great sleeping styles! Kirby is a lie it all hang sort of guy while angle is a curl up dainty lady!

  9. We like Ernie’s style the best. But Wally you are hysterical. You are so relaxed to sleep that way. I don’t think any of us do that. But we love this picture. Hope all of you have a really fun week.

  10. Depends – some of us can’t sleep like Wally – no ability to spread….but Mo likes to strech out in the sun to be as long as he possibly can!!

  11. Chumley used to let it all hang out, but we tend to curl up! We love your pics, great sleeping styles. 🙂

  12. Looking good guys! I like to stretch out nice and long!!!

  13. You boys are both so cute no matter what your differing styles are!!!

  14. Ernie’s position looks much cozier. That Wally really likes to let it all hang out. He’s the purrfect subject for those “poot” pictures on the LOLSpot.

  15. Sissy likes to curl up. Our mommy isn’t sure I even sleep. She thinks I spend all my day looking out the patio door and all night waiting for a sound that she’s awake. When I hear her, I jump on the bed for some serious snuggling and smooching. I really enjoy that!

  16. The all hang out style is hilarious. We love it. LOL!

  17. We are the “let it all hang out” type…in a sun puddle. So we are a combination of BOTH your styles!

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  18. We’re Wallyesque sleepers!

  19. MOL…
    If I were there I’d be smack dab in the middle of the beautiful window seat…but alas I’m here so currently I’m napping in my favorite sunpuddle in the study. Hugs Madi

  20. Mr Darcy has no shame.. he let’s it all hang out and even rolls at regular intervals so you don’t miss anything!!

  21. That’s one handsome belly exposed there. M wants to smooch it. Look out – her smooches are slobbery.

  22. You guys are so predictable! BTW, Boodie takes after Wally, and I am more like Ernie.

  23. We like both your sleeping styles. You two look very comfy! Hugs and nose kisses

  24. I like to let it all hang out in a sun puddle! >^,,^<

  25. Ha..Ha..Ha..Wally, You are the legend of napping…We laf a lots..and I guess your human too : )

  26. I love to use both of those sleeping styles! But mostly I prefer to let it all hang out 😉

  27. Oui Oui, Carlos and Julie let it all hang, Mica Moo is a curler. She doesn’t trust enough yet to bear her belly! The mom likes the belly position best!

  28. Wally your sleeping style makes us smile! 🙂 Mitalee sleeps like that once in a while but the others are tight ball sleepers!
    Ernie your furs look prettyful in the sun 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  29. We girlz like to snuggle all ladylike. Tamir sleeps like Wally – we think it’s a red cat thing!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. Wally
    Ping sleeps just like you do!

  31. Ernie is way more modest than you are Wally!

  32. We are more of the curl up type and let it all hang out group. What ever you like.

  33. mol! Wally, not that you have a reputation or anything, but as soon as we saw your post title, we knew what your sleeping style would be 😀 You and Ernie are too cute!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  34. Huggy Bear sleeps all kicked back too. Josie will find a sun spot somewhere. I prefer a sink. Maggie just wants to take wherever you are because she can be a brat.

  35. Just love those sun rays and the zzzzs it let’s you get while you are in them.

  36. OMG the “letting it all hang out” was hilarious!

  37. MOL!!! We like ’em both!

  38. I have many sleeping styles…some quite weird. Must do a post on that some day. I like both yours.

  39. My Goodness, Wally! Talk about the Full Monty! Good thin you’re so….floofy 😉

  40. Wally, you crack me up!

    Figaro and Ginger like to sleep like you, Full Monty style. The rest of us prefer a more modest pose, either curled up or meatloaf style.

  41. A Good Cat sleeps any way s/he so desires!

  42. Wowzers! Me is not sure which is the bestest sleeping style, me is overcome with your awsomeness! Yous guys is each marvelous!

  43. WALLY TUM!!! *tackle*

  44. I sleep like you, Ernie. Lishy is a Wally man.

  45. You two are a hoot! Wally, especially.

    All of “The Boys” sleep like Ernie. Although, we have had kitties over the years who pulled a Wally!

    Thanks for stopping by Kittens ‘n Things.

  46. I curl up to sleep so Milo can’t jump on me!

    Love Alfie xx

  47. So nice spot for a nap! Lucky friends!

  48. MOL. Those are both great sleeping styles! Moosey and Sammy are hybrid sleepers — they have both been known to a little of each of those poses. 🙂

  49. Both the boys look relaxed. We’d be up on the bed under the covers but sun puddles are a close second.

  50. You boys are too funny 🙂 We are pretty boring,except for Treasure. He face plants his face into his paws and sleeps 😉 heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  51. We adopt all those styles: that’s what’s so cool about being a cat, you always fold into a nice comfy nap pose…

  52. we love to have a sun bath too
    and the way you sleep iz way too cool!!!

    hugs hugs hugs

  53. Gosh, we had a lot to catch up on – we’re very embarrassed. 🙁 OK, so, here’s our comments! Fuzzy likes to curl up in a ball to sleep almost all the time. I sleep in a different bed almost every sleep and sometimes I let my tummy hairs air out like Wally! We’re sorry we missed your mom’s birthday, but we’re sending purrs for a late present! And that new clinic is very cool – we didn’t realize spays and neuters were so fast!!!! Wally, I’m super duper glad you had a good vet visit, just like me! It must be an orange thing! 🙂

    Love, Zoe

  54. All of us curl up like Ernie, except Clarence likes to let it all hang out like Wally. We think Ernie’s sleeping position is perfect to show off his awesome paws and Wally’s shows off his adorable tummy.

  55. I’m with Wally! Iza

  56. I do not indulge in that most undignified sprawl. All legs akimbo, but the humans seem to think seeing a furry like that is the cutest thing ever.


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