Sep 212011

I’m getting the last of the Summer sniffs in
before Fall gets here…

::sniff sniff::

::sniff sniff::

::sniff sniff::

::sniff sniff::

 I think I got them all in just in the nick of time!
Bye, Summer!  See you next year!!

  56 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. We hope those sniffs last you all Winter, Wally!

  2. Wally, You have a really great time, and your photos ae so bootiful !!!
    Have a purrfect day buddy !

  3. We think you must have caught every last whiff Wally.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Wally you are lucky…we haven’t been outside in ages!!

  5. Wally,
    That was a big sniff you did. Enough to last you during Fall and Winter. purrr…meow!

  6. sniff, i’m going to miss summer…

  7. Oh Wally, sniff sniff looks good.I think “green” has a delicious perfume of nature!
    Hmmm but here all green is becoming yellow , I mean…Autumn is already in my place!
    Enjoy your beautiful garden!

  8. opsssss
    mammy Léia and little LUNA, of course!

    Love you dear friends!

  9. “Funny” how spring and summer seem to pass so quickly, yet our winters drag on forever. (At least in the mom’s perception!)

    Fortunately the equinox is not until Friday, so technically you still have two days of sniffing! Maybe we’d all better make the most of it! LOL.

  10. Gather all those sniffs and tuck them away for the winter Wally, We love the ground cover you have there. Wonder if there are snakes under there. Wishing all of you a great day.

  11. Oh how I wish we could have wonderful sniffs like this all year long.

  12. One last sniff of summer!

  13. I’m glad someone got them all! Whew…

  14. Yiouys does some great sniffn’!
    Alsa Fall starts tomorrow, but it can be nice too.

  15. Not even a single one left? Not even an itty bitty one?

  16. If you have more of Fall than you can handle, please send some down our way…..our air conditioner still runs and runs and runs!!!!!! We’re hoping by next month we will get some relief and have some open windows!!!!!!


  17. Here’s a tissue for your sniff, Wally 🙂

  18. Wally you are so adorable!!!

  19. Siff Sniff~ Enjoy your owtdoorz,, before snuggle time arrives ~
    da mom thinkz you are such a (her wordz…. gessh !) “Cutie Pie”
    Headbonkz ~

  20. Lucky you, Wally, getting to have outside smells – we never get to go out there!

  21. You got them all.. Looks like you had great fun.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. You did a great job…Walkin in the Whiffin Wonderland!

  23. Wally, those summer sniffs are what winter dreams are made of!! 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage

  24. It’s good to enjoy those last sniffs while you still can!

  25. Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! Summer is officially over here in the UK too.. Mr Darcy and Sookie are not impressed either =^..^=

  26. Wally it looks like you took a very nice field trip…
    Hugs Madi

  27. The summer sniffs might be over, but there ate good fall sniffs coming!

  28. Mmmm It´s great to be out an do some sniffing !
    Here has the autumn already arrived.

  29. You have some nice stuff ta be sniffin!

  30. Is all that sniffing being carried out because, perhaps, you discovered an invader? Like, another cat? 😀 Hope it’s just the flowers that are keeping you busy!

  31. Wally that looked like some really good whiffs!

  32. Looks like you got some good sniffs there Wally.

  33. You are so lucky, Wally! We can only dream what all that neat stuff smells like.

  34. ahh, Wally–you got some good stuff to sniff. Tommy melted looking at you–somebout all that ginger goodness she mutters…hmm..


  35. Oh you did a lot of sniffing!! Summer will be gone for a while, but I hope you will enjoy your autumn sniffing too 🙂

  36. Looks like you had some great sniffs there, Wally! If you want more summer, you can come over here :p

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  37. Hmmmm…did you leave any sniffs fur da odders?

    We no likes to go owtside. Iz skeery owt der.. we just looks owt da window, and purrtends to be brave hunters!

    Patches goes owt sumtimes wif her harness and leash, but she iz on medicines dat makes her not be skeered, and she luvs to lie in da sun…

  38. sniff sniff sniff, If I sniff really hard I can smell those smells. I only get them thru the windows. I”m glad you get to go out on the leash and have fun, safe, adventures. purrrrrrrrrrs

    I can’t believe it is almost Fall…and then comes the cold stuff

    Glad you had a great Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  39. Sniff sniff…oh late summer smells so good…um uh…wait a second…it will be fall…like tomorrow.

    ::sniff:: bye summer ::tears::

  40. End of summer whiffies are the best. No, beginning of summer whiffies are best. No,….

  41. You sniff efurrything as much as our sisfur Sadie does! We only get to do whiffies from the window.

  42. You are very smart to make room for the Fall sniffs before they arrive.

  43. We hope we still get some open window sniffs over the next few months.

  44. Mmmmmm, good sniffing! Say, Wally, that’s quite a spectacular collar!

  45. We’s glad you got those last summer sniffies in big guy. Happy Autumn, Wally!

  46. Wow! A sniffathon! MOL.

  47. Hey, you got to go outside for sniffies!!! Pretty good, eh!

  48. Hi all long time reader but never commented. Had to comment when I saw Wally and Earnies photographs published in the Daily Mail paper.. psl check

  49. I don’t like summer going bye-bye one bit. I’m really a spring person when it comes right down to it. The only thing I like about fall/winter is watching leaves come down.

    Glad you had some good sniffs, Wally!


  50. Wally, you’re so good on the leash! I’m so glad you got all your sniffs in!

    Annie is home and has eaten! Thanks for thinking of her!!

  51. Sniff some for us – we have to window sniff!

  52. Hi Island Kitties and Beans! Hey Wally and I must be brothers. We sure look alike. Is fall really coming to Island land? If so, please be sure to sniff some of the fallen leaves and show us pictures of them. The Food Lady always misses the fall leaves. Thanks for checking in on me. I finally forced someone to let the rest of the world know I am still alive – and happy!
    Purrs to all, Jackpot

  53. Yep – have a good sniff!

  54. Wally! That’s what I love to do when I get to go outside, make the rounds and sniff every plant in the courtyard 😀

  55. Wally! We are jealous of you! I wish I could gets out… My mom is scared I will run aways! You are so lucky to haves that pretty tree so near!!

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