Nov 172008

Hey, Ernie…we were tagged twice…by Tristan and Niko and Cloud…to do the 8 random things about us meme.  Here are the rules:

  1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
  2. Cats who are tagged need to write their own blog about their 8 things and post these rules.
  3. A the end of your blogpost, you need to choose 8 cats to get tagged and list their name.
  4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

You wanna play, Ernie?

Yeah, Wally!!  Let’s split them and you do 4 and I’ll do 4!  I wanna go first!!!

1.  When mom was looking to adopt another cat, she found out about me on  I wasn’t her first choice (can you believe that?) but I think it was because she wasn’t looking hard enough!  Fortunately (for her!), the first cat she looked at had already been adopted…then she found me!!!

2.  My original name was Mister…mom changed it to Ernie…I like Ernie better!  I had a sister named Missy.  She got adopted before me.  I think about her sometimes…I hope she found a good furever home like I did!

3.  I have allergies which makes me get sores on my mouth and feets sometimes.  I eat special food and that helps.

4.  I like to sit on mom’s lap when she helps us with our blogging.  She sez that I get in the way sometimes causing her to make lots of typing mistakes.  So if you see some mistakes in our blog or comments, it’s probably because I was sitting on mom’s lap at the time.

Okay, Wally…it’s your turn!

Hmmmm…only 4 interesting things about me???

1.  I’m fascinated with the fireplace…’specially if there’s a fire going.  Once when I was a little kit, I walked right into the firebox when there was a fire going.  Mom and dad were sitting right there and didn’t know what to do!  I walked all the way around and then out again…without a scorch!  Mom sez I nearly gave her a heart attack!  Now she watches me really close when there’s a fire going (but I don’t think I’ll try that again).

2.  Here’s the post of the first time I was on the innernets…before we even had a blog.  It was after I got my cat tree and mom sent a picture of me to show how much I loved it!

April 06, 2004

Wally Cat goes Wild for his Kitty Gym

Sue D. writes….

We received the kitty gym last week (78 inch open tray). We didn’t even have it assembled yet and our 10 month old kitten, Wally, was already trying to climb it. He loves it, especially the feather toy! When on top, he feels like the “king of the world!”

Here’s a couple pictures of Wally enjoying his kitty gym. Enjoy!

Posted by coolshop at 02:36 PM | TrackBack
Mom actually printed this out and framed it…mom’s weird like that….
3.  I’ve taken to eating on the kitchen counter now…don’t know why…I just decided I don’t like eating on the floor anymore…I mean, really now, eating on the floor…is that civilized???  Mom’s not really happy about this and she’s trying to convince me to go back to the floor…so far, she’s not winning…
4.  One of my favorite foods in the whole world is whipped cream…from the can!  I LOVE IT!  Which is why I’m happy the holidays are coming…there’s always a can in the big cold box this time of year!

Okay, who should we tag to play???  How ’bout Cory, Jasper McKitten-CatHuffle Mawson, Whicky Wuudler and all The Real CatsThat’s way more than 8!!!

  23 Responses to “A ManCat Meme”

  1. I love the whipped cream too! Yummy yummy in my tummy!

  2. So cool, this is our first meme…….we will post it this week! Thanks guys!!!

  3. Whipped cream?

    That is quite decadent. I will have to demand…um I mean…ask ever so politely for some of that this Holiday season!


  4. Did someone say whipped cream?

  5. Those are eight great facts about you guys. Ernie being the second choice?!? I can’t believe that. We’ll be sure to do this meme this week, probably Thursday.

  6. Wally, you definitely used up a few of your 9 lives with that stroll around the inside of the fireplace! And Ernie, you Mom is the lucky one that first cat wasn’t available and you chose her!

  7. Wally, your a firewalker? WHEW….not only might you have used up one of your 9 lives but maybe one of your mommies too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ernie we are so glad your mommy picked you=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  8. This is good fun getting to know things about our cat friends! Second choice Ernie? that surely can’t be right? But oh look at Wally at ten months old! WooHoo!

    Thanks for tagging us we will try and do this meme this week, despite the kittens taking over the blog grrr!

    Da Wuudler

  9. Great job on your meme guys! It is fun learning about my friends.

    Whipped cream? Are you sure your eating the whipped cream or sniffing the can? I hear that is popular with teen beans. I’ve never tried it of course….

  10. PS Ernie, we think fate sent your mommy to you!

  11. You both did a great job on yur Mancat Meme! And whipped creem? Wowie kazowie, I’ve nefur tried that stuff but it sounds good!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. Oooh very interesting facts! Thanks for tagging me, I will post my meme this week too.

  13. Good facts! You have cans of whipped cream in your house? We never have whipped cream in our house! I think I’m being deprived…

  14. It sounds like that was your destiny Ernie, it’s funny how we find our way to our parents 🙂
    OmC Wally.. you is a nut! Walking around in fire?? you are very lucky!
    hehe it is so funny but I have started no.3 too.. I just will not eat my food from the plate on the floor anymore.. I will go without… Momma thinks it strange I thinks I iz better than the floor…


  15. Doodz,

    Yur Ham-Micks are on their way! Look for the man in the bloo shorts. Or maybe a heavy coat in Michigan.

    We like the name Ernie better than Mister, and we didn’t know you have allergies on your mouth and feet.

    G.T. loves whipped cream from a can too Wally! And don’t walk in the fireplace again when there is a fire going, OK????

    Luf, Us

  16. You walked in the fire???? Stick with sitting beside it okay. It’s much safer.

  17. I like to climb up on the table where the mom lady is typing and walk all over. She usually laughs but then erases what I typed!! *sigh*

  18. Mom may spoil me, but she doesn’t let me eat on the counters! We’ve received this meme, but haven’t had the chance to do it.

    Sorry I haven’t visited lately, mom has been getting home pretty late and uses that as an excuse!

  19. Those were very interesting things to learn about you!
    Thank you so much for voting for us – we love you too! we feel like winners already because of having friends like you!
    Purrrrrss of gratitude

  20. That was a very enjoyable look at your mysteries. I too am glad that Ernie came home and Wally didn’t sizzle! Thanks for the diverting dish!

  21. I have heard that there was a problem with rats in our house and that is why the food is kept up on the breakfast bar. It’s off the floor and won’t draw rats. Also, the Demon Cat is a messy eater, so it’s easier to clean the counter than it is to clean the floor, according to the massage therapists, so we eat on the breakfast bar or the counter or the table. Although sometime I eat on the floor because I am not messy. I inhail my food, and don’t like to waste one speck of it.

  22. Such interesting facts! I can’t believe you walked into the firebox, Wally! That sure is brave! I have to admit, I tend do to get to close too candles. But they smell so yummy!


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