Easy E Sunday

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Sep 252011

Oh, hi there!
It’s Sunday…and I’m gonna take it easy today.
They don’t call me Easy E for nothing!!

Y’know one of the best places to take it easy??
Under the bed, of course!!
(It gets me away from that annoying flashy box, too!)

See ya!!

  39 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. We hope you have an easy flashy box free afternoon Ernie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Happy Easy Snoozy pal!!!

  3. See ya Ernie. Glad we got a good glimpse of you. We hide under the bed what a storm comes.Hope all of you have one really nice easy Sunday.

  4. Good thinking, Ernie!

  5. Under the bed sounds like a very good place to spend Easy like Sunday. We think we are also heading there right now. Except Milkbone of course, he is still in this time-out room.

  6. The only problem with under the bed is that there are no sunbeams there Ernie! Enjoy your day!

  7. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me.

  8. Good thinking, E. purrr…meow!

  9. You’ve got the right idea, Ernie… enjoy yourself.

  10. Yeahhh! That’s brilliant thinking, Ernie! Have a great Sunday!

  11. Under the bed is Belle’s favorite napping spot too!!! I’ve never really understood it myself, MOL.

    Pee Ess…that wasn’t Rocky wearin’ the crown. I’m not sure he would let me do that without some casualty to one of my body parts, hehe.

  12. Hmmm, I haven’t been under the bed in some time. I think I will follow your lead, Ernie!

  13. Have a grand time under the bed!!! Gemini is there or I would go down there too…

  14. Oops, Ernie, looks like you didn’t get under the bed quite soon enough! Annie loves being under the bed too. Love your eyes in the first shot!

  15. That is such a wonderful place to go to take it easy, think that’s where me will go. Kozmo is being such a pain setting up for his pawty.

  16. Scoot over Easy E I think I’ll join you.
    Hugs Madi

  17. Under the bed is one of our favorite places too. Have fun under there.

  18. hee hee! Good one, Ernie! But you’re gonna miss out on a great sunbeam!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  19. Hoping your “Easy Sunday” includes Lions football! The Lions are catching up!

  20. We like the photo of you toasting your buns, Ernie!

  21. Great nappin spot there, Ernie! We cant get unner stuff like that. The bed is up onna platform of drawers (no space), the chair rocks (scarey), an the ottoman gets pushed around (bumpy).

  22. I was under mine for MY easy too but now, I on the rocking chair..all snug and folded into a circle.


  23. I’m more usually found in a box than UTB!

  24. Under the bed…best invention ever!

  25. I love the look on your face in that first shot Ernie, it’s like “stop giving away my hiding places with that flashybox!!”

  26. You’re a pretty smart ManCat!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  27. We loves under the bed too. Specially when the PTU shows up!

  28. I’ve been napping UTB all day. Gotta stay away from the Introoder, ya know.

  29. Under the bed is always nice and private – except for that snoopy pawpurrazzi thing where they sneak up and picture your toes. Cute toes!

  30. That looks like the purrfect place to get away from the flashy beast but you’re also away from the sunpuddle too Ernie!

  31. That is the best Easy spot. Angel likes to hide from her brothers there

  32. Giggle…Ernie you are just so cute and funny. Hugs and nose kisses

  33. Have a great easy utb, Ernie.

  34. Have fun investigating under the bed! You never know what you might find… 😉

  35. hope you enjoyed your sunday under the bed, Ernie. 🙂 too bad you can’t enjoy the sun under there too. 😉

  36. Hope you had a really lazy sunday under the bed 🙂

  37. I must warn you… I was resting under the bed minding my own business over the weekend when suddenly something (probably a monster! but maybe a human) jumped on the bed!!! I raced out of there so fast and my furrs were puffed up for what felt like forever!!

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