Oct 122011

I’m doing a little lounging today…
And practicing my poses for my centerfold
for the next PlayCat issue!!
(eat your heart out, Burt Reynolds!)

  55 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. The she-cats are going to go WILD over that photo. Work it, baby!


  2. ha ha we loved that! Where did you get your scratch lounge from? We want one!
    Love Darcy and Bingley xxx

  3. Oh…oh… let us know when that magazine will come out.

    pawhugs, max

  4. Wally, I can hear all the ladycats screaming way over here. You will make “center fold of the year” with that pose.

  5. I know this…I about collapsed when I came to your bloggie! My furs stood up and laid back down again and now, the tips are all atremble. All that ginger goodness on display. WOO WHEEEEEE!!! xoxoxo

  6. WOW!! What a handsome fellow you are Wally – you look like a centre fold for a naughty magazine for lady cats. We love how you are going for the casual pose – when is the next edition of Play Cat coming out because we will need to get two copies.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh Wally you are one handsome hunk of mancat!!!

  8. Wow! Wally, you have all us girls in a flutter!

  9. Whoa! No practicing needed, you’ve got it down pat. Are you sure young kitties should see this?

  10. *swoon* What a handsome mancat you are, Wally. *all the ladies cats fanning themselves* And our mom wants to rub your belly!

  11. I’m curious…I guess that scratch is great!

  12. Hee hee, that is quite a pose!

  13. Wow – that is some serious mancat action…..

  14. Oh Wally! You do like to show off your mancat parts, don’t you? The ladycats must all be swooning right about now.

  15. Wally, you are soooo butch!

  16. Way to air everything out! Manly paw bump from your fellow Orange Guy!

  17. Wally, we had to pick angel up off the floor! That is a great pose for PlayCat!

  18. The Woman thought you were laughing at first too! You do look happy there.

  19. Va va va vroom! That’s a perfect pose for Playcat, Wally!!

  20. Wally, what a pose! very centerfold-worthy.

  21. Wally, PlayCat needs to do a special issue of just you!

  22. you should have warned me that today was an “R” rated post.

  23. Oh Wally! You’re making Mitalee , Esme and Tulip blush with that naughty pose!
    Tulip thinks you are one handsome dude (her words…).

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  24. *blush* Wally you’re a handsome mancat and I think you know it!!! =^..^=

  25. Whoa Wally! We’re both blushing over that pose! 🙂

  26. Wally
    Madi completely passed out…I’m off to find some smelling salts.
    Madi’s Mom

  27. Wally, Dude ! your photo look like you are in ” Play Girl ” Magazine…MOL

  28. ::woof whistles::

    You’re a hoot, Wally!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  29. OMC, Wally! Isnt there sposed ta be a carefully draped towel or stuffed bunny or something? MOL!

  30. MOL! Nice position Wally.

  31. Taffy is overcome, Wally! But, seriously, when is that issue due out?

  32. *MOL*
    Centerfold ??
    You will get the frontpage with that picture 🙂

  33. Oh my goodness, Emma is blushing. You sure look like a real centerfold.

  34. Well, Well WELL! There should be a pg rating on this pose my boy! MOL! *whistles* You got it all over that Burt fella!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  35. Oh my goodness, I am blushing! Nice post!

  36. The mom saw the photo and started singing “today I dont feel like doing anything … nothing at all” Gotta love the bean songs. We fink yoo look pawsome!!

    Fanks fer stoppin by for our purrthday/gotcha day!

    Molly and Shadow

  37. OMC the lady cats better cover their eyes! MOL!

  38. Can we pre-order the poster? We have just the place to hang it! Mica Minnie Moo wants to put it right over the scratching post.

  39. Oh my GOODNESS! My Mommy saw your photo (on her way back to watching your Tigers and her Rangers play) and swooned. I don’t think I like a mancat so far away making my LadyCat of Mommy act in such a way….hmm. Oh, and my human Tommy thinks you tummy needs a tickle or twelve…


  40. Wally the girls are going to be yowling for you!

  41. Ha ha ha–you really ARE letting it all hang out, MOL!!

    Oh, and to answer your question? No, you may not have my stinky goodness. Because, you know, I might want to eat it later. So. sorry, nice try, but No.

  42. Where’s the beef…..huh Wally?????? LOL=^Y^=

  43. Holy cow, that’s one spread! Pisi and Squeak are going to save this picture!

  44. Wally…dude…you’re upstaging me!!!!

    All the girls here are blushing.


  45. Oh Wally, I have the sneakin’ suspicion you have mastered theese centerfold pose, paws down! Theese one is a good one!

  46. Wow, that is some pose for the centerfold. You will have lots of sweet girl kitties meowing after you. You and Ernie look so good soaking in the sunshine sitting in the window. Wish we could get a little more sun than we do.


  47. Ha! Ha! I thinks that Wally is really kind of funny! But of course I am an old lady! I suspect Jazzie my sister will swoon!!

  48. Hi Wally, and all the Island kitties and your mom bean! Wally, I think we must be cousins or something. We look like big orange mancats! Please give your mom bean a big cat kiss for me and say “Happy Birthday!” If you get the chance, go outside and roll in some leaves for me too.
    Purrs, Jackpot and family

  49. Some pose, Wally!!! Bet you anything the ladycats are swooning all over the CB. Happy Birthday to your mom.

  50. Happy birfday to the Mom!!!

  51. Hey Wally ! Me again !!!
    I just want to stop by to say Happy Birthday to your Mommy !!!!!
    I hope she have a purrfect day with you guys

  52. Oh today is that lady with the yellow hair’s birthday. A gigantic Happy Birthday to her. Hope she has such a fun day and many many more. Wally, Ernie and Zoey, you be sure to give Mom lots of extra treats today and some snuggles too. Keep her laughing too. Take care.

  53. You sure have the ladycats swooning!!! Happy Birthday to the Mommy!

  54. Wow! Wish I could get away with that!

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