Sep 232011


It feels good to get that out!!

  52 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Feels Good!”

  1. We all have days like that sometimes – MOL!! =^..^=

  2. Has somecat eaten your last treat Zoey?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. LOL! what an awesome photo that first photo is! perfect timing. 😉

    you look so relieved/relaxed in the second photo, Zoey. must have really felt nice getting that out. 🙂 enjoy your weekend!

    p.s. sorry for not reading or commenting on your blog lately! i’ll try to do better! 🙁

  4. My goodness look at that mouthie! That’s impressive. Mom? where’s the flashy box? We need to show her MINE!

  5. Wow! I could hear that all the way over here! tee hee

  6. Zoey you have some serious tufts of fur between your toes!!!

  7. MOL!!!!!!!!!!!! We heard you all the way down here in Texas, Zoey!!!!!!!!!


  8. Yo! What’s up Zoey? Cat got your tongue? purrrr…meow!

  9. It does feel good to let it out!

  10. MOL, that’s better! Have a happy Friday.

  11. whew. i’m glad you got that out too.

  12. Ivy says it is even better if you can go somewhere with a good echo. She likes to stand in the foyer by the front door cause the echo up to the 2nd floor is pretty impressive. 🙂

  13. Saw something shocking, Wally? LOL!

  14. Better out than in!

  15. MOL Zoey…sometimes it does a girl’s heart and soul good to just scream!!
    What a great picture.
    Hugs Madi

  16. It sure does! Kozmo and mes did that last night! Its funny, but pawrents don’t appreciate it….

  17. That was a yawn to beat all yawns! Not getting enough shut eye lately? 🙂

  18. I wondered what I heard! Y’all have a shout-m-out weekend!!!

  19. A deep-down body yawn. I love those paws!

    Happy weekend, guys!

  20. Good grief Zoey! Those toe hawks need a licence!

    Oliver & Gerry

  21. Whoa, Zoey, your mouth is almost as big as mine!

  22. Phew. Just how long had you been holding that in?

  23. Agreed! It feels great to get that all out, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

  24. MOL I bet it does. Frit me that did 😉

  25. I wanna sit on that quilt. Beautiful…

    pawhugs, Max

  26. SING it baby!! *groovin’ and rumblin’*

  27. Oh Zoey it really does feel so good to release all that extra emotion!
    We feel better too.
    Have a great weekend.

  28. Glad you feel better Zoey! We must say, you did that very ladycat-like too!

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  30. MOL! That looks like it felt great! … though you do look a little crazypants in that first picture… and I like it!!!

  31. Wow Zoey! We heard that all the way over here in Canada…and our furs are still standing on end!!

    the critters in The Cottage 🙂

  32. Mol! Zoey, our mom says that’s about how feels right now 😀 We hope you and the boys have a great weekend (oh, and your folks too ;))

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  33. Zoey, are you excited it’s the first day of fall? We sure are!

  34. he looks like he touched something HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  35. Zoey, that is one of my all time favorite photos! Everything about it is great. After that, a good nap is in order.

  36. All right Zoey, no need to shout. We heard you the first time.

  37. Man, what a roar! “The Boys” and I could hear that clear over here.

    Bet you got a lot of oxygen in your lungs that way, didn’t you?

  38. HAHAHA! That looks REAL GOOD and must feel even better. Have a great weekend!

  39. Commence napping in 3…….2……..1………….zzzzzzz

  40. Wow, just wow Zoey!! Whatever that was that you needed to excercise yourself of, good job!!! That is an amazing photo!!

  41. Sometimes a girl just has to get that out of her system!!!

    Tell Wally that Jonesie is trying to figure out how to grow nip filled tomatoes! She grows nip…she grows tomatoes…she says there’s gotta be a way!

  42. Oh Zoey, we are sorry, we missed coming by here yesterday. Our mom has just gotten so darn slack. That sure was a great yawn. Love that one. Take care.

  43. Yes, let it out!

  44. Sometimes a good stretch is pure heaven.

  45. Wow Zoey!! You’ve got a big mouth! Yawning like this with your whole body must feel so good…I hope you have a good nap 🙂

  46. That looked like it felt really good. Your toehawks are spectacular!

  47. Primal scream therapy, eh Zoey. Good one.

  48. Oh my, I was really scared there for a sec. Nearly ran away. I am a scaredy cat.

  49. ha haa.. we do that and make Mrs H jump… and sometimes we do it just before depositing a fluff ball! Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  50. Best to let it all owt! MOL!

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