Oct 102011

Hey, Wally…hasn’t the weather been great lately??
Nice and warm…and lots of sun!! 

Oh yeah, Ernie…we’re getting in some good window whiffies!!

I think they call this Indian Summer, Ernie…
A time in autumn when there’s some nice weather
before the cold stuff comes. 

I don’t care what they call it, Wally…
All I know is that I sure like it!!

Thanks for letting me share the window with you, Wally.

 No problem, bro!
When the weather’s this nice, it’s hard not to share!!

  50 Responses to “Mancats – Indian Summer”

  1. What wonderful pictures of you two in the window. Florida is going nuts right now. Central Florida has received 15 inches (HH says that’s a lot) of rain since Saturday morning. It’s supposed to stop today, We’re glad we’re on the third floor.

    Have a great day and catch a whiffie for us.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. We’ve been having glorious weather here too! The mom’s bracing for the impending freezing temps. LOL. But in the meantime, we’re enjoying open windows and our little back space! Happy Monday!

  3. We’ve had beautiful weather, too! All of our windows have been open for days!

  4. Could you package some sunshine up and send it to us please – we have got grey skies and furry strong winds but at least it’s dry!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Those outsides look so good we can almost smell them through the computer!

  6. You are two very nice brothers to share the window whiffin., Isn’t Indian Summer just the greatest.

  7. It’s really nice that two such handsome mancats were willing to share the window. It gave us a very nice view first thing this morning.

  8. Is there room for a few of us in that window? We got 1 day of nice weather and now we’ve got the gray drizzles/rain once again. Sigh.

  9. Oh I’m envious here! that sun looks delicious!
    You have a perfect spot for sunbaths near the window!Enjoy!

  10. unfortunately the cold stuff is going to come someday soon…

  11. The weather has been fantastic here too!!! Every window ledge is occupied with a cat 🙂

  12. It has been very nice here too and we are very glad you got some window whiffin’ in this weekend!!!

  13. Wonderful pictures of you enjoying the Indian Summer. We have had great weather as well. Rain is coming on Wednesday but we are enjoying it while we can. Dad is painting the house!!

  14. Ooo I’m so jealous. It’s cold enough to freeze you winnebago over here!

  15. Oh gosh I love those pictures of you two boys. Good stuff. Wally thanks for sharing the window with Ernie. He likes to get those Whiffies too. We sure hope all of you have a great week with lots of fun in it. Take care.

  16. Glad you are enjoying the whiffies.. 🙂

  17. Such happy looking (and hadsome) Mancats. Me is hoping the morning fog burns off and we gets some window time today too!

  18. Yeah–who cares so long as it’s whiffin time!

  19. We enjoyed window whiffies this weekend too! So nice to see you boys sharing today…although Wally appears to be using more than half of the window sill!

  20. WE have been sharing the window breezes, too!

  21. It’s so nice to see you boys sharing the window whiffles. Cosmo and Ling have been sharing sun puddles after days of rain. 🙂

  22. Great pictures on you guy´s !
    Here in Sweden it´s not any Indiansummer , it´s just raining and raining 🙁

  23. Wally you and Ernie have some the best conversations!! Window whiffs must make your brains work over time. It is rare that we can open windows here. Most often it is too hot and humid or too cold and humid but we had ours opened on Sunday too
    Hugs from

  24. Guys…we think you might have sunstroke…all this brotherly lovey dovey stuff…um.Quit it!!

    the critters in The Cottage 🙂

  25. Too right kitties, enjoy the window whiffies whilst they last! =^..^=

  26. Now aren’t you two just being so sweet sharing the window to enjoy those nice whiffies. Hugs and nose kisses

  27. I just know if you drop, you go to the sink : )
    Enjoy da sun, and stay still my friends !

  28. Lovely whiffies. Lovely sun 🙂 It’s blowing a gale here in NW Wales!

  29. Wow–you guys are really nice to each other, sharin’ and all like that! My human Tommy wants to know, if you guys ever bother the plant your Mom has hangin’ there. And also I gotta tell ya–the game starts shortly–and the sun is shining nice and bright here in Dallas. So the sun will dry your Tiger kitties’ eyes when they lose again…. 🙂


  30. WE bet you both are getting some great whiffs and Wally we can see that there is something that really got your attention! Happy whiffies boys!

  31. You two are the purrfect colors for an Indian Summer photo. Enjoy those whiffies, get ’em while they last!

  32. Alot of kittehz on the CB are enjoyin those whiffies, including us! Haf a pawsome day! xoxo

  33. We’re not having an Indian Summer but we’re getting whiffies too. We hope Zoey got a window for whiffies too!

  34. It’s so nice to see you two sharing a window! Of course, we would have smackdowns here.

  35. The great weather brings out the good in all of us! What a glorious day all around!

  36. Aww, that’s such a great way to share the window. And it looks just so inviting. You guys enjoy it 🙂

  37. Nice! our weekend was like that. Today was rain…but we think the Indian Summer will be back tomorrow! You two are so cute sharing the window!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  38. That’s nice! Enjoy your lovely weather while it lasts. Would like some sunshine over here too, if you can spare some.

  39. Geez, have some Pod Kitties taken over on the Island??? I cannot believe such good kitteh manners from you to. Has Zoey been conducting training sessions?

  40. Make that “you tWo”

  41. Oh you two..such nice conversation between you. Looks like it was a good day a good day indeed.

  42. you look so cute in the window like that.

  43. what great window whiffies! Are you guys reaching up for a bite of salad too?

  44. Window whiffies are always more fun when shared with a friend!

  45. Handsome mancats that share! What winning combination!

  46. We love Fall too!!
    The window wiffies smell sooooooo good 🙂
    We also love the warm days and sunshine !!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia
    PeeEss: A sports guy on one of Mom’s fave stations predicted the Tigers to win it all !!! But, down 2-0 … they better get that tiger in their tank 😉 !!!

  47. Yep our open window time has been nice lately. Enjoy it while we can.

  48. It is awesome that the two of you have some great window whiffies to share!

  49. Our Indian summer is quickly coming to an end but hope yours lasts. There is nothing better than fresh air. Our boys send purrs to Ernie and Wally.

  50. So nice to see that sun so late in the year, right? And that’s a nice window.

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