Oct 142011

The lady with the yellow hair wants me to thank all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes…so THANKS!!  And I’m happy to tell you that there were a total of 77 comments through the commentathon we had (yeah, we counted the late ones too)!  That’s a total of $38.50 to be donated to Alley Cat Allies!!  But the lady with the yellow hair says she’s feeling generous (maybe because the Detroit Tigers won on her birthday?) and she’s gonna round this off to an even $50 to be donated!!  YAY!!  Thanks to everybuddy who commented!!  These green papers will really help the feral kitties!!

Remember, National Feral Cat Day is Sunday, October 16!!

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  1. woo hoo that’s a lot of comments. i’m glad you raised some funds for such a great cause. and i’m rootin for your tigers even though delmon young is killin’ me after doing nothing all season for the twins…

  2. Oh no, happy belated birthday from us!

  3. Woo hoo! That’s pawsome! We’ll do a little happy dance here in honor of the generosity of the yellow haired momma!

  4. We is sorry that we are late with our comment but think this was an awesome thing to do to helps celebrate your mom’s birthday.
    Snuggles and purrs,
    Taz, Runt and Charles

  5. We are so happy your Mom had a great birthday and raised lots of $$$ for the Alley Cat Allies. We hope she also had lots of cuddles and wet nose kisses.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Yeah, lots of money for those feral kitties. That is just wonderful. Thanks for having a birthday Wally, Ernie and Zoe’s Mom. Hope all of you have a great day. And hope Mom had a super day yesterday. Take care.

  7. That was a great commentathon Zoey! Y’all have a terrific weekend!

  8. Zoey the lady with the yellow hair has a heart of gold…give her a nosetap from me and a hug from Mom

  9. The Tigers did it for the cats! MOL! Your generosity is going to do a lot of good 🙂

  10. What a good mama you have sweet Zoey. xoxoxo

  11. That was a lot of comments on your mom´s birthday !
    Great that 50 green notes wil be sent to Alley Cats Allie 🙂
    Have a PAWsome friday !

  12. Congratulations on the green papers. Of course we are not so happy about the Tigers.

  13. That is spectacular. It gives Mom an idea for making a donation for HER birthday.

  14. That’s so nice of your mom! We hope she had a nice day.

  15. Wow, that’s a fantastic donation! They’ll be thrilled!

  16. That is wonderful what your lady with the yellow hair is doing to help the ferals! Our lady with the yellow hair spent many years taking care of the ferals where she worked. She got way too attached to each and everyone of them.

  17. aaarrrrrgghh!! Our Mommy is the most USELESS typist in the WORLD.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Island Cat Mom! We all hope you had a stupendous day. Did you get any fun feather toys or nip mousies?

  18. Hi Zoey,
    It’s wonderful to hear that mom is donating $50! Wow! Hugs to both of you!

  19. Concatulations to Alley Cat Allies! Your Mom rocks!

  20. Yeayy!!! That’s a fab way to celebrate your Mom’s birthday!

  21. What a fantastic donation, that’s great!!!

  22. Paws up! That was a great way to acknowledge National Feral Cat Day, and honor our wild brothers and sisters.

  23. I’m so sorry I missed the comment-athon and birthday. Happy Belated birthday and what a nice thing to do for Alley Cat Allies.

  24. That’s a wonderful donation to help the feral kitties Zoey! We’re glad your mom had a great birthday too!

  25. Yay for Alley Cat Allies and yay for the Tigers too – DOUBLE YAY!!
    Have a brilliant weekend =^..^=

  26. Goodonya lady with the yellow hair! 🙂

  27. Thank you, Zoey, for using your post for the yellow-haired lady. That’s a great thing she’s doing for the ferals. We hope she has a wonderful year ahead, too.

  28. Yay! Your mom is a wonderful lady 🙂

  29. Yay – that’s excellent! Our Lady likes Alley Cat Allies too. They helped with fixing the ferals in the neighborhood where the Lady found us (G,M&C).

    And what a gorgeous picture of you!!!

  30. Zoey
    What a fabulous picture of you! Wowza it is fantastic.
    That is terrific news for Alley Cats. We know kitties who are not as fortunate as us need all the help they can get.
    we know this will really help out.

  31. Yippee for the lady with the yellow hair !! You done good 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  32. YAY!! The lady with the yellow hair rocks!!!

    Let’s hope the Tigers rock tomorrow! 🙂

  33. Hello Beautiful Zoey! Do you know that yours is one of the ONLY pictures we can see on our friends’ blogs today? Somethings goofy with us–we can’t see pictures at all-not even our own! So it was especially nice to see your pretty face!

  34. The Lady with the Birtday is so sweet to help out the kitties like that! Maybe she oughta save a few pennies to get the Motor City Kitties some tissues for the tears they will soon shed! 🙂


    PS. I love Zoey’s photo–ALOT!

  35. Yay, that’s most excellent! Thanks for the report Zoey! (And thanks for your sweet comment today.)

  36. Oh dear, we missed the commentathon. At least we wished your mum happy birthday on Facebook.

  37. Belated happy birthday from us! xx

  38. I’m so sorry we could not drop by earlier to wish your human a Happy BD, but our human works way too many hours and we still rely on her to type for us!! So, happy belated and how pawsome that you will be donating to the Alley Cats!!

  39. Happy belated birthday! Since 1/4 of our team is feral we be support the cause big time.

  40. Oh, no, I missed the commentathon! Happy belated birthday to your mom!! And how wonderful of her to make such generous donation for less unfortunate kitties. She sure makes a difference!!

  41. Happy Belated Birthday from Vicki and Me!!!! xxx

  42. That is wonderful! I think your mom is a real kind lady! We wish her a Happy Birthday… belated!

  43. Good news about the donation.

  44. Woo Hoo !!! That’s pawsome !!!! Hooray for Alley Cat Allies !
    Please give your mom my kisses and hugs

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