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Oct 092011

Oh hi, everybuddy!  Check out this cool kitty house our mom got us!  You can sleep either inside the house…and it’s got a great feather toy hanging there you can play with…or you can sleep on the roof ‘cuz the roof’s a hammick!!  Pretty cool, huh?!?

And the best part about this kitty house??  It was on clearance!  Even though we’ve got lots of sleeping places, mom said she couldn’t pass it up!  She loves a good sale!

I gotta rest up today so I can watch the baseball game later!  The Detroit Tigers are playing the Texas Rangers in the American League Championship Series!  We’re rooting for the Tigers, of course!!  C’mon…you gotta root for the kitties!!!

Go Tigers!!

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  1. Ernie, that kitty house looks way cool, fun and comfy! Our mom would have bought it for us if she saw it on sale, then would have complained there’s no place to put it when she got home! Enjoy your nap and game! We will be “helping” the mom paint the house (and laughing at her too!)

  2. Oh Ernie, that does look like the best house ever. So darn many choices. Such a deal. We will root for the Tigers for sure. We like them. Is the game on ESPN?? We don’t get that one.
    Good for Mom to find that great deal of a house on sale.
    Our Mom has written another email to the Derby, Ducky people. Will keep you posted.
    Have a really fun day.

  3. Holy carp! We love, love, love your new house! We never saw one like it before.

  4. This is just so cool, and that top spot is the best!!! Go Tigers!

  5. Go Tigers!!! I’m for them too. I’ve never been to Detroit, but HH was originally from Jackson… Have a great day. cool box.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Bonjour dear Ernie,
    I think it’s a kind of purrrrfect bed!I would like to try a nap there as well!
    =^.^= Here the weather is awful, it’s raining and it’s cold.Better stay in my blanket and take a good nap!I will dream of you my sweet island cats!
    love you all

  7. Where on clearance did your Mom get that cool bed/hammick?? I’d LOVE that–especially to watch the Texas Ranges win over the Detroit Tigers (again)… 🙂 Since I’m a Dallas cat–and the Rangers play the kitties, about 15 minutes away from me–Gotta rooooooot for the Rangers!! 🙂


  8. Your mom scored!!!! Good for you! You know what? We’ve “rediscovered” the red cube you sent us! Yes indeed we are fighting over it again after ignoring it for a couple of months. It’s what we do!

    Have a great Sunday.


    Cory and family

  9. Gosh, Ernie–on the trash talk about the Cowboyz and the hurting those really big cats the Lions did to em last week.The Lions shoulda LOST! We still sting for that–so THAT’s why, the Texas Rangers are going finish up the job on these other kitties in town…! The rain, tho–is a concern today. The weather humans expect more as the day goes on–depends on those fronts and such on where it hits the most–we may get lots or just drops..too bad they can’t move the game cross’ the street–cuz Cowboy Stadium is there, and Jerry Jones could close the roof for em. Go Rangers! 🙂

  10. Ernie, that house is pawsome! Your mom totally scored! 🙂

    We are rooting for the Tigers, too!

  11. Cool house.

    We’re rooting for your tigers even though the destroyed our twins this season.

  12. that is one bed! we like the dual purpose and would love to sniff it! Thanks for your kind words about Breezey. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  13. That is a great kitty bed! Tigers?…unless you live in Dallas!

  14. What a fabulous house! Where did your mom get it? We have only PetSmart (and other smaller franchises) here and the mom’s not seen anything that cool!

  15. That bed is so cool what with it having a hammick too and it’s rather nice to look at as well… what a find!!

  16. That is such a good buy! I love the idea of a hammick at the top of the house.

  17. What a cool house! Mama has been wanting to get us a hammick and a hammick on top of a house is even better. Enjoy, Ernie, and go Tigers!

  18. That’s a posh house, Ernie! We will support the kitties, even though baseball isn’t really our game!

  19. What a great little house you have there! I’ll bet lots of toys will fit inside, too!

  20. What a great sleeping place! We’s need one of those around here! Are you litening Mommy?

  21. That’s a cool house you got there Ernie! We’re glad you got the top bunk before Wally did!

  22. glad you said the top was a hammock because I thought the top was caving in lol.

    Better cross your paws the Tigers are even playing tonight. 80% chance of rain. They are saying there is a great chance it will be postponed.

  23. Nice, Ernie! Our mom loves a good sale too 😀 We need to send her out shopping now, heh heh. Good luck to the TIgers, we’ll proly root for them too since the Yankees are out.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  24. Mommy is rootin’ for the Tigers!
    We are more excited over your FAB new hammock-cave-bed thingy…what a neat thing, where did your Mom find it?

  25. What a neat little cube. Ya can sleep IN it, ON it, AND theres a dangly-toy!

  26. Wow, that is an AWESOME kitty house! I bet it would have been a deal at twice the price!

  27. Such a cool kitty retreat! My SS would have got it too, even though I already have a house and plenty of cushions to sleep on.

  28. That is a great house with built in ham-mick Ernie.

  29. Sweet Ernie that looks like a very comfy house and hammick. Glad your mom found a good buy on it. Hugs and nose kisses

  30. OMC ! OMC ! I want one of those !!!! Hammick on the roof ! What a great design for us kitty ! Ernie, Would you like a trade with my hammick ?…tee..hee

  31. Oh! What a cool house Ernie!! Your mom sure knows how to shop!!
    Your TX furiends,

  32. Oh wow! Dat is so neat, I wud loves to has one of those of mine own. Its much bigger den the one I has and looks more comfy too!


  33. That’s a very cool house! I wonder if Mom Paula would get me one!


  34. What a cool house! The hammick looks very comfy. We hope the kitty team won the game.

  35. Cool kitteh condo! Looks very comfy! Haf a pawsome day! xoxo

  36. Well, since The World Champion San Francisco Giants tanked this year, I guess I wouldn’t mind if the Tigers winned it. But the Human has lots of family in Milwaukee so she thinks she’ll have to root for the Brewers (they are still in it–right?)

  37. Very cool house/hammick! That woman loves cat item clearance sales, too. Would you tell us what store it came from? Maybe we can find it on this side of Michigan.

    We always root for the Detroit Tigers. Go Tigers!

    Taffy and that woman

  38. That is a cool new new mancat cave!

  39. We like your new bed very much!

  40. Hi there… it’s Pearl’s mummy. I just want you to know that Pearl passed away peacefully here at home today. Thank you for all of your visits to her blog and for all of your kind words.


  41. Wow, that is one cool kitty house for sure…can’t beat a rooftop hammick!

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