Sep 292011

Yay!Β  It’s Garden Day!
(sort of)



These two guys sleep in the mulch in our garden.
Do they remind you of anybuddy??

We’re glad we don’t have to sleep in the mulch.

  40 Responses to “Thursday in Our Garden (sort of)”

  1. Great pic of you two sleeping. I am doing the same. SS is keeping me indoors because of the crazy weather we have been having. Yeah I am thankful not to have to sleep in the mulch too.

    Pleasant dreams, furriends!

  2. MOL..This is a good one ! I love the one in da house : )

  3. You look much more comfy than those kitties in the mulch. We bet your mom’s glad you are not laid in the mulch cos it would probably make you smell a bit “whiffy”!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. MOL Wally and Ernie…you two have been cloned in stone!!
    you are looking very handsome today too.
    Hugs Madi

  5. Oh look Wally and Ernie, you have twins out there in the mulch. Guess they are kind of quiet though. The good thing about the two out there in mulch is that they don’t eat much nor move around very much. Hope you all have a great day. Take care.

  6. Mommy still smiling! You guys are clever!

  7. Har har har! That’s what I call remote controlled gardening. Smart felines! purrr….meow!

  8. For sure your bed looks more comfy than mulch. I’ve tried laying on the bark dat around our flowers, but dat’s kinda picky on the furs.

  9. it’s like looking in a mirror.

  10. Jonesie says it’s one of life’s great pleasures to sleep in the mulch…that is of course when you don’t HAVE to sleep in the mulch. It’s always better when you have the option of sleeping in the house!

  11. The ones in the mulch is cute, but yous guys is cuter! Sweet dreams sweet ones.

  12. Yes, there certainly are mulch better places to sleep than in the mulch. To be fair, those other kitties are made of stone or resin or something, so they don’t feel anything.

    You two look real comfy on the couch, and it’s where every real kitty deserves to be.

  13. Mulch sleeping is only recommended for those of a pottery disposition!

  14. two cute kitties in your garden! Adorable decoration.
    And you both are adorable in your naps!Relaxing time there!

  15. It certainly is more comfortable sleeping with prop up pillows than mulch. The two of you sure look comfy.

  16. We think you two have it lots better than the other tWO!

  17. I read on your comment to Fuzzy Tails that you were having problems leaving some comments. We are too – we do the comment – post it and it goes poof into thin air never to be seen again. They are not new sites which I may have put the
    details in wrongly but ones I have commented to many times over months. Is this the same problem that you are getting?
    Sue (Hannah and Lucy’s mum)

  18. Yeah–me too. I think it could get cold out there.

  19. Wally and Ernie we love your garden doubles!! Luckily for you, you get to stay indoors where it is nice and warm . Thankfully for the garden cats , they have nice cement furs to keep them warm!! Heehee. πŸ™‚

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  20. Thanks for letting me know I thought I was going doolally – I’ll have to start using Chrome tomorrow but I don”t like it as well. It started yesterday and it seems it’s the same posts I can’t post too again today. One of them is LP who I send to every day!!

  21. I would not want MY likeness in my human’s horrible yard. Of course, yours have a much better situation going on!

  22. The napping spots are much more comfy for inside kitties!

  23. Hee hee hee. Is the white on Wally and the gray one Ernie?

  24. Hehee they are a good likeness! Darcy and Sookie would be the opposite though, they’d LOVE to sleep in the mulch (and eat it too!!)

  25. Oh, definitely, the couch is much preferable to the mulch for an extended nap! You both look so cozy! Which reminds me… it must be past time for my nap too!

  26. No, sleepin in the mulch wouldn’t be fun. Now, rollin in the mulch is a much different story! Purrs and headbutts.

  27. yeah, it’s nice that you guys have a nice home to sleep in! some cats have to sleep in the mulch or worse! πŸ™

    hope you all had a good day. πŸ™‚

  28. No replicas would be as beautiful as you two! It looks like your mom did a good job cleaning up after the party.

  29. Yeah, I would rather sleep on a nice blankie myself.

  30. We see the resemblance! We’re glad you boys don’t have to sleep in the mulch either! …but we think it would be fun to nap in it for a bit…or have a roll in it…and then track it inside! πŸ˜€

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  31. We think those statues are a WONDERFUL likeness!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay πŸ™‚

    ps. We agree, we’re glad you don’t have to sleep in that mulch either!!

  32. Your garden stunt doubles are very cute.

  33. Too cute – they are great!!!

  34. Very cute you know! I wish I had a double that would sleep outdoors for me!

  35. I’m seeing double! :0) You two are so cute. xx

  36. That is one cool comparison!

  37. For a second I thought that said “we’re glad we don’t have to sleep that much” and I was worried!

  38. Impressive synchronized snoozing guys!

  39. We don’t sleep in the mulch either, but we do like to use it as a litterbox.

  40. Haha! Good choice, it’s much more comfy to sleep indoors. Adorable xo

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