Oct 162011

Thanks for letting me share your Sunday with you, Ernie.

Well, Zoey…it’s only right since today is National Feral Cat Day and you used to be kinda a feral cat and all.

Yeah, Ernie.  I remember being homeless.  And I know I’ve got it a lot better now than feral cats.  But with the help of organizations like Alley Cat Allies, humans can learn more about how to help the feral cats in their communities.  Like setting up TNR…Trap-Neuter-Release…programs which keeps feral cats from breeding and helps them and humans co-exist peacefully.

Jeez, Zoey…even we have trouble co-existing peacefully sometimes.

Yeah, Ernie…I know I’m not the easiest cat to live with.  Must be there’s still some feral cat in me.

You can say that again, Zoey!

Click HERE to learn more about Alley Cat Allies and how you can help feral kitties!!

  26 Responses to “Easy E Sunday – National Feral Cat Day”

  1. Thanks for your post! I hope you don’t mind that I have included a link to your post on my blog post for today.

  2. You are a special one pretty Zoey and thanks for feral sharing the info today!

  3. Zoey, you are such a good example, that a feral kitty can be a really nice cat. We know you and Ernie and Wally sometimes don’t see eye to eye, but in general, you are a good girl. We sure are all for the TNR and are going to try to get more of it going in our community. Great post. Thanks

  4. Great post for National Feral Cat Day !

  5. Oh, Zoey, we are so happy you are no longer a feral kitty! It’s very important to take care of the ferals.

  6. Happy NFC day. Glad you are one of the lucky ones and have found a great home with two great brothers.

  7. Zoey, we are so glad you are with Ernie. Purrs!

  8. Zoey, you are one of the lucky few! We know formerly ferals are not the easiest kitties to live with. There are lots of things they don’t experience as kittens which influence their relationships (specially with beans) the rest of their lives. But God bless your parents, and all people who adopt ferals, for taking you in.

  9. Great job sharing about National Feral Cat Day, Zoey! We sure are glad you have such a loving forever home now. 🙂

  10. Zoey, we’re so glad you aren’t a feral kitty anymore and get to share all the comforts of a loving home with your handsome brofurs! Thanks for sharing this important information!

  11. We are all formerly feral here at The Lounge. Humans need to get us spayed and neutered.
    Our feral guy Henry really likes his new Hut, and of course his dinner!
    We are glad you opened your heart to Zoey, bless you. Even if she IS a little diva.

  12. I love Ferals and mommy supports our local Feral Cat society that helps TNR them.

  13. Wouldn’t it be nice if there would come a day when there would be no more feral cats! Maybe some day. If only people would wise up that the TNR program is such a great one.

  14. Happy National Feral Cat Day to you, Zoey! You are one of the lucky ones.

  15. It is good to see you two so close to celebrate!

  16. I used to be a homeless too ! and yep what you do for feral , That’s pawsome !!! keep it up !!!

  17. You two just look so sweet sharing that spot with the sun puddles. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the feral kitties. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. I’m so happy you got such a great home, Zoey. We’re also thankful for organizations that do TNR and help feral kitties.

  19. Zoey you might have been feral early on but my beautiful friend you are now loved by all of blogville and your sweet family
    Hugs Madi

  20. Zoey, I am sure glad you don’t have to be homeless anymore and can enjoy life as every kitteh should, with a wonderful family and lots of cuddles and kisses!

  21. Hi sweet furiends! You have no idea how eggs-citing it is to be able to SEE some pictures! You’re not on blogspot–YAY! XOXO, Spitty

  22. Happy National Feral Cat Day! May all kitties find a wonderful forever home…

  23. Zoey, it looks like you’re doing all right there with Ernie! We’re glad that you are FORMERLY feral and live in a nice place with plenty of good food.

  24. I was semi feral! Running free around here for sometime. My first family had too many kittens and adult cats. Then when they moved I got left behind! It took 2 weeks for my mommie to catch me!

  25. Alfie was a feral when he was a tiny kitten ~ and we are so grateful he was rescued. Thank you so much for helping raise awareness. xx

  26. All the cats in this household were strays…well, Coco and Felix don’t quite qualify as they were born in this household and have never been “outside cats”…though their genes are from stray cats…Mummy scooped Cosmo and Ling from the drain when they were 5 weeks old, picked Meow-Me up from the drain when she was almost due to deliver and picked Boomerang from his scruff when he was cornered in our garden. Do they still qualify as “feral cats”?

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