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It’s LiveStrong Day!  A day that many of us in the Cat Blogosphere go  YELLOW and join with the rest of the world to raise cancer awareness!!

Cancer has affected too many of our furiends as well as the family and friends of our humans.  We purr for all those we’ve lost to cancer and those who are fighting this terrible disease.

Imagine a world without cancer.  With all of us joining together in unified support, one day we won’t have to imagine it…a world without cancer will be a reality!!

We wanna thank our furiends, Milo & Alfie and the girls from Zoolatry, for once again organizing LiveStrong Day for the Cat Blogosphere.   And click HERE to see a slide show that was put together by Samantha, Clementine & Maverick showing many of the kitties and woofies that are supporting LiveStrong Day!!

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  1. Wonderful post for this important day.

    We’re purring for All Beings affected by cancer…and sending purrs and purrayers for all to LiveStrong.

  2. What a lovely tribute to those affected by this evil Cancer. We have to purray that one day soon there will be a breakthrough and the world takes a step forward in finding a cure.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Love that picture. We watched that video over at Samantha’s blog and it is just wonderful. Cried through the whole thing darn it all. LOL. But it is just terrific and it is so wonderful to see everyone taking part in LiveStrong and reading all the tributes. You take care.

  4. Absolutely beautiful tribute. Live Strong dear friends.

  5. Great post gang! I really believe we can whip the evil C if we will LiveStrong together!

  6. It is terrific that so many catbloggers are participating on Livestrong Day. Purrs for those who have been lost, Livestrong to the survivors of cancer everywhere!

    How did you put the slideshow on your blog? That is great too!

  7. A beautiful and important post – LiveStrong – today and always xx

  8. Beautiful post.. I join you in saying Livestrong.. HUgs GJ xx

  9. We wish for a world where no being is effected by this terrible disease!!!

    Livestrong and Lovestrong too 🙂

  10. Very nice! We could not figure out how to have the slide show live on the blog,so we had to link to it!

  11. Beautiful post, Island Cats!!! And I like your attitude… Kicking butt is the exact sentiment we need for LiveStrong Day.

    pawhugs, Max

  12. Nice post. I hope that one day comes soon.

  13. We’re with you guys. Let’s kick cancer’s butt!

    LiveStrong and LoveStrong, today and everyday.

    Hugs, purrs and prayers to you, dear friends.

  14. Pawesome slide show Island Felines! Our purrayers for all…. purrr…meow!

  15. We purr (and bark!) for the day when this disease no longer exists. We send our love out to all those who have faced or are facing this terrible disease.

    the critters in The Cottage xoxo

  16. LiveStrong Together ((((hugs)))))

  17. Awesome post! We loves the slideshow and the music. We knows this was not easy to do, so thank you fur doing it fur us!

  18. I loved the video. We didn’t know about Livestrong. There just so many people (and animals) that have been affected by this terrible disease. It would be so wonderful if there was a cure!

  19. Great post – we are purring hard for a world without cancer.

  20. Excellent post for LiveStrong….well done Island Cats and Assistant.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  21. Wonderful post kitties!!

  22. What a beautiful post. We too have lost loved ones to cancer, both furries and of the human kind. We continue to pray for a world free of cancer.

  23. Guys, a great sentiment for a day when it’s gonna take all our strength to kick butt! We love your tribute and we cried through the whole slideshow, too. There’s so much love and caring in it.

    Tom & Julie

  24. We think your post is just so very nice. We are sorry for your losses. We are purring and praying with all others that there will soon be a cure for the horrible cancer and no more battles to fight with it. Hugs and nose kisses

  25. LiveStrong, my friends!

  26. We love the song and we agree with all of you: kick cancer’s butt! Well said!

  27. WE purr very hard for a cancer cure!!
    Livestrong, Tillie and Georgia

  28. Beautiful Livestrong post!

    The Chans

  29. Wonderful post! We love your graphics! We’re purring for no more cancer!

  30. Wally, Zoe and Ernie:
    Beautiful post!
    Love Strong!

  31. Great post today! I too am purring for a cure.

  32. Great Post, and Love your Graphic
    I do purrs for All
    Evil Cancer Must Disappear !
    Go LIVESTRONG !!!!

  33. Chandra did a great job with the slideshow. Milo & Alfie and Zoolatry did a great job again this year.

  34. This is a lovely post. We LiveStrong.

  35. Just one word – Pawsome!!!

  36. Wasn’t that slideshow wonderful????

    We purr and pray for a world without cancer. Too many of our friends have left us because of this horrible disease. LiveStrong Every Day!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  37. What a Great post you guyz ^..^
    So many of us have been touched by dis hideous monster 🙁
    We purray dat we find a cure REALLY soon
    Till then …..
    LiveStrong ~

  38. We hopes someday soon that there will be a cure for cancer. It is a terrible terrible thing! A great slide show!

  39. Great post today! We is purring and purraying for all the Humans and Kitties who need it!

  40. We honor LiveStrong Day today!

  41. Island Cats that was such a touching slideshow. Cancer needs to be fought and with a lot of work there have been successes in fighting it and a reminder that there is a ways to good. Purrs for a cure.

  42. I thinks that if I was going to choose 3 kitties to “kick cancer’s butt” I would choose you folks because you do rock, that’s for sure. Great post and picture. LiveStrong kitties.

  43. to everyone affected by cancer, please continue to LiveStrong! my heart goes out to all of you.

    btw, very nice image and slide show you guys.

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