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Hey, everybuddy! We’ve talked about the rescue group that mom volunteers with sometimes…P.A.W.S. of Michigan…and how they have been working towards opening a low cost/high volume spay/neuter clinic in our area.  Well, y’know what??  The PAWS Clinic is finally open!!

Yeah, Ernie…it opened on September 19.  And this past weekend mom volunteered at the Open House they had.  Let’s show everybuddy the new clinic!

The PAWS Clinic will help save the lives of hundreds of animals by helping to prevent the birth of countless unwanted puppies and kittens.  The clinic only performs spays and neuters, but at a very low price.   Anyone can bring their pet to have it spayed or neutered, and the clinic works with many local shelters and rescue groups to get kitties and woofies ready for adoption.


These are the holding cages where the woofies and kitties stay before and after their surgeries.  There’s one room for woofies, the other room’s for kitties.  Usually the girl woofies and kitties have to spend the night at the clinic after their surgery to make sure there’s no complications.


This is the surgery room.  Right now they do 2 surgeries at a time, but eventually they hope to be able to do 4 at a time!

They had the operating table displayed as if a surgery was being performed!  Fortunately, they used a stunt double in place of a real kitty!  🙂

This is the area where the woofie or kitty recovers right after its spay or neuter.  Another stunt double there!!  🙂

This is Dr. Alexander, one of the 3 vets that work at the clinic.  She told our mom that an average neuter of a male cat (not counting prep time) only take 2 minutes!!  And the spay of a female cat only takes 6 – 10 minutes!!

In the first two weeks since the clinic has been opened, they have performed 174 spays and neuters!!

In the lobby of the clinic is the Legacy of Life Tribute Wall.  A member of P.A.W.S. painted this great mural!  Mom says it’s much prettier in person than in this photo.  Humans can purchase tags to honor or memorialize a beloved two- or four-footed friend or family member, or to  acknowledge their support of the clinic’s mission, with all monies going to the clinic fund.

We wanna congratulate everyone at P.A.W.S. of Michigan who worked really hard to make The PAWS Clinic a reality!!

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  1. this is really awesome!! CONGRATULATIONS, P.A.W.S. of Michigan! :DDD

  2. I am so so SO very glad to see this and I honor all the work that has been done, and certainly the Dr. Alexander. The clinic is a blessing! If only there was one like it in every community.

    You boys are looking mighty fine there today. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. This is a wonderful new clinic, congratulations for being part of it! I myself was so relieved when my kitten-bearing days were over. And I’m VERY glad that my male housemates have had this surgery!

  4. What an awesome place doing some very worthy work. Well done to your mum for volunteering there!
    P.s. I was most relieved when I read about the stunt doubles…. I read the post on my phone and the pictures therefore weren’t quite as clear as they should be and I did wonder what an earth that breed of cat was lol!!!

  5. Pawsome! That is just simply pawsome! They will save so many lives. We give them the all paws salute and tail wags from Grete!

  6. Dr. Alexander is so nice!Amazing reportage dear friends, this place is wonderful!Thanks for sharing the information and the pictures!Ahhh the soundtrack is adorable!

  7. that’s great although i can’t help but flinch looking at the operating room.

  8. What a lovely new centre for the Paws Clinic to do their spays and neuter operations. We hope this will lead to less unwanted pregnancies in the loval dog and cat population.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Gosh, if it takes so little time to neuter and spay a cat, there is absolutely NO excuse not to have it done! What an amazing place, with such dedicated volunteers. xx

  10. How very, very wonderful! Everyone should be so proud!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!! What an amazing place, it looks absolutely brilliant. We love the Legacy of Life Tribute Wall, it’s a really lovely idea.

  12. I get so excited when I see the low-cost spay and neuter clinics happening. It is one of my dreams to get these animals spayed and neutered so we don’t have so many being put to sleep in the shelters. They just build one here and it really does save some money. It really does encourage people to get it done since it doesn’t cost as much. That really looks like a nice one. Thanks for all the pictures.

  13. Dat is amazing!!! We love those low cost clinics that are doing so much for their communities……we are glad your mom is volunteering with them!!

  14. This is FANTASTIC! Truly fantastic! There’s a low cost neuter/spay clinic in our region now too, after years of pushing for one, but it’s 30 or so kilometers out of town. The local humane society will do it for a low cost if you have proof that you’re low income, though (i.e. collecting welfare or disability)–but that excludes an awful lot of humans with their cats and dogs.

    BTW, we didn’t know a *spay* was so quick, we thought maybe 20 minutes or half an hour, not counting prep.

  15. That is way cool! They are doing great work.

  16. It’s great to see a clinic like this being built to help out kitties and puppies and their humans. We wish we had something like this near us.

  17. I know a lot of hard work went into this and we are so proud of you! Congratulations!

  18. What a wonderful place! It will be so helpful to so many people and help control animal populations so one day every puppy or kitten will be wanted and loved 🙂

  19. What a great clinic and me loved seeing the stunt doubles! Your Mommy rocks!

  20. What a great place that is and they perform such a needed service too.

  21. That is awesome! Congratulations!

  22. That is excellent! Male cats are so easy to fix–it’s really amazing.

  23. Excellent work! There should be more of such places around. And the public need to be educated on the importance of neutering…

  24. That is so wonderful! And 174 spays/neuters in the first 2 weeks is great news!

    Luf, Us

  25. WTG P.A.W.S of Michigan what an amazing accomplishment all do to hard work and lots of volunteers like Island Cat Mom.
    Hugs Madi

  26. This is so cool! You guys have a wonderful mommy!

  27. That’s a fabulous facility and it’s great that they’ve already done that many spay/neuters in just two weeks! Yay for less homeless kitties! Thanks to your mom for helping with such a wonderful place!

  28. This is GREAT! Paws up to the Paws Clinic!!!

  29. this is just great!!! Where is it located?

  30. Wow ! This is really really Great News ! Congratulation !!!

  31. That is a realy brilliant place and what a great thing you are all doing.So many people will benefit and more inportantly the kitties and woofies will too.. Hugs GJ xx

  32. This is great! Very good work :)))

  33. Wow, congratulations. That’s such a great place, the mural looks amazing.
    That’s a lot of ops in just the first two weeks, it will definately save a lot of unwanted kittens and pups.
    The stunt doubles are looking great!

  34. That looks like a nice clinic for the furries. Glad they opened.

  35. Absolutley Fabulous! Congratualtions P.A.W.S. of Michigan 🙂 Now if only this kind of clinic could be made into a worldwide franchise. How cool would that be?!

    the critters in The Cottage

  36. That is really pawsome! ConCats to P.A.W.S!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  37. Pawsome job to da beans dat help this program!!

  38. Congratulations on the new clinic! Spaying and neutering is so important. What a great job everyone there does!

  39. Congratulations on getting the PAWS clinic up and running in your area! We loved looking at your photos of the new facilities, looks great and the patients are well looked after. Great job!!

  40. This is a really great story, and congratulations and everything, but I am so scared after looking at the 4th clinic picture! What is that…that….that…that THING that looks like a giant plunger or something? OMC! What are they DOIN’ in that place–sucking out BRAINS or something????

  41. What a pawsome place! There should be lots more around! We are really impressed. There is such a need for places like this.

  42. Concats! That is way cool! Great pictures and we couldn’t help but mol at the stunt doubles 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  43. What a great place! Our Mama recently got Lily spayed. One reason it took her so long to get it done was because, even after she got a voucher for a somewhat low-cost spay (it was still $200, even low cost) she couldn’t find a high quality veterinarian to do it! Every county should have a wonderful clinic like yours!

  44. This is so fabulous! Mom wishes all vets would reduce the cost of doing spaying and neutering. It is so important!

  45. That is awesome! Lots of luck to the clinic!

  46. That is fantastic!

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